poor communication examples in the workplace

How to fix poor business communications?

Wasteful communication is a major problem faced by businesses all over the world. However, poor employee communication skills alone cannot be blamed for this. A major portion of the blame has nothing to do with employees’ communication skills at all. Much of the cause of inefficient communications is from the use of poor communication systems in the workplace.

Some poor communication examples in the workplace involve using too many tools, wasting time in unproductive meetings and searching for information across communication silos.

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Wasting time using many tools

Let’s first talk about the use of many tools. This occurs because many organizations believe that using specialized tools for each task gives flexibility to their employees. They don’t realize the negative impact of using too many disconnected systems. For instance, many organizations use one tool for email, and many different tools for chat, shared documents, and social media management. While these tools are helpful, the lack of connection between them reduces productivity due to the time spent switching between them and searching for information in disconnected silos.

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The very tools that were meant to improve productivity have created new barriers to the workflow. Tools are either too disruptive with constant pings and notifications, or the information flow between them is disconnected.

A study on Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology by Webtorials has found that each employee, spends 68% of his time in communication and collaboration tasks (about 6 hours in a day), out of which 1.26 hours ($11,000 per employee per year) is wasted due to communication inefficiencies.

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Wasting time in unproductive meetings

While sometimes meetings are necessary, many times employees are forced to spend their time attending long unproductive face-to-face meetings even though they may have short role in them. How to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. in your meetings? A lot of this wasted time can be saved by using a chat system for internal communications. Chats are quick and to the point and teams can communicate informally even if they are based at remote locations. However, it is important to have an easily accessible record of these conversations for which the chats need to be properly categorized for context. Besides like meetings, chats can lead to to-do’s which need to be tracked and linked to the chat session for recall later.

A tool to connect all the communication silos

If you are wondering how to fix poor business communication systems in your workplace, here is what you can do! As part of a communication strategy, businesses should be looking to implement an efficient communication system to reduce the time spent on unproductive activities and utilize the time for other productive work. This makes a strong case for implementing an app that can connect multiple systems together. That is what Clariti does. Clariti not only combines all your communications like email, chat, cloud storage, to-do and social feeds in one app, it also links all related information in a TopicFolder. For every context, a new TopicFolder is created and all the relevant information is linked and stored automatically. TopicFolders not only makes your communication faster, but also eliminate the need to search for information across communication silos. Clariti is certainly a quick fix for all the maladies that ail modern business communication.

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