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Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of productivity in the modern business arena is a journey that demands strategic insight and informed decision-making. Welcome to our blog, “Top 20 Productivity Apps: Benefits and Tips for Choosing the Right Tools,” where we embark on an exploration of the transformative realm of productivity apps. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, understanding the nuances of these tools is paramount for unlocking your team’s full potential and achieving organizational excellence.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the core aspects surrounding productivity apps for businesses, shedding light on their intrinsic value and the manifold benefits they bring. From unravelling the essence of productivity apps to presenting a curated list of the top 20 apps that cater to diverse business needs, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for enhanced efficiency and streamlined workflows.

As we traverse through this enlightening journey, key points to be discussed include decoding the multifaceted applications of productivity apps, offering a carefully curated selection of top-tier apps, providing invaluable tips for choosing the right tool, and uncovering the myriad advantages that productivity apps bring to the forefront. Join us in this exploration as we illuminate the path to optimal productivity and business success using the latest and most effective tools available.

What is a productivity app?

Productivity app refers to a category of computer programs and applications designed to enhance and streamline various tasks, workflows, and processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness in work and personal life. These apps provide a range of features and functionalities to help individuals and teams manage their time, resources, and projects more efficiently. Productivity apps can include project management tools, collaboration platforms, task management applications, note-taking and organization apps, communication tools, and more. These tools aim to optimize productivity by automating repetitive tasks, facilitating effective communication and collaboration, providing data analysis and reporting capabilities, and enabling seamless integration and access to relevant information. Overall, productivity apps empowers individuals and teams to accomplish their goals, manage their workloads, and make the most of their time and resources.

List of best productivity apps for businesses

1. Clariti

Best app for context-based communication

Productivity Apps

Clariti’s position as a leading productivity app can be attributed to its innovative approach to communication, particularly its context-based communication features. In a world where information is dispersed across various platforms, Clariti offers a solution that brings organization and clarity to the digital workspace.

Clariti’s Conversations, which serve as the backbone of its context-based communication, provide users with a unique way to manage their work-related interactions. These Conversations seamlessly integrate emails, chat messages, files, calendars, and feeds into topic-focused threads. This organization means that users no longer have to sift through scattered information or conduct exhaustive searches to find the data they need. The entire context is at their fingertips, ensuring that work remains efficient and organized.

What sets Clariti apart is its commitment to providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their work. The platform offers a full context and a big-picture view of tasks and projects, allowing users to easily see “who said what, when & why.” With Clariti, crucial information is no longer buried in a cluttered inbox or buried in endless email chains. Instead, users can quickly access the details they need, reducing the risk of missing important information.

One of the standout features of Clariti’s context-based communication is its ability to eliminate the need for email forwards. Rather than forwarding emails, users can seamlessly share them within chat messages. This not only streamlines communication but also keeps email inboxes cleaner and more manageable.

Moreover, Clariti’s Conversations offer flexibility by allowing users to add or remove participants on an as-needed basis. This adaptable approach reduces the noise generated by irrelevant messages, creating a more focused and productive work environment. It’s an innovative solution to the often rigid structures of traditional communication channels.

Clariti’s context-based communication, driven by its unique Conversations, provides a clear and efficient way to manage and understand your work. It eliminates the need for email forwards, simplifies shared inbox management, and fosters flexible and tailored conversations. These features collectively contribute to Clariti’s position as one of the leading productivity apps options in the market.

2. Todoist

Best app for task management

apps for startups

Todoist is considered one of the best time management cum productivity apps available in the market. It offers a comprehensive set of features that help users manage their tasks and stay productive. One of the key features that make Todoist the best time management app is its ability to prioritize tasks. Users can assign priority levels to tasks, making it easy to focus on the most important and urgent tasks first. Additionally, users can set reminders and due dates for tasks, ensuring that they stay on track and meet their deadlines.

Another productivity-enhancing feature of Todoist is its collaboration capabilities. Users can share tasks and projects with team members and assign tasks to specific individuals, making it easy to delegate and manage tasks effectively. Todoist also offers real-time sync across devices, so team members can stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Furthermore, Todoist integrates with a range of other apps and services, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, and Toggl, allowing users to streamline their workflow and boost productivity.

