9 Foolproof business tools every company should be using

In order to increase efficiency and productivity, companies are dependent on various business tools. Companies have various departments and needs. Even the most robust ERP system can’t fulfill all the needs of an organization and they soon end up using

Evolution of Digital Work – from Windows to the Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of Cloud technologies for most digital work. Armed with a browser and an internet connection anyone can access their apps and data no matter where they are located. While this has empowered many

increase productivity of your workday
TopicFolders can add more productive hours to your workday

We all will agree that ‘findability’ is an important aspect of our digital work. Anybody should be able to find anything (files, emails, spreadsheets, ppts etc) in just a few seconds. Wasting time in searching for information will have an

internal communication tool
Organizing your communication in folders just got easier!

You will understand the pain of a disorganized system only when you’ve been in an embarrassing position of not being able to find a file when the customer calls or when requested by your CPA on the last day of

Clariti Placed Among Leading Collaboration Software by SoftwareWorld

Clariti is the perfect collaboration software solution to connect your workforce via the web, video, or virtual conferencing. The software combines your daily digital activities, including email, chat, online document storage, and social media, in one unified application. Threads is

best to-do list app
Top 8 cloud-based ‘to-do’ apps to stay ahead in 2022

There are hundreds and thousands of best free to-do list apps that help millions of people save time by organizing their tasks. A study, conducted by the Harvard Business Review, reveals that managers are wasting up to 90% of their

Can you be productive when you use Microsoft Teams for work?

In the era of digital transformation, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading collaboration platform, widely adopted by businesses around the world. With over 270 million monthly active users as of 2023, it’s clear that Microsoft Teams has become an

communication etiquette in business
How to make professional communication uncomplicated

Here are some business communication etiquettes to follow in workplace Workplace communication plays a major role in productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and employee turnover. No matter which communication channel you use, you’ll need to follow this basic business communication etiquette

Six tips to boost your sales as a SaaS vendor

Following the success of Salesforce over 20 years ago, numerous companies have been offering SaaS solutions for various business functions. The market also readily responded to these new initiatives as software deployment time was reduced from several weeks to just

working from home tips productivity
How companies can make WFH easier for their employees

Effective apps to make WFH easier Remote work has become a defining feature of the modern workplace, with an estimated 42% of the U.S. labor force now working from home full-time, according to a Stanford study. As companies continue to

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