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Stressed by search! Clariti Workspace to the rescue.

Email is where it began Most people today in white-collar jobs likely started their careers using email to communicate at work. Adding documents as attachments to email messages was, and for some still is, a very convenient way to share

Let’s talk about TopicFolders, baby!

So, what is a TopicFolder anyway? Okay, so I get Threads. But how’s the Clariti Thread any different? Fair question. But something that has deep implications for us…and you. For us, the response to this is our raison d’être. For

To-Do or not To-Do – that is the question

In a regular workday, we all deal with “stuff” we need to act upon. Some call it “task”; some refer to it as “To-Do”. At work we all set out to accomplish specific tasks/To-Dos either individually or collectively as part

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How to set the context with Clariti Workspace

The hardest thing about communicating effectively is knowing how to “set the context”. This is especially true when companies connect with customers via multiple channels – such as email, social media, chat etc.  Managing this multi-channel communication ineffectively often leads

6 ways how Clariti can help you tide over the COVID-19 crisis

Web-based applications like Clariti can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. As a user, you can sign up with any of your official or personal email, start inviting your colleagues and friends and get started right away.

9 ways how companies can fight Coronavirus

1. Distribute masks 2. Use hand sanitizers 3. Use thermal guns 4. Controlling room temperatures 5. Precautions at cafeteria 6. Ban unnecessary travel 7. Ban non-essential meetings 8. Provide sick leave 9. Encourage online collaboration X Share on facebook Share

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What is Workflow? and What causes barriers in Workflow?

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Eight amazing tips for working from home amidst the Corona outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads, companies worldwide are taking precautions and asking their employees to work from home. Here are some amazing tips that will help you work from home and at the same time be productive 1. Start early

How to have flexible conversations using Clariti

The advent of chat channels Today, businesses are seeking fun ways to stay connected virtually in a world of monotonous emails. The latest trend in business productivity is to replace internal emails with online chats. Slack is a leader in