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The hardest thing about communicating effectively is knowing how to “set the context”. This is especially true when companies connect with customers via multiple channels – such as email, social media, chat etc.  Managing this multi-channel communication ineffectively often leads to miscommunication and confusion. In fact, delivering an omnichannel communication experience was ranked as the second biggest challenge businesses face in a recent consumer communications report.

A company providing an option for their customers to interact through multi-channel does not mean the customers will have a seamless experience. Often in a multi-channel contact centre channels are siloed — agents can’t see the context from interactions customers had on other channels in a single place, which limits the level of service they can provide.

Clariti seamlessly connects related interactions from different communication channels such as email, chat, cloud storage, social feeds etc into one context-based Workspace. That too, it happens automatically in real-time without your active intervention. When you receive an email, you can immediately start chatting from the email and the recipient can understand the context that you are talking about – without you having to forward the email! Later, both the email and chat transcripts are saved automatically in a Workspace.

Alternatively, you can initiate a group chat with the same subject line instead of sending an email. This powerful feature prevents too many emails. You can combine any number of items like email, chat, files, social feeds under one Workspace. So, each context becomes a separate Workspace. There is no need to refer to multiple applications to gather all information related to one particular context.

Let’s look into a scenario where a call centre agent interacts with Customer A in real-time in a multi-channel environment.

internal communication tool

Here, in scenario A, the communication happens through various channels that work in silos. So, next time when the same Customer A calls, the agent will have difficulty in understanding the context without a single repository for all the previous interactions. 

Here, in scenario B, the same interaction between the agent and customer A is stored inside Clariti in the form of Workspace. Each Workspace has a complete list of interactions with each customer. Workspace simplifies archival, search, retrieval of any information from your communication history. 

Communicating within context through Workspace helps agents to anticipate questions, process the information faster and provide quick troubleshooting. It doesn’t stop with this, if an agent X is not able to solve the customer problem himself, he can add another agent Y and set the context for the agent Y to understand the problem and provide a solution. You can add or remove users from group conversations without losing the context and all the information will be saved automatically. As an agent, you will have the flexibility to arrange and rename Workspace based on customer name, geography or any other parameter you prefer and take further action like share, create a to-do, email from chat or create a flag for follow up.

Workspaces are nothing but a single ‘source of truth’ for all your historical communication. No wonder, Clariti makes you more organized, agile and productive at work. It is a great individual productivity app that makes you excel irrespective of your background and role.


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