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By configuring a Gmail address, you can send and receive Gmail in Clariti. Clariti uses Gmail itself so you have a complete record of the messages there too. In effect, there are 2 copies of the emails – the master in Clariti and copy in Gmail. The master can continue to participate in Threads

Not automatically. When you configure Gmail in Clariti, it starts by only downloading the day’s emails. All prior emails can be imported on-demand whenever required. All future emails are automatically downloaded into Clariti from Gmail.

Your Gmail account is unchanged. It will continue to operate as it does now. Any email arriving at Gmail will also show up in Clariti. So, your contacts can continue to send emails to your Gmail id and you will be able to access them in Clariti.

If someone is only interacting with you via email, they do not need a Clariti account. You can chat with such “email-only contacts” using the OrbitChat feature in Clariti. But if they also became a Clariti user and your “Clariti contact”, you can chat with them inside Clariti using normal chat. You can also continue to send and receive emails from your non-Clariti contacts as you normally do, if you do not wish to use OrbitChat.

Labels, filters and rules were designed for an email paradigm and have not improved much since their introduction. Statistics show that a very small fraction of Gmail users take advantage of these features. Based on our analysis, we opted to take a different approach, removing the burden of such organization from the user:

a.  Label signifies a loose collection of related content. Clariti uses Thread instead of Label – a stronger link that encapsulates intent of the related content. Although we can easily allow users to import labeled content in Gmail into a single thread, we do not recommend it. It will dilute the power of topical Threads.

b.  Clariti has email filters to separate spam and feeds. We also have plans to extend the routing (ie. filtering) capabilities in the product. We will be rolling these enhancements in the coming weeks.

c.  Rules are sieve mechanisms to route emails into specific folders in most email systems, including Gmail. It is time consuming to establish and maintain such rules. Instead Clariti uses machine learning to link all your communications (email, chat, feed, …) with Threads based on intent and recipients. Our experience shows we can achieve 85-90% success programmatically, with the remaining guided by the user.

Clariti is the only product that prioritizes your intent, and therefore your workflow, over the individual artifacts (chats, emails, calls, documents, to-do …) you generate as part of doing it. We use the concept of Thread to do this. With the history of your workflow always available, you waste less time searching. Clariti also eliminates the productivity penalties normally associated with task switching.

We are adding connector for LinkedIn which should be available soon. Please check our Changelog for updates. We have to look into Blogger to determine how it can be integrated within the Thread idea.

You have a question that’s not here? No problem. Email support@clariti.app and we will update the FAQ.