virtual meeting etiquette
Why virtual meetings are the best bet for companies in 2022

Over the last two years, the entire world was pushed into the virtual world by the pandemic. This meant that companies worldwide had to look for alternatives to replace their physical locations and face-to-face meetings. This brought about a huge

saas tools free
Top SaaS tools for startups and small businesses in 2022

Undoubtedly, SaaS tools helped companies worldwide overcome the pandemic stress test by assisting them to cope with massive shutdowns. SaaS tools gave the flexibility for organizations to allow their workforce to work from home and deliver essential goods and medicines

Team communication
Is the future of work silo-less?

Department silos Traditionally companies have many departments with each department focused on a specific activity. For example, an accounting department focuses on managing the financial aspects of the company including customer billing, keeping track of receivables, paying vendors for their

Team Communication
Why context in communication is very important

We all spend more than 80% of our time communicating with others using emails, phone calls, chats, presentations, virtual calls, or just face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, just because we spend most of our time communicating with our colleagues, we don’t become

internal communication tool
12 practical tips and 10 powerful tools to make your emails super productive

Email is a necessary evil, and it is the primary mode of communication in workplaces today. In 2020, worldwide, 306 billion emails were sent and received every day and this figure is expected to touch over 376 billion by 2025.

internal communication tool
Tools to overcome communication barriers to productivity

Employees use multiple tools like email, chat, audio/video calls etc for their day-to-day communication. However, they are often bombarded with communications and relevant data is lost in the shuffle. If the team members within an organization have difficulty in communicating

internal communication tool
New rules for modern workplace collaboration: It’s time to look for Slack, Microsoft Teams’ alternatives

When the pandemic forced companies all over the world to allow their employees to work from home, remote work had a big moment. Companies were under sudden pressure to give employees access to all the tools they’d need to work

Team Communication
Top 10 group communication tools for small businesses in 2022

Successful group communication leads to better business performance and higher productivity. Group communication helps team members work with one another to achieve a specified outcome. Group communication makes each member of the team aware of what others are doing and

social media as a communication tool for businesses
Top 10 social media tools for small businesses

When social media came into existence, it was more for sharing personal information or common interests with friends and relatives. However, social media expanded to encompass businesses and started playing a key role in their external and internal communication. Companies

web-based business communication tools
Top 8 web-based business communication tools for small businesses

From in-person meetings to online video conferencing, web-based business communication tools have made communicating with employees and clients easier, quicker and more affordable. Web-based business communication tools and techniques will allow teammates to work together easily, regardless of their location.

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