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Regardless of whether your team is working remotely or in-office and irrespective of whether your team is following synchronous or asynchronous communication, you need team communication software to make your team stay connected from wherever they are. Team members can’t act individually and they need to share the same work environment for better efficiency. During the last couple of years, tons of team communication tools have entered the market which makes team communication like virtual meetings, group discussions, and audio/video conferencing easier than ever. However, choosing the best team communication software is an overwhelming process. It often takes a lot of time and thoughts to figure out what type of team communication tools can help you break the barriers to communication in the workplace.

To make the job easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best communication software list that have already made their mark by helping thousands of teams to communicate and perform more productively. When used in the right way, these team communication tools can help companies to provide a collaborative work environment that strengthens employee engagement.

1. Clariti

Clariti is one of the best free team communication software that is popular among small businesses and the startup community. A key reason for its success has been its ability to address issues that other long-standing tools like Slack and Teams have perpetuated with their chat-focused communication paradigm.

Clariti design naturally elevates the repository by making them ‘intelligent’ – by automatically capturing and storing relationships between all your work that happens inside the Workspace.

The reason you keep all files or documents for a task or project (or whatever it is that you are working on) in a Workspace, which is named appropriately, is to instantly understand how they are all related. Imagine extending this relationship to beyond files and documents to emails, chats, calls, to-dos… ALL in the same folder. This new Workspace looks and acts like the plain old file folder on your desktop. Just give this Workspace a name you can recognize like a task name, a project title, or a topic name.

We call this the Workspace. The emails, files, calendar items, chats inside the Workspace are LIVE! Yes, you can reply to emails; share documents; chat with others on the topic. Even as you work, your work just organizes itself. You are never too far from the big picture of the topic at all times. No more searching, no manual hassles.


  • All your work (email, chat, call, to-do, documents…) in one place – organized.
  • No need to waste time manually saving copies of emails, chats…in Desktop folders to keep yourself organized.
  • Find information easily – when you need it.
  • See the big picture – make smart decisions.

Clariti is ideal for small and medium businesses to boost team collaboration and drive productivity. It is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime and trusted security of all your workday data.

2. Slack

Slack brings team communication into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Tick off your to-do list and make progress on your projects by bringing the right people, conversations, tools and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work whether you’re at your desk or on the go. You can use Slack to communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topic, project or anything else that matters to your work. You can message or call any person or group within your team. Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people. Slack provides integrations with at least 1000 tools including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk and more

Slack allows users to:

  • Connect to other apps
  • Make calls
  • Share files
  • Create channels for clients
  • View history
  • More

Slack has a great reputation of being reliable and easy to use. When it comes to text-based communication, Slack makes it easy to keep all conversations organized and easy to find.

3. Asana

Asana helps you plan, organize, and manage your team’s work, from start to finish. It is a good project management software that also acts as a collaboration and communication tool. You can coordinate team tasks so everyone knows who’s doing what. Share feedback, files, and status updates. Plus, get a complete view of work so teams tackle the right tasks at the right time.

Managing projects is hard work. It’s easy to lose track of all the moving pieces—and tough to stay up to date. That’s when things fall through the cracks. Asana helps you to organize projects, make communication easy, and meet deadlines.

Asana helps you to keep conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place, and keep everyone on the same page. Using Asana, you can

  • Manage information in one place
  • Share project plans
  • Provide feedback
  • Plan agendas and meetings
  • Take notes and organize
  • Discuss ideas, attach files and leave comments

The clean interface and streamline communication allow millions of people to stay connected at work. Asana has more than 75,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide.

4. Trello

Trello is a visual tool for organizing your work and life. Trello has more than 35 million registered users who organize all their projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between. Whether you’re planning a website design project, vacation, or company off-site, Trello is infinitely customizable and flexible for your every need.

Similar to Asana, Trello is more focused on project management than raw communication/chatting, but it still has a great deal of flexibility built in and does allow for dynamic conversations within its tools. It’s structured around pulling different “cards” into pre-defined statuses, e.g., “in planning”, “in progress”, “done”, which leads to a sleek, simple, flexible UI.

Google Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to team chat rooms, Google Chat provides an integrated platform that makes team communication easy and efficient. Current version is for Google Workspace customers only.

