save money using unified communications
How to save money using unified communications

Unified communication is a combination of different types of communication technology like web conferencing, voice calls, video and instant messaging provided as a single, hosted solution. A major reason for companies utilizing unified communication is it brings various opportunities for

benefits of unified communications
12 best valuable business benefits of unified communications

Companies are dealing with the ‘new normal’ where workers want to split time between office and home as many of them do not want to give up the flexibility they experienced during the pandemic lockdown. Besides, millennials, who now account

unified communication app and software
Top unified communication tools and software to choose in 2022

Since the pandemic forced almost one-third of the world workforce to work remotely, the demand for cloud-based unified communication tools has been exploding. According to a Metrigy survey, the percentage of organizations using unified communication tools increased by 79% between

saas tools free
Top SaaS tools for startups and small businesses in 2022

Undoubtedly, SaaS tools helped companies worldwide overcome the pandemic stress test by assisting them to cope with massive shutdowns. SaaS tools gave the flexibility for organizations to allow their workforce to work from home and deliver essential goods and medicines

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save money using unified communications
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benefits of unified communications