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We all will agree that ‘findability’ is an important aspect of our digital work. Anybody should be able to find anything (files, emails, spreadsheets, ppts etc) in just a few seconds. Wasting time in searching for information will have an adverse impact on company’s productivity. Most of the time, we do not pay much attention to the digital folders that can help us to find and locate any content.

First, let’s understand why do we need folders

  • To organize files based on project, task or topic.
  • To quickly find any information that you want
  • To avoid wasting time in searching
  • To prevent the risk of using wrong files
  • To keep your desktop clutter free
  • Improve overall work experience

What are TopicFolders?

Clariti automatically organizes all your communication – emails, chats, voice calling, to-do, and documents – by topic in TopicFolder, so there is no need to waste time searching for information. You work like you always do with chats, emails, to-dos, documents and even notes of voice calls with customers. Clariti automatically connects all related communication that are stored in TopicFolders.

How TopicFolder are useful?

Besides being a repository for work, Clariti has made TopicFolders intelligent enough to automatically capture and store the relationships between all the items such as email, chat, voice call notes, social feeds etc in the folder. It is built in such a way that you can always see the big picture of the topic at all times. Even as you work, your work just organizes itself.

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Some of the key attributes of TopicFolders

  • You can save emails, chats, calendar events & to-dos, voice calls and much more in TopicFolders.
  • You can name TopicFolders according to the task name, a project title or a topic name.
  • While still inside the folder, you can reply to emails; share documents; chat with others on subjects in the topic.
  • All the communication items that you have in TopicFolders are live.

Advantages of using TopicFolders

  • When you use TopicFolders you will spend less time searching for information.
  • TopicFolders will help you to save time and become more productive.
  • TopicFolders will help you to organize your work and lower your stress.
  • TopicFolders will help you to clear the communication clutter
  • Organizing all your communication using TopicFolders will improve your efficiency.
  • Organized communications in TopicFolders will make it easy for you to share information with other teammates, improving team collaboration.
  • TopicFolders will help you to stay on track and complete projects on time.

Bottomline, TopicFolders promotes well-organized communication culture and a more relaxed working environment. It also improves the efficiency of remote working and work-from-home.

Disorganized folder structures will have negative impact on businesses. Whenever you and your teammates are not able to find the right information, it will cost even more to recreate them from scratch. Preserving all your communication in TopicFolders based on topic can make a lot of difference to your team and organization.

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TopicFolders are flexible, intuitive, and scalable and they will help everyone in the organization to quickly find what they need. This will help you and your team to do more real work and spend less time on searching.


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