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3. Rydoo

Best app for travel and expense management

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Rydoo is a cloud-based app for businesses with a suite of travel and expense management solutions. Their platform includes features such as travel booking, expense tracking, reimbursement management, and invoicing.

With Rydoo, businesses can easily manage employee expenses and travel bookings, as well as automate the reimbursement process. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors in expense reporting, which can be a significant burden for businesses.

Additionally, Rydoo offers a mobile app that allows employees to easily submit expenses and manage travel arrangements while on the go. This can help to improve efficiency and streamline the expense management process.

Overall, Rydoo is a comprehensive solution that can help businesses better manage their travel and expense processes, saving time and reducing costs.

4. Doodle

Best app for Scheduling and Time Management

apps for startups

Doodle is among the best work apps that simplify scheduling events, whether board or team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, or anything else. This tool can save you time in bringing your team together without extra effort.

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5. SendinBlue

Best app for Email Marketing and Automation

saas tools free

Sendinblue is among the top productivity apps for businesses of all sizes to manage the sending and tracking of marketing & transactional emails & SMS. Thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface and innovative features, it is aimed at both beginners and experts alike. 

6. Funnel

Best app for Sales and Marketing Automation

apps for startups

Funnel is one of the best productivity apps for small businesses. It integrates with all marketing and advertising platforms and allows you to feed your data anywhere you want it. It includes out-of-the-box integrations with 400+ data sources. It automatically feeds data into your Business Intelligence tool, your Data Warehouse, Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics or any other visualization tool.

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7. FreeConferenceCall

Best app for conferencing and collaboration.

Team Communication is a productive app for conferencing and collaboration services. Their service offerings around the globe with unlimited use include high-quality free HD audio conferencing, web conferencing and screen sharing, audio and visual recordings, customized greetings, security features, desktop scheduling, and mobile applications.

8. Winmo

Best app for Sales Prospecting and Intelligence

apps for startups

Winmo is one of the best apps for productivity for startups and a predictive sales intelligence platform for finding the right marketing contacts at brands and agencies.

This personalized, new business resource streamlines the sales process and drives more profitable connections through dynamic, predictive search and relationship mapping, giving sales professionals the competitive advantage to win more in an ever-changing market. It is the shortcut to more deals in a pipeline, more territories to break into, more wins, and most importantly, more fist bumps. From reliable decision-maker information to accurate sales predictions, Winmo raises the bar for prospecting.

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9. WorkJam

Best app for Employee Engagement and Communication

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WorkJam is among the best work apps for employee engagement suite empowering the digital workplace for shift-based, hourly, and non-desk workers. WorkJam manages and optimizes the entire employee-employer relationship life cycle with dynamic mobile communication and workforce management to drive operational efficiency and productivity. They help you to improve labour cost management and sales through better communication with the workforce, enhanced employee self-service, and a better customer experience through a more motivated and engaged staff.

10. ReferralYogi

Best app for Referral Marketing

apps for startups

ReferralYogi is a SaaS-based productivity app that promises sustainable revenue growth for businesses. It is one of the best productivity apps for small and big businesses for all the right reasons. They help you identify your promoters, encourage referrals, manage references & create social buzz for your brands.

11. Smartsheet

Best app for Project Management and Collaboration

Team Communication

Smartsheet is a business app for startups with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage real-time projects. Smartsheet features include various project management tools, such as document and resource management, project reporting, task management, file sharing, and timeline tracking.

Smartsheet can help teams standardize a project process, maximize productivity, and improve collaboration with automated workflow options that fit individual work preferences. Within the platform’s project management tools, data can be sorted using card, grid, Gantt chart, and calendar view. With a real-time dashboard, teams can track project status, manage resources, and create and assign tasks to improve overall visibility and work efficiency.

With the Smartsheet app, small teams can access project information and workflow data while on the go. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Best app for team and task management

saas tools free is a business app for startups that helps teams plan together efficiently and execute complex projects to deliver results on time. team management and task management tool allows for ease of use and flexibility to onboard any team and manages multiple projects across the entire team. With various productivity features such as time-tracking, an integrated kanban board, automated notifications, workflow automation, dependencies, multiple views and calendar integration, teams can achieve better and faster results for every project milestone. can integrate with various third-party team collaboration and task management applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Pipedrive, Google Calendar, JIRA, MailChimp, and more. app is available for mobile devices via iOS and Android apps.

