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Enhancing collaboration and communication has become a critical priority for businesses in their pursuit of success. With the need for streamlined and efficient tools to facilitate team interactions, Clariti emerges as the perfect alternative to Spike. Offering a range of powerful features and seamless integration of communication channels, Clariti revolutionizes the way teams collaborate and communicate. Whether it’s managing emails, chats, or file sharing, Clariti brings everything together in a single, organized platform.

By eliminating the clutter and confusion associated with disparate tools, Clariti ensures that teams can collaborate with ease and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and context-driven approach, Clariti empowers teams to stay connected, share information, and work together seamlessly.

In this blog, we will explore the various ways in which Clariti enhances collaboration and communication, setting itself apart as the best alternative to Spike.

9 ways Clariti is superior and more powerful than Spike

Unified Communication
Clariti serves as a unified communication hub, integrating various channels and communication tools such as email, chat, and file sharing. This consolidation of communication sources helps maintain context by providing a centralized location for team collaboration. Spike, while primarily focused on email and messaging, may not offer the same level of integration and context across multiple communication channels.
Threaded Conversations
Clariti uses threaded conversations, where participants can be added or removed from discussions. This helps in organizing and following conversations more effectively Spike, on the other hand, relies on traditional email threads, which can be cluttered and require users to scroll through lengthy messages.
Real-time Collaboration
Clariti enables real-time collaboration through features like instant messaging, file sharing, and collaborative workspaces. These features facilitate seamless teamwork and efficient collaboration While Spike does offer some collaborative features, it doesn't provide the same level of real-time collaboration capabilities.
Contextual Organization
Clariti utilizes threaded conversations, where messages are organized into specific threads based on topics or subjects. This allows for a clear and structured flow of communication, ensuring that related messages are grouped together and easy to follow. Spike, on the other hand, relies on a channel-based approach where conversations occur within designated channels, making it less intuitive to track and maintain context within discussions.
Calendar Integration
Clariti offers in-built calendar integration, allowing users to manage their schedules and appointments within the platform. This streamlines the coordination of meetings and enhances productivity. Spike also has calendar integration but may not offer the same level of integration and functionality as Clariti.
Voice Calling and Screen Sharing
Clariti includes voice calling and screen sharing capabilities, enabling seamless and effective communication during virtual meetings and collaborations. These features enhance remote teamwork and eliminate the need for additional communication tools. Spike doesn't offer built-in voice calling or screen sharing capabilities.
Security and Privacy
Clariti prioritizes security and privacy by hosting its platform on AWS, a trusted and reliable cloud infrastructure. This ensures data protection and confidentiality for users. While Spike also takes security seriously, the specifics of its infrastructure may differ from Clariti.
Apps Integration
Clariti integrates with the Zapier App Store, allowing users to connect with over 5000 apps and automate workflows. This extensive integration capability enhances productivity by streamlining tasks and information flow. Spike may have some integrations, but it may not offer the same breadth of integration options.
User-Friendly Interface
Clariti provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and customize according to individual preferences. This enhances user experience and makes it more intuitive to use. While Spike also focuses on providing a user-friendly interface, the specific design and customization options may differ from Clariti.
Intelligent Organization
Clariti employs intelligent algorithms and AI-driven features to automatically organize and prioritize messages based on their relevance and importance. This ensures that important conversations and threads are easily identified and accessed, fostering better contextual understanding. Spike may have some organization features, but they might not be as advanced or intelligent as Clariti's.

How did Clariti help XYZ Corp to overcome their challenges

Customer Information

Company Name: XYZ Corp (name changed)

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Size: Small to Medium-sized business

Number of Employees: 50

Problem Statement

XYZ Corp was using Spike as their primary communication tool but faced several challenges that hindered their workflow and collaboration. They struggled with scattered conversations, information overload, and difficulty in finding and referencing important discussions. This resulted in decreased productivity, missed deadlines, and miscommunication among team members. They sought a solution that could streamline their communication, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Solution Provided

XYZ Corp decided to transition from Spike to Clariti, a unified communication and collaboration platform. Clariti offered advanced features and a streamlined interface that addressed their pain points and provided a more efficient communication solution.

