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Email is where it began

Most people today in white-collar jobs likely started their careers using email to communicate at work. Adding documents as attachments to email messages was, and for some still is, a very convenient way to share information and drive work. Some follow a search strategy of marking messages as unread to create reminders to act on later. This is a very simple To-Do system and functions well in email-centric work.

Add documents to the mix

As the use of documents exploded, people started organizing them by creating named folders in their Windows systems. The simplest way to find documents when needed was to use the Windows search function. This, too, worked well as long as one remembered a snippet of the document name.

Chats, cloud, social feeds... where does it end?

As simple as these systems are, they simply don’t scale in today’s online world. Now there is a constant flow of information not only through emails but chat messages, social feeds and documents on the cloud with unlimited storage. The documents are no longer just text-based but frequently include images and videos. Most people still use their memory and employ multiple searches across all these information silos to find information when needed. This is extremely inefficient and stressful.

Enter Clariti Workspace

Clariti offers a simple but elegant solution to this painful search problem. Automatically connect all related information in Workspace that can be named in ways that are meaningful to you. A Workspace can include emails, chats, documents and social feeds among others. Workspace preserves context that is otherwise lost when the related information is stored in silos.

Since the information is automatically organized in Workspace with recognizable names, it is extremely easy to find when needed. Additionally, Clariti provides the ability to Flag Workspace, which is displayed prominently in the software and serves as a reminder of pending work.

So even when the information is spread across many media and formats, when it is all connected, it collapses into manageable threads. You no longer need to do multiple searches and connect all the dots in your head. Because you now have a well-structured search strategy. The relevant information is now served on a platter, or should I say “in a Workspace”.

Sign Up for Clariti Now!

Here is the best part of this story, Clariti is Free! Yes, you can sign up now and immediately reap the benefits of Workspace. Clariti is web-based, so there is nothing to download or install. We have a simple onboarding process that explains how the product works in three simple steps. You can configure your email, add contacts and cloud storage and start building Workspaces to increase your productivity, reduce stress and get that work-life balance you deserve


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