how does communicaiton affect productivity

If you’re part of a team, you know how important it is to stay connected and transparent. For several decades, companies have relied on emails for effective communication between teams. However, the advent of team messaging apps has completely transformed team communications.

Whether your team is spread across an office building or across the globe, having effective team messaging apps helps ensure projects run on time and tasks are completed efficiently. This is especially true for collaboration-based companies that require cross-team workflows every day. Today, several big and small companies are seen using team messaging apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, HipChat, and Clariti to cut down the lengthy email paragraphs and improve engagement across the team.

With so many messaging tools at our disposal and the use of technology ever growing, understanding the power of team messaging apps and their importance in boosting employee productivity should be taken seriously. In this blog, we will explore how team messaging apps can make or break employee productivity, highlighting tips and tricks that any business manager can use to maximize the efficiency of their teams.

How does communication affect productivity?

Before we learn about team messaging, first, we will have to know how communication affects productivity. When good communication prevails in a company, it empowers employees, improves transparency, increases accountability, creates a healthy culture and reduces the chances of misunderstanding. All these factors create a positive impact on the performance of employees by increasing their morale, retention rate and the overall productivity

Why should your company use a team messaging app?

Team collaboration and communication are the foundation of a successful work environment. As per a report by McKinsey, workplace messaging apps have the potential to increase employee productivity by 25%. These messaging apps can help break down hierarchies and spark interactions and innovations by bringing different parts of the company together.

How can messaging apps boost productivity?

Though there are numerous drawbacks and benefits of using an instant messaging app, they can facilitate easy communication and collaboration when used prudently. However, an increased emphasis on these messaging apps may not necessarily boost productivity. Here are some ways in which the team messaging apps can help to improve productivity

1. Fewer distractions

One of the primary benefits of using messaging apps is that they can help to reduce distractions. Email, for example, is a common source of workplace distractions, as people can easily get sidetracked by reading and responding to messages that are not relevant to their work. By using a messaging app, workers can limit their email usage to specific times of day and avoid getting distracted by messages that are not work-related.

2. More efficient communication

Another benefit of using messaging apps is that they can help to improve communication efficiency. When workers need to communicate with each other, they can often do so more quickly and effectively via a messaging app than they could by sending an email or making a phone call. Additionally, messaging apps allow workers to have conversations with multiple people at once, which can be helpful when coordinating projects or brainstorming ideas.

3. Improved task management

Messaging apps can also help workers to better manage their tasks and priorities. For example, many messaging apps allow users to create and share to-do lists, which can be helpful for keeping track of deadlines and ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely manner. Additionally, some messaging apps allow users to set reminders for themselves or for other people, which can be useful for ensuring that important tasks are not forgotten about.

4. Greater flexibility

Another benefit of using messaging apps is that they offer greater flexibility than other forms of communication. For example, workers who need to communicate with colleagues in different time zones can do so easily via a messaging app, as they can send messages at any time of day or night. Additionally, messaging apps allow workers to have conversations on their own time, which can be helpful for those who have busy schedules or who need to take breaks during the workday.

5. Increased productivity

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using messaging apps is that they can help to increase productivity. When workers are able to communicate more efficiently and manage their tasks more effectively, they are likely to be more productive overall. Additionally, the flexibility offered by messaging apps can lead to increased productivity by allowing workers to take breaks when they need them and work on their own schedule.

6. Easy collaboration

Messaging apps have risen in popularity in recent years to become key tools in the digital workplace, and they are increasingly being utilized to enable effective collaboration between team members. With features such as file-sharing, group chatrooms, and integration with other third-party applications, messaging apps provide the resources teams need to stay in sync while working on projects remotely or across multiple time zones.

Ultimately, by helping teams to communicate efficiently, messaging apps can help improve productivity within organizations of all sizes. In addition, these apps offer a secure platform for confidential information sharing and data protection that is critical for most industries today. By providing an environment for collaborative teamwork and improving communication between stakeholders, messaging apps are playing an important role in transforming how businesses run their operations and plan for future growth.

7. Reduce email clutter

Messaging apps have revolutionized communication, and their impact on workplace productivity is clear. By bypassing the need to write and send emails, they speed up the exchange of information between colleagues and clients. They also help to reduce email clutter, which can unnecessarily prolong response times when replying to important emails.