Key Benefits and Results

  • Streamlined Communication: Clariti’s threaded conversations and unified communication platform allowed XYZ Corp to have organized discussions. Team members could easily follow conversations, respond in context, and reduce the noise and clutter associated with email-centric tools like Spike.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Clariti’s real-time collaboration tools, including instant messaging and file sharing, improved teamwork at XYZ Corp. Team members could collaborate in real time, exchange ideas, and share documents seamlessly within the same platform. This streamlined their collaboration efforts and accelerated project timelines.
  • Contextual Organization and Quick Information Retrieval: Clariti’s contextual organization through threads allowed XYZ Corp to find and reference important discussions effortlessly. The platform’s powerful search capabilities enabled team members to retrieve relevant information quickly, improving productivity and reducing time wasted on searching for critical details.
  • Improved Productivity: By transitioning to Clariti, XYZ Corp experienced improved productivity across their teams. The streamlined communication and collaboration features enabled faster decision-making, reduced communication gaps, and enhanced project management efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: Clariti’s integration with various productivity apps and platforms allowed XYZ Corp to streamline their workflows. They could connect Clariti with their existing tools and receive notifications. This integration enhanced their productivity and reduced the time spent on switching between different applications. Clariti integrates with 5000+ apps through Zapier App Store.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Ease of Adoption: Clariti’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design made it easy for XYZ Corp employees to adopt the new communication platform. No training was required, and team members quickly adapted to the platform’s features, resulting in a smooth transition and increased adoption rates.

In summary, XYZ Corp successfully transitioned from Spike to Clariti, experiencing significant improvements in their communication, collaboration, and productivity. The shift to Clariti’s unified communication platform, threaded conversations, enhanced collaboration tools, contextual organization, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface helped XYZ Corp streamline their workflows, improve team collaboration, and achieve higher levels of productivity.


If you’re considering moving away from Spike and searching for a top alternative that offers superior communication capabilities, Clariti is the ideal solution. With its robust features, intuitive interface, and seamless integration, Clariti empowers teams to streamline their communication, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. By offering threaded conversations, organized discussions, and context-based messaging, Clariti eliminates the clutter and noise that often accompanies traditional email-centric tools like Spike.

Its real-time collaboration tools, file sharing capabilities, and personalized workspaces enable teams to work efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Clariti’s user-friendly interface and extensive app integration make it a versatile and adaptable communication platform.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Clariti caters to your needs, providing a unified and efficient communication experience. So, don’t hesitate to ditch Spike and explore the power of Clariti for your organization’s communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clariti is similar to Spike in its communication capabilities. Both platforms offer features like messaging, file sharing, and collaboration tools to facilitate team communication. They aim to streamline communication and reduce email overload by providing an organized and centralized platform for discussions. Both Clariti and Spike allow users to create and participate in threaded conversations, keeping discussions organized and easily accessible.

Clariti is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a highly secure and reliable cloud infrastructure provider. AWS adheres to stringent security measures and certifications to protect data privacy and maintain the integrity of the platform. Clariti also employs various security features and protocols to ensure the safety of user information. This includes encryption of data in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication for secure access, and regular security audits and updates.

Clariti stands out as a superior collaboration tool compared to Spike. Clariti’s unique threaded conversation feature organizes discussions by topics, ensuring seamless context retention and effortless information retrieval. This eliminates the need to scroll through lengthy chat channels like in Spike. Additionally, Clariti’s unified communication approach combines email, chat, and calls in one platform, eliminating the hassle of switching between different tools. Clariti offers a cost-effective solution for remote teams when compared with other screen-sharing tools like Spike. Clariti provides a comprehensive set of features for free, eliminating the need for expensive subscriptions or pricing plans.

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