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Importance of effective collaboration for team productivity

A collaborative team is much more effective than a hierarchical team. In a hierarchical team, there is a leader or captain who guides the entire team, like in a cricket or baseball game. The leader takes important decisions and each

6 tips to boost your sales as a SaaS vendor

 Following the success of Salesforce over 20 years ago, numerous companies have been offering SaaS solutions for various business functions. The market also readily responded to these new initiatives as software deployment time was reduced from several weeks to just

10 lesser-known productivity apps for startups

Productivity apps could be anything that lets you get more things done in less time. While larger organizations are looking at SaaS to cut down costs and boost productivity by reducing the time spent on non-core activities; smaller startups are

What is the ideal productivity app?

Remote working has become the way of life for many recently. And while a lot of people have already adjusted themselves to this new-normal, many others are just getting settled in. There have been two major problems identified with having

5 apps for startups to boost their productivity

Have you ever caught yourself packing your day with more than you can handle? And then you are so overwhelmed; you don’t get around to doing anything! This happens mostly due to improper time management. Well, thanks to technology and

5 tips to make your workday as productive as possible

Productivity this. Productivity that. Have you seen this word flaunted around recently? Why has this become a buzz word all the sudden? Yes, I know that the internet has no lack of blogs about productivity, and this is yet another

7 tips to get your multitasking skills down to a tee

Multitasking is a skill that is demanded in every facet of life. Are you a student? You will need to multitask with your education and all of your extracurriculars. If you’re a parent, you will be forced to tend to

A Quicker Faster You!

Bring All Your Communications to One Place The way we communicate at work has grown exponentially as more and more people work remotely and teams are geographically spread. What started out as simple emails have now grown to instant messages,

The ugly truth behind modern day productivity

No one can deny the fact that technology has enabled massive personal productivity gains. Modern productivity tools like Instant messaging, audio-video conferencing, and cloud computing have elevated personal productivity to a new level. Employees are in a position to accomplish

Use Clariti Threads to boost your productivity

What takes a toll on productivity? According to the 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report 82% of the respondents have said that their productivity is hurt by poor information management. They waste time by having to navigate multiple systems

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