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You will understand the pain of a disorganized system only when you’ve been in an embarrassing position of not being able to find a file when the customer calls or when requested by your CPA on the last day of your income tax filing. If you were able to group all your interactions based on customer name, task or project, your life would have been a lot easier. McKinsey reported that employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. This is a serious problem that affects your productivity and work-life balance.

Unfortunately, nobody pays much attention to this digital mess. You shouldn’t be spending your productive time searching for files. If you are using an efficient communication system, you should be able to find any information that you need in a few seconds. A well-designed communication system should allow you to easily store and retrieve any information. It must also be expandable and flexible enough to meet all your requirements.

Benefits of being organized

Proper organization of digital documents is critical when you work in a team. Even in your absence, your teammates should be able to locate any documents created or managed by you. If you are a call center executive catering to a lot of customers’ queries, you should be aware of all their previous interactions.

For instance, imagine a customer sent you an email. You chatted or called your colleagues to seek some clarification. Then you replied to the customer. Now, when the same customer calls after a month, it is very important for you to know about the customer’s previous interactions so nobody wastes time repeating the whole history.

Using multiple apps for your communications

If you have been using two or more systems for your day-to-day communication, all your interactions are spread over multiple systems. Using disparate systems leads to communication silos. Your customer mail is in one system while your chat interactions with your colleagues, regarding the same customer are in another system B

After a few days, if you want to refer to some information from that chat, you will have to rely on your memory to search across multiple information silos to find the information. According to an American Management Association survey, 83% of executives think their companies have information silos and it has an adverse impact on their business.

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Using a single app for most communications

You might be using a communication system like Slack or Team where team interactions like email chat, voice calling and document sharing occur in one place. However, all the related communications are still not connected. Consequently, your conversations will remain disconnected even though you are using a single app. If you want to search for a presentation or a message from your colleague, you will have to search across multiple channels to get the information. In addition, these chat-based systems don’t support email which is still widely used for business communications.

So, the big question is: Can your system help you to see the big picture buried in communication silos? Is your system equipped to organize all your customer interactions based on topic?

Clariti TopicFolders deliver!

A unified communication system like Clariti restores order to your work. Clariti automatically organizes all your work – emails, chats, voice calling, to-do, and documents – by topic, so there is no need to waste time searching for information. You work like you always do with chats, emails, to-dos, documents and even notes of voice calls with customers. Clariti automatically connects all related communications, which you can store in a named TopicFolder. Few months down the line, when you want to go back and refer to a prior conversation or file, all you need do is open the TopicFolder and look inside. In Clariti, no matter what was discussed and when it was discussed, you will be able to see the big picture in one view.

Unlike a normal desktop folder that can only hold all your documents Clariti’s TopicFolder can also hold emails, chats, calendar events & to-dos, voice calls and much more.


Using TopicFolders will reduce your stress and save your business time and money. Try Clariti today and see the difference. It’s easy and free.

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