What is Clariti’s Workspace?

Clariti Workspace helps your team members to stay focused, collaborate better, keep all the conversations organized by specific topics, and quickly find any information they need. The main advantage of using a Workspace is that it helps to keep track of multiple conversations without getting overwhelmed. Since all the information is stored based on context, you will be able to find any information quickly. You can also add or remove any participant at any stage to a group conversation in a Workspace, and team members will never be under pressure to respond in real-time.

You can form a Workspace to kick off a discussion by giving it a name and inviting other participants to contribute. You can also start a Workspace by chatting from an email, and the conversation will become part of your Workspace. Choosing an appropriate name for the Workspace will help team members understand the context of the Workspace and contribute accordingly.

You can start a Workspace to accomplish the following tasks through effective collaboration with your team.

1. Request for proposals

RFP comes with deadlines and you need to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to get responses for various queries. Forming a Workspace and inviting the relevant participants to contribute will help you to complete the responses on time without a lot of back-and-forth.

2. Event planning

If you are planning to attend a trade show or expo, you have to make a lot of preparations and interact with various stakeholders both within and outside your organization. Using Clariti’s OrbitChat, you can even chat with non-Clariti users. Having all information in one place will help you to plan and work effectively.

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3. Project discussions

Any organization would be handling multiple projects at the same time. Using a separate Workspace for each project will help maintain the context and store all information related to each project in one place. You can use Workspace to share key messages and goals around the project with your team. Workspace will help you to collaborate effectively with team members and meet the project deadlines.

4. Group discussion

Whenever you are seeking collective wisdom from your colleagues regarding a new project or proposal, you can form a Workspace and invite team members to contribute as necessary. All the information about that context will be automatically saved in the Workspace even if there are multiple conversations with different participants, at different times.

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5. Ideation

Whenever you want to brainstorm and invite innovative ideas for your new projects or initiatives, you can form a Workspace and invite team members to share. Subsequent discussions and clarifications will be saved in the Workspace leading to a successful conclusion faster.

6. Support tickets

When you receive any query from your customer, you can convert that query into a Workspace and discuss the issue with your colleagues before responding. You can group all conversations based on a customer name or query type in Workspace.

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7. Status updates

Using Workspace, you can keep all stakeholders informed of progress, mitigate issues before they arise, and ensure that the project is completed within the designated time-frame.

8. Team announcements

Workspace can be used to make any team announcements like new appointments, resignations, employee achievements, change in roles and designations, software updates, client announcements, change in project timelines, etc.

Using Clariti, create a new Workspace for each context, collaborate effectively with your team, and stay organized without any extra effort.


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