Every organization generates hundreds and thousands of conversations through many disconnected apps like emails, chats, and social feeds. It may get overwhelming to keep all the information organized and quickly accessible when needed. Consequently, important information gets lost and communication suffers.

Though Microsoft Teams and Slack brings all communications like emails, group chat, and calls in one place, the related communications are not connected. Yes, theoretically, you may be using a single application for all your official communication, but all the conversations inside these applications will remain fractured making it hard to put together. Which means your conversations will remain disconnected though you will be technically using a single app. If you want to search for a presentation or a message from your colleague, you will have to search multiple channels to get the information.

Thus, when you use Microsoft Teams and Slack all your communication will remain disorganized, shallow, and chaotic. With multiple, simultaneous conversations happening every day, you will begin to lose track of things. Ideas will be proposed, discussed, and forgotten or worse ‘lost’. It will be impossible to refer back to a decision that had been made or to neatly preserve the information so that other teammates could find it later. According to an American Management Association survey, 83% of executives think their companies have information silos and it has an adverse impact on their business. This is where the power of using connected apps like Clariti come to handy!

Clariti not only brings all your emails, chats, online meetings, shared files, social feeds, and tasks in a single app. It facilitates focused discussions on specific context-based topics so that information naturally stays structured. For example, you may receive an email and you may you want to discuss with your colleague regarding that email. In Clariti you can start chatting from the email with another Clariti user. The recipient can see the context that you are referring to – without you having to forward the email! Later, both the email and chat get neatly arranged inside a Workspace which you can name.

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All the subsequent related conversations are automatically stored in that Workspace. Few months down the line, when you want to go back and refer to a prior conversation or file, all you must do is remember the context and look inside the relevant Workspace. In Clariti, no matter what was discussed and when it was discussed, you will be able to see the big picture in one view since all the communication is connected.

Clariti Workspace makes it remarkably easy for you to have several conversations about different topics simultaneously, without losing track. By sticking to one topic per thread, you and your team can easily keep track of parallel conversations and stay up to date on what’s happening. Clariti makes sure that everyone in the team can find the information they need with clearly named topic-based Workspace even years later.

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Another issue with the disconnected but real-time apps like Slack is you have to be online all the time is to keep yourself updated on the latest developments happening within your team. Since all communication is disconnected, you would find it very difficult to catch up with all the conversations of the previous day without context. Moreover, these apps are meant to promote instant communication and they cannot be used to preserve history or promote transparency.

So, the compulsion to be online all the time and be constantly distracted by the pings and notifications can lead to more pressure, stress, and frustration. This will be felt more when your team is really big and spread across different time zones.

But the power of using connected apps is that it liberates you and your team from constant interruptions. Even when you are offline, Clariti Workspace will ensure that all your communication is connected and stored in Workspace based on context. You don’t have be present all the time to understand what is being discussed. You need not let the constant pings and notifications distract you. Clariti will allow you to focus on real work and catch up with your team when you are ready. Since all the information is neatly arranged in Workspace, you can refer back to any issue even years later.

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As part of a communication strategy, businesses should be looking to implement an efficient communication system to reduce distractions and stress that is related to mindless searching and utilize the time for other productive work. This makes a strong case for implementing an app that can connect multiple systems together. That is what Clariti does. Clariti not only connects all your communications, it makes your communication faster by eliminating the need to search for information across communication silos.

The best part of Clariti is its free! Yes, you can sign up now and reap the benefits from working with connected communications. Clariti is web-based, so there is nothing to download or install. Clariti has a simple on-boarding process where you can configure your email, add contacts and experience the power of using connected apps within a few minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital collaboration tools are online platforms that enable team members to communicate and work together on projects in real time. These tools can be used for a variety of tasks, such as brainstorming ideas, sharing documents, and providing feedback. Some popular digital collaboration tools include Clariti, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. By using these tools, team members can communicate and collaborate more effectively, regardless of location. This can be extremely beneficial for businesses that have employees working in different time zones or geographical areas. In addition, digital collaboration tools can help to improve productivity and reduce the need for face-to-face meetings.

Collaboration is essential to the success of any organization, but it can be difficult to promote collaboration among employees. One way to encourage collaboration is to create opportunities for employees to work together on projects. This could involve assigning team-based projects or allowing employees to choose their own project partners. Another way to promote collaboration is to provide incentives for employees to work together. This could involve offering bonuses for team-based projects or recognition for collaborative achievements. Finally, fostering a culture of collaboration requires effective communication and regular feedback. By creating an environment where collaboration is encouraged and supported, organizations can increase employee engagement and improve organizational outcomes.

In today’s workplace, it’s more important than ever to be able to collaborate effectively with others. With the rise of digital technologies, more and more employees are working remotely, and teamwork often needs to happen across time zones and geographical boundaries. That’s where digital collaboration comes in. By using tools like Clariti for audio calling, document sharing, and project management software, team members can stay connected and work together on projects, regardless of location. The benefits of digital collaboration are numerous: it can improve communication and promote greater efficiency, while also reducing costs. In a global economy, the ability to collaborate digitally is essential for any business that wants to succeed.

Collaboration is important in the workplace for a number of reasons. First, it allows employees to pool their knowledge and ideas, which can lead to more creativity and innovation. Second, it helps to build team spirit and morale, which can boost productivity. Third, it can help to resolve conflict by promoting open communication and understanding. Finally, collaboration can improve workflows by making them more efficient and effective. When employees are able to work together effectively, it benefits both the individual workers and the organization as a whole.

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