Google Chat’s main selling point is how deeply it’s integrated with other Google Suite products, like Gmail and Google Calendar, which are commonly used across industries. It revolves around creating “rooms”, which users can then join to discuss various topics.

Microsoft Teams brings together everything a team needs chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on. Using Microsoft Teams, you can easily move between your work and personal account to stay organized throughout the day. Whether you’re sprinting towards a deadline or helping your kids with their homework, Teams can help you achieve more. Using Microsoft Teams you can do direct chat, group chat or create dedicated channels to communicate with the entire team.

You can do HD audio and video calls for scheduled face-to-face meetings from almost anywhere.

Microsoft Teams offers desktop and mobile apps that connect local and international teams using a robust set of features that include:

  • Channels
  • Scheduling
  • File sharing
  • Calendars
  • To-do
  • Personal chats, documents, & files
  • Cloud storage
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Create conversation threads
  • Integrate third-party apps
  • More

7. Flock

Flock is one of the popular communications and collaboration apps for modern teams and businesses. Flock packs more features under chat and channels and it is relatively more affordable when compared with bigger counterparts like Slack. It supports some of the features like shared notes, reminders, to-dos, polls etc. You can also make audio and video calls and share your screen with your remote team. Flock is available in all formats like web, desktop and mobile. One of the most distinguishable features of Flock is it supports the app in 4 different languages.

Flock is a newer entrant into the app communication game, and is most directly in competition with Slack. They have a similar UI and features, but are differentiated quite a bit by the fact that Flock is significantly cheaper. It also provides a cool in-app poll and note-taking system.

8. Chanty

Chanty is a cloud-based collaboration platform that combines communication, project management, and automation to help teams work together more effectively. Chanty helps teams improve productivity and business communication. Unlimited message history, task management, file sharing and powerful notifications organize and save your day. Chanty helps you to collaborate and communicate effectively in one place.

Chanty helps you to chat with your team members; communicate using group & 1 on 1 audio/video calls and share your screen; Share instant messages, files or any other content you like; Create, assign, set deadlines and discuss tasks directly in Chanty; Integrate messaging with a variety of apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, GitHub, Zapier, Jira, Asana and many others; Track team workflow by using Kanban Board; Watch YouTube videos, GIFs and social media content; Have quick access to all your chats, tasks and files through Teambook. Chanty has both web and mobile versions.

Chanty, like Flock, is quite Slack-like in design, but it has positioned itself as a simpler, cheaper competitor. In terms of UI, Chanty is somewhat more polished than Flock, and it provides task management features that Slack does not; in this way, it blends some of the best features of both slack and Trello. In addition, its pricing structure is great for organizations that are more budget-conscious.

Troop Messenger is a compact office chat application with amazing security and feature implementation facilitating safe and secured business data sharing. It offers a collaborative work forum for business needs. Troop Messenger for business is the sure shot tonic for business assisting you in reducing the time used up for manual data circulation and team work. Troop Messenger, the business chat application is one among all group chat apps which comes with unlimited group creation. It is not only instant messaging for business but also lets you share files of diverse format along with current location and contacts. With its recent version, Troop messenger is good to go for team collaboration across corporates and will be updated with many more professional features which are on the drawing table.

Troop Messenger’s main value proposition is in its ability to seamlessly connect teams across different organizations. Like Microsoft Teams, this is a good choice for large organizations split up along reasonably strict team lines. If you don’t need the tight integrations with Microsoft products, it can help you accomplish many of the same things.

10. Discord

Discord is one of the best communication software that lets you create a home for your communities and friends, where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether your part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

Discord’s main unique user feature is its “always-on” voice chat, which leads to a user experience that is great for small, tightly-knit teams that want to really feel like they’re working in the same place and having live conversations. It might be overkill for teams that don’t need that kind of constant connection, but it’s a great way to create a “virtual office” if you do.

11. Pumble

Pumble is one of the best team communication tools that helps businesses interact with members across multiple departments and locations via a unified portal. The platform includes built-in search functionality, which allows users to search past messages, shared documents and other data. Pumble enables enterprises to create private or public digital workplaces with custom descriptions and names to share files and information and collaborate on projects. It offers a variety of features such as web and mobile notifications, tagging, custom channels, API access, drag-and-drop interface, personalized profiles and more. Additionally, administrators can manage user access across multiple groups and view contact details and job roles of members.

