What Problem Does
Clariti Solve?

Businesses that rely on digital communication tools for work (emails, chats, to-do, calls, document storage etc.) grapple with 2 significant problems:

Managing multiple team communication tools

Creating silos of information across apps that might be related to the same topic

These problems not only add to a steep learning curve and wasted time dealing with multiple apps, but also to a loss of productivity searching for information and relying on memory for who said what, when and why.

Clariti brings together all communication – emails, chats, calls, to-do, documents…and links them by topic in Workspaces. Each Clariti Workspace organizes all team communication and related artifacts (documents) by topic so you are never lost and can find information easily.

Workspaces drive effective team communications when collaborating with multiple people on the same topic, both inside and outside the company. They facilitate remote work which otherwise would be hard to manage when multiple apps are use to communicate on the same topic.

Improve Team Communication & Increase Business Productivity

Effective team communication is a challenging, but essential element of any successful business. Without clarity or focus, your communication is more likely to lose direction and get lost in interpretation. This leads to needless back and forth and an overall loss of productivity.

Clariti is a business productivity app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, document…in one app and automatically links related items in a Workspace. Workspaces add topic-centric organization to your team communications, so you are never lost or waste time searching for information. Clariti is ideal for small businesses and startups to boost team collaboration and drive productivity.

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Improve your business productivity by up to 25% using Clariti!

Best tool to improve productivity and business collaboration

Team Communication is So Much More Than Just Messaging Apps

Because of the recent proliferation of team messaging apps in the world of communication, people often conflate “communication” with “messaging”. An average workday for most people in any business involves so much more than simply exchanging chat messages. We still deal with emails. We still schedule tasks and to-dos.

Although there are apps that allow chat, email, to-dos in one place, that’s simply not enough for effective team collaboration. Having the correct context behind all team communication could mean the difference between addressing something efficiently or spending hours and sacrificing team productivity.

Clariti is ideal for small/medium businesses and startups that are looking for a well-rounded team collaboration platform beyond simply a messaging app. Workspaces allow you to see how all your team communications are related (big picture) and make informed decisions.

Replace Microsoft Teams &
Slack with Clariti

Slack and Teams focus on a chat-only paradigm for communication

Clariti is the best alternative – emails, chats, calls, to-do and more in one app

Workspace preserves context and removes the need to search for information

Microsoft Teams and Slack are well established brands in the team communication space. Both Slack and Teams focus primarily on a chat-only communication paradigm. Unfortunately, most businesses deal with so much more than just chat messages when collaborating with people inside the company and outside.

Clariti is the best alternative to Microsoft and Slack, thanks largely to the integration of email, chat, calls, cloud storage, and To-Do features under one roof. It is the perfect tool to choose when you want to promote team messaging and replace the delays caused by internal emails.

Clariti goes the extra mile to provide links between new communications and existing emails or messages. Doing so helps preserve context and takes away the need to search for information because it is automatically organized in Workspaces.