On a regular workday, we all deal with “stuff” we need to act upon. Some call it “task”; some refer to it as “To-Do”. At work, we all set out to accomplish specific tasks/To-Dos either individually or collectively as part of a group/team. Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to do when we are not streaming Netflix (Shh, don’t tell the boss I said that!)

But here’s the thing with “work”. It’s not one giant monolithic activity. Our work is usually heterogeneous in nature. That is really another way of saying that work consists of us dealing with emails, chats, documents…and so much more. And more often than not, information is spread across several such information silos – some of it in emails, some in chats… – you get the picture.

So, we often find ourselves in a jam when the need arises for us to set specific reminders/To-Dos to deal with work that comes our way. Of course, you can set yourself a To-Do based on whatever app you’re using – but outside of simply knowing what the To-Do says (Ex. “Touch base with Jim late summer”) – you have no way of remembering additional details when the time comes – why did you set this up with Jim; what happened the last time you touched base; why did he ask you to contact him late summer; what are the things your boss wanted you to broach during your discussion, etc. When the time comes to act on this To-Do, you are scrambling to gather all the relevant information before you pick the phone and call Jim! Before you know, the whole business of dealing with a To-Do becomes a To-Do in itself! And that’s when you ask yourself “To-Do or not To-Do”?

Is it possible that life doesn’t have to be so difficult? Of course, it is. As long as you use Clariti, there’s an easy way to manage To-Dos.

You see, in Clariti everything is linked via TopicFolders. What that means is that when you get an email from Jim, you reply to him, and then you chat about it with your boss, discuss that with your purchasing team, then you email Jim back and agree to follow-up in 3 months – ALL of this is organized chronologically in a TopicFolder. Let’s call this TopicFolder “The pains of working with Jim”. When you create a To-Do for a follow-up call in 3 months, your To-Do is linked to all the discussion and decisions on that topic. Armed with a complete context of prior discussions, your follow-up with Jim will be infinitely more effective! And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything different. Clariti does all the work for you behind the scenes and keeps everything neatly organized in TopicFolder, including the To-Do you created!

Of course, there are To-Do apps in the marketplace. Some even allow creating To-Dos from emails. But that’s where the similarity ends. No other app keeps all discussions organized in TopicFolder. Clariti allows you to create To-Dos from emails, chats or social media feeds in a way that you always have the “reference” behind the To-Do. And that’s not all. TopicFolders in Clariti are displayed in an easy-to-navigate visual form so that users can quickly see the complete history behind their work without having to rely on memory. This unique representation of the TopicFolder provides instant knowledge of all that transpired leading up to the To-Do and will guide you to act in the most efficient manner and make informed decisions!

It all sounds good. But how do you know this really works as advertised?

That’s the beauty of freemium products. You don’t have to believe a word of anything I said up to this point. Clariti is available for FREE! All you need is to sign up for free and check it out for yourself. Once you’re in and have used it for a while, perhaps you can answer the “To-Do or not to do…” question yourself!

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