Tips to make your communication app less annoying at work
20 powerful ways to make your communication app less annoying

Due to the pandemic and consequent growth of remote work, there is a widespread use of communication apps. Slack and Microsoft Teams dominate this category. These apps include features to chat, video conference and share files with other team members,

Top 13 Indicators Your Company Needs ‘Connected Apps’

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses constantly seek ways to streamline operations and enhance productivity. One emerging solution is the adoption of connected apps, which are integrated software applications designed to work seamlessly together, providing a cohesive user experience.

The business case for ‘connected apps’

‘Connected apps’ is the new buzzword in the business world today. When someone in your team utters the word, you cannot dismiss it as just another technical jargon. It is now becoming an incredibly powerful tool that can boost business

Why all businesses must embrace ‘connected apps’

A connected app is a SaaS-based platform that integrates diverse communication tools like emails, chats, social feeds, events, calendar, meetings, cloud storage, and file viewers in one place. Since these applications are hosted in the cloud, they are accessible to

benefits of using connected apps for small businesses
Top 5 benefits of using ‘connected apps’

If you are an employee working in a typical multi-national office, there are chances that you might be using different apps for email, chat, social feeds, meetings, events, reminders, cloud storage etc. The number of software apps deployed by large

Experience the power of ‘connected apps’ using Clariti

Every organization generates hundreds and thousands of conversations through many disconnected apps like emails, chats, and social feeds. It may get overwhelming to keep all the information organized and quickly accessible when needed. Consequently, important information gets lost and communication