13. GreenOrbit

Best app for Intranet and Digital Workplace

apps for startups

GreenOrbit is a productivity app that allows users to manage documents, control workflows, share content and collaborate in real time. Using a drag-and-drop CMS, users can create pages and organize digital assets like documents, images, and videos.

Decentralized ownership means that users with the right permissions can upload and maintain content. Using GreenOrbit, organizations can replace manual processes with online forms and add a workflow to the approval process. Employees across the business can book meetings, schedule events and work across multiple calendars. No matter where they’re located, employees can collaborate in real-time using #hashtags and @mentions – and are notified of any updates.

14. Bluescape

Best app for Digital Visual Collaboration Platform

apps for startups

Bluescape is one of the best productivity apps for small businesses, which helps teams manage projects, edit files, and add comments or annotations in customizable virtual workspaces. The platform enables organizations to store files, images, videos, blueprints, iterations, and other documents in a centralized repository for future reference. 

Bluescape includes role-based access, which lets managers provide viewing or editing permissions to members across departments. It offers various features such as communication management, real-time updates, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and more.  Bluescape supports integration with various third-party applications, including Box, Adobe Illustrator, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and YouTube. 

15. Connecteam

Best app for Employee Management and Communication.

internal communication tools in the workplace for 2022

Connecteam was designed and built as a true all-in-one solution. Easily engage and manage non-desk employees with a true all-in-one mobile app. Connecteam offers a powerful, mobile-first platform that helps improve communication, enhance daily processes, and save time. 

Connecteam is a top app that can be used to manage multiple tools to enhance employee communication and engagement, employee training and onboarding, employee scheduling, time tracking, timesheets management, digital checklists, and forms, task management, HR and welfare, knowledge centers, files storage, and much more!

16. Bloomfire

Best app for Knowledge Sharing Platform

apps for startups

Bloomfire is a cloud-based business app that aims to help enterprise employees search for information to do their jobs by connecting people with information and knowledge. Bloomfire delivers content management and social collaboration features in a web application.

This solution supports various content types, including video, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, screen captures, and more. Bloomfire is smartphone-ready and can be utilized by companies small and large in industries such as IT, hospitality, real estate, health care, and education.

17. Ledger

Best app for Blockchain-based Financial Platform

apps for startups

Ledger is a blockchain-based financial platform helping to connect the entire team in a single space. Dedicated spaces for team connection work in harmony with sections for teamwork, giving greater agency to how organizations thrive. Integrated chat allows for all those micro conversations that don’t need a dedicated space. 

With Ledger, a single tool can help you manage all of the teams you work with. So you can form a single team for your primary organization and then add others as needed for vendors, agencies, franchises, etc. Or create one large team and segment everyone into groups, like one for sales, marketing, and support. 

18. Basecamp

Best app for Project Management and Collaboration

saas tools free

Basecamp is a real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page; it’s less for traditional project management tasks (e.g., resource planning and long-term scheduling). With to-do lists, calendaring, due dates, and file-sharing.

Basecamp provides a way for teams to keep track of priorities and actionable items. It is a web-based app allowing users to sign in anywhere, any time, either through a web browser or through apps compatible with many mobile devices. Not specific to a single industry, Basecamp can be deployed by any organization that needs to manage a group, including nonprofits, startups, and client service firms—and it can even be used by freelancers. 

19. Stack Overflow

Best app for Programming Q&A Community

apps for startups

Stack Overflow for Teams is a great productivity app for knowledge sharing and collaboration designed to assist businesses in streamlining processes related to document editing, gamification, user tagging, and more. Stack Overflow’s Q&A answer module allows employees to generate personalized alerts or create tasks upon request for new information.

In addition, Stack Overflow for Teams’ built-in editor enables employees to update knowledge documentation, identify out-of-date articles, and mark specific questions in knowledge articles. The editor also allows supervisors to distribute awards/scores among team members based on the amount of content published and completing other daily activities.  To streamline workflows, Stack Overflow for Teams can easily integrate with other popular third-party tools such as Slack, Teams, Jira, GitHub, and Okta.