This makes it easier for teams to collaborate quickly and conveniently without interruption or distraction, increasing productivity overall. In conclusion, messaging apps provide an effective way of streamlining conversations and improving workplace productivity.

8. Less meetings

Team messaging apps can help to save time by eliminating the need for meetings or phone calls, which can often be time-consuming. Team messaging apps can help boost productivity by keeping you focused on your work and preventing distractions from other sources.

9. More organized

Team messaging apps can also help you to stay organized by creating a central place for all of your communication. Team messaging apps can also help you to stay on top of your schedule by sending reminders and notifications for upcoming deadlines or meetings. Team messaging apps can help boost productivity by giving you the ability to customize your notifications so that you only receive the information that is most relevant to you. Team messaging apps can also help to increase transparency and accountability within an organization by providing a record of all communication

10. Instant feedback

As technology continues to evolve and reach new heights, messaging applications have become incredibly useful tools to help improve productivity. They provide users with the opportunity to gain instantaneous feedback on their work, allowing them to make progress in real time. In addition, messages can be sent regardless of location or device; allowing teams across the globe to collaborate without any boundaries.

With many messaging apps also providing secure ways for storing communications and documents, businesses have greater control over information exchange and knowledge sharing – one of the key ingredients for optimum productivity. Ultimately, today’s team messaging apps are essential for businesses wanting to maximize efficiency and promote collaboration.

11. Improve internal and external communication

Team messaging apps are proving to be an invaluable asset when it comes to improving productivity by streamlining communication. These team messaging apps give employees the ability to connect instantly with their co-workers, customers, and suppliers regardless of location. This way, they can coordinate projects and share knowledge easily within the organization or externally without having to waste time and resources travelling.

What’s more, these apps can also facilitate collaboration among multiple teams by leveraging powerful online tools such as document sharing and video conferencing capabilities. All of this contributes greatly to improved productivity for businesses of any size.

12. Encourages multitasking and real-time communication

Employees are not always looking at their emails, and long email threads can get difficult to navigate. Team messaging apps provide an excellent platform for sharing concise information in real-time through direct messages and group chats.

But if you are a member of an active message channel, you may have to multitask between completing the actual job and the messaging app. While multitasking is a great skill, it does not always lead to productivity.

The right approach

Most companies still end up using multiple apps to handle the work. Even though the companies have a team messaging app, there is a reliance on emails for client communication, cloud services for file management, and video conferencing and calling apps. Hence, while the team chat apps are expected to streamline the workflow, they become just another app that demands the employees’ time and attention.

The best way to achieve real productivity is by consolidating the multiple apps required by companies within a single app. Clariti is a unified communication system that provides a platform to bring all email communications, chat, documents, social feeds, and more to one place and automatically organize them based on context.

Clariti is a business productivity web app that brings your emails, chats, call, to-dos, documents…in one app and automatically links related discussions based on context. Clariti adds topic-centric organization to your communications, so you never lose or waste time searching for information. Clariti allows you to easily see the big picture and make informed decisions. Clariti is ideal for small and medium businesses to boost team collaboration and drive productivity.

Businesses can eliminate the workplace chaos and help their employees concentrate on the core job through Clariti’s integrated team messaging app. Clariti can provide clarity in its true sense by assisting teams in accessing information in seconds and leveraging productivity so that employees never have to miss the big picture.


In conclusion, team messaging apps can vastly improve team productivity if used effectively. It provides the opportunity for real-time communication from which teams can benefit greatly through improved collaboration and knowledge-sharing. By implementing clear protocols on its use, teams can get the most out of this technology while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Instituting practices such as setting up designated time periods for messaging, clarifying workflow expectations upon onboarding, and establishing an open forum on communication etiquette can lead to high functioning teams and greater productivity overall.


Frequently Asked Questions

First, provide clear and concise instructions. Second, encourage team members to communicate openly with one another. Finally, it is important to create a positive work environment where team members feel respected and valued.

A team message is a statement that reflects the collective voice of a team. It is typically used to communicate the team’s shared purpose, values, or goals. A team message can be either formal or informal, and it is often delivered by a team leader or spokesperson.

First, make sure that the message is clear and concise. Second, consider the best method for delivering the message. Finally, think about how you can ensure that the message is received and understood by all team members.

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