12. Jostle

Jostle is one of the best cloud-based team communication tools that helps businesses share news, align teams, invite participants, and recognize contributions. The platform allows employees to discuss topics and share their ideas in an open or closed collaborative environment. Jostle helps employees share information that can be targeted to specific individuals or groups with “like” and “comment” features included. The system’s “shout-out” feature lets users acknowledge individual or team efforts and broadcast a message to the entire organization. Users can also conduct live polls and share results with their employees. The discussion feature helps teams initiate private conversations or open town-hall meetings to share files and information.

13. Workvivo

Workvivo is one of the best team communication software designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams, allowing companies to reach and engage their employees in ways that traditional tools simply can’t. Workvivo goes beyond instant chat & video – offers an alternative to emails and big meetings and complements tools like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams by enabling messages to reach further across the organization and stay available over time.

14. Brosix

Brosix helps small to large enterprises streamline communication between internal departments via messaging. It enables users to text multiple team members using chat rooms and deliver announcements across contacts through broadcasting capabilities. It allows team members to share compressed files, voice recordings and screenshots of browsing history with colleagues. Additionally, it offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, which lets users categorize contact lists into groups, receive notifications of new messages and access chat history to track previous conversations.

15. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 provides a platform for businesses to organize and track interactions with potential or existing clients and partners. The software allows users to log and manage client interactions, capture and store lead data, generate sales reports and perform segmentation of target audiences. Leads received from a user’s website (for example, from an order or feedback form) can be fed directly to the CRM. Users can then create message templates, send individual or group emails to leads and contacts, capture notes on client interactions, schedule meetings and assign tasks.


This was our communication software list that can boost effective team communication in every workplace. Apart from this, there are many other team communication tools available in the market that can help you embrace and empower effective team communication.

Communication is a valuable aspect of working in a team. When most companies switched to remote work during the pandemic, there was a fear of being able to collaborate properly. The quality of communication suffered a lot as employees were no longer working from the same physical location. With the rise of remote work, there are a plethora of team communication tools that are available for remote teams. Start by signing up for these team communication tools.

A team communication software like Clariti allows employees to communicate with each other to get their work done no matter where each team member is located. These tools enable teams to make decisions with agility and accuracy and promote team problem-solving.

Based on organizational structure, communication can be classified into formal and informal communication; based on direction; communication can be classified into downward communication, upward communication, horizontal communication, and diagonal communication; and based on the mode of expression, communication can be classified into verbal and non-verbal communication. Clariti is an internal communication tool that supports both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

Team communication software falls into five major categories

1. Messaging and chat software

2. File sharing software

3. Video conferencing software

4. Document editing software

5. Project management software

Clariti is a team communication software that lets you combine all your communication, including emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage, and to-dos, in one app and arrange them based on topic or context. So, whenever you want to refer to any conversation or file, you should be able to retrieve it in a few seconds.

Companies need team communication software to break down communication silos, streamline workflows, facilitate project management by increasing transparency and visibility, enable real-time information exchange, improve external collaboration and communications, improve the customer experience and promote team problem-solving. Clariti is a team communication software that lets you combine all your communication, including emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage, and to-dos, in one app and arrange them based on topic or context. So, whenever you want to refer to any conversation or file, you should be able to retrieve it in a few seconds.

Various types of communication tools include email, audio/video calling (web conferencing), Telephones (smartphones, landlines), sms/text messaging, social networking sites etc. Clariti is a unified business communication tool that supports all communication forms such as chats, emails, voice calls and to-dos. You don’t need separate apps for all these. In Clariti, conversations, emails, to-dos and documents can be organized in Workspaces.

We have used team communication tools like Clariti, Zoho Cliq, Slack, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Flowdock to improve communication and engagement in the workplace. Clariti is a team communication tool that lets you combine all your communication, including emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage, and to-dos, in one app and arrange them based on topic or context. So, whenever you want to refer to any conversation or file, you should be able to retrieve it in a few seconds.

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