20. Jira Software

Best app for Agile Project Management

saas tools free

Jira Software is one of the best apps for startups that are used by agile teams to plan, track, and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model, or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create project roadmaps to map out all projects in progress. 

The project board includes a drag-and-drop interface that allows teams to manage every project detail. The system offers functionality to create user stories and issues, plan sprints and distribute tasks across the team. Users can also access information from thousands of business apps, from design and monitoring tools to source code and productivity apps. A mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

We sincerely hope that these free productivity tools discussed above can help you achieve your business objectives.

How to choose the right productivity apps?

  1. Collaboration features: Consider the collaboration capabilities of the productivity tool. Look for features like real-time messaging, file sharing, task assignments, and team collaboration boards that foster effective communication and teamwork among team members. This promotes seamless collaboration and ensures everyone stays on the same page, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.
  2. Assess your needs: Identify your specific requirements and goals for the tool, such as task management, communication, collaboration, or time tracking.
  3. User-friendly interface: Look for a tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that aligns with your preferences and ease of use.
  4. Compatibility and integration: Ensure the tool integrates well with your existing software and platforms, allowing seamless data sharing and collaboration.
  5. Scalability: Consider whether the tool can accommodate your growing team and evolving business needs.
  6. Customization options: Look for a tool that allows customization to adapt to your unique workflows and preferences.
  7. Security and privacy: Prioritize tools that offer robust security measures to protect your sensitive data and ensure privacy.
  8. Customer support: Evaluate the level of customer support provided by the tool’s vendor to address any technical issues or concerns.
  9. Pricing and value for money: Compare the pricing plans and features offered by different tools to determine the best fit for your budget and the value it provides.
  10. User reviews and recommendations: Research user reviews and seek recommendations from trusted sources to gauge the tool’s reliability and user satisfaction.

Benefits of using productivity apps

  1. Efficiency: Productivity apps help streamline tasks and automate repetitive processes, allowing users to complete work more efficiently and save time.
  2. Organization: It provides tools to organize and prioritize tasks, deadlines, and projects, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.
  3. Collaboration: Productivity apps often include features for team collaboration, enabling seamless communication, file sharing, and real-time collaboration on projects.
  4. Time Management: With features like task scheduling, reminders, and time tracking, productivity apps help users manage their time effectively and stay on top of deadlines.
  5. Increased Productivity: By eliminating manual tasks, reducing distractions, and offering workflow optimization, productivity apps enable individuals and teams to accomplish more in less time.
  6. Data Analysis: Many productivity tools provide insights and analytics to help users track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions.
  7. Accessibility: Cloud-based productivity apps allow users to access their work and collaborate from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection.
  8. Accountability: Productivity apps often include features for tracking progress, assigning tasks, and monitoring performance, fostering accountability among team members.
  9. Resource Management: It helps manage resources effectively, such as project budgets, inventory, and personnel, optimizing resource allocation and utilization.
  10. Improved Communication: By providing centralized communication channels and facilitating collaboration, productivity apps enhance communication within teams and across departments.


These multitudes of top productivity apps can revolutionize the way businesses operate. With features ranging from task management and team collaboration to time tracking and document organization, these apps offer diverse solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency. By leveraging these tools, businesses can streamline their workflows, improve communication, and maximize their output.

Whether it’s project management, team collaboration, note-taking, or document sharing, there’s an app tailored to meet the unique needs of every organization. The key lies in assessing your specific requirements, understanding the features and benefits of each app, and selecting the right tools that align with your business goals. By embracing these top productivity apps, businesses can unlock their true potential, optimize their operations, and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape of 2024 and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clariti, Asana, and Basecamp, known as the top 3 productivity apps, are distinguished for their unique features. Among them, Clariti stands out with its innovative fusion of email and chat, providing users with a potent tool for staying organized and boosting productivity

Start-ups benefit from essential apps like Clariti, streamlining communication by consolidating email, chat, calls, documents, and to-do lists in one platform. Project management apps aid in deadline tracking and progress monitoring, while financial tracking apps enable wise budgeting and expense management.

Clariti, a leading productivity app, innovatively combines email and chat to enhance efficiency. By reducing unnecessary emails and integrating messages, Clariti helps users stay organized. The conversation feature enables quick access to essential messages, streamlining communication for optimal productivity.

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