Have you ever caught yourself packing your day with more than you can handle? And then you are so overwhelmed; you don’t get around to doing anything! This happens mostly due to improper time management. Well, thanks to technology and the many apps and websites available today, you can start taming the overflowing basket.

Organizations, today, have turned to a multitude of apps to get things done. Research shows that organizations with over 250 employees use over 100 SaaS apps. Smaller firms of up to 50 employees use between 25-50 SaaS solutions on average. When there are more than 25,000 such apps to choose from, picking the right one to suit your organization becomes an entire job of its own. We would like to make that easier for you.

Startup companies, in particular, are often in great need of business tools to amp up their productivity. The good news is there are a few essential tools for startups that so this effortlessly. This is a curated list of tools to boost productivity for startups. While most of the apps that are listed here are free, some may charge for their premium services.

List of startups productivity tools:

1. Doodle

Planning a meeting is every PA’s nightmare. Finding a time that works for everyone and doing it all with multiple emails is very painful. With Doodle, scheduling events, professional or personal, becomes a breeze. Save the time you spend on planning with this app.

2. Clariti

Clariti is a work app that integrates email, chat, to-do, calendar, social media and cloud storage using Workspace. They use AI powered Topic-Threads to organize your related conversations in a way that makes sense. This way, you won’t have to spend hours searching for information when you need it. Workspace provides complete flexibility in the way you can arrange conversations. This makes you quicker and faster at work without changing the way you work.

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3. Recruitee

One of the most essential tools for startups is a one with talent acquisition and management capabilities. Recruitee is a collaborative hiring platform for teams of all sizes. This is to give your HR team a break. From employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, to applicant tracking, it can help you to streamline your team’s hiring efforts and stay efficient while selecting the right candidates. It also helps you keep in touch with your candidates easily.

4. Rydoo

If you’re finding that your expenses don’t add up at the end of the month, Rydoo is for you. This is especially useful when you’re making a business trip. It’s mobile and web application transforms the outdated expense reporting process by empowering employees to snap and manage expenses anywhere in real-time. Since it is also integrated with leading payment platforms, everything is made simple for you.

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5. SendinBlue

Many companies still rely heavily on email and SMS Marketing. What has changed is that apps like SendinBlue have come into the picture. This app enables businesses of all sizes to manage the sending and tracking of marketing & transactional emails & SMS. It is aimed at both beginners and experts alike, thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface and its innovative features. This forms the complete Sales and Marketing Toolbox!

With these startup productivity tools in your kit, you can have a very organized lifestyle without extra effort Stop fretting about all the things to do, and just start doing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clariti is the best productivity software available in the market. Clariti is a productivity software that brings all emails, chats, calls, to-dos, and documents…in one place and automatically links related items in a Workspace. Workspace adds topic-centric organization to all communications, so you are never lost or waste time searching for information.

Productivity software is a type of computer application that helps people to be more efficient in their work. There are many different types of productivity software, but the four most common are word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and email. Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, is used to create and edit text documents. Spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, is used to create and manage data in tabular form. Presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, is used to create visuals for presentations and speeches. Email software, such as Clariti, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, is used to send and receive electronic messages. Each of these types of productivity software has its own unique features and capabilities, but all of them share the goal of helping users to be more effective in their work.

Apps like Clariti, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Flock, RocketChat, Google Chat etc increase productivity. But when you use most the tools except Clariti, you may get stuck in long and never-ending group chats that demand your attention 24/7. It will create pressure on you to be online & available all the time. Clariti on the other hand organizes all related communication including chat, email, shared documents, calls, social feeds and to-dos in Workspace based on context. Workspace not only makes communication faster, but it also eliminates the need to search for any information and the stress that comes with it. This increases productivity.

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