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Do you have a flexible hybrid work model

As the pandemic fears are slowly receding worldwide, most employers are looking to implement a hybrid work model. The demand for a hybrid model is fueled by the changing employee expectations of the workplace. A recent Google survey on hybrid

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Why hot-desking should be part of your hybrid work model

During the last couple of years, office workspaces have undergone a complete overhaul in light of the pandemic. The personal desk has given way for hot desking. The word hot desking came from the practice when many people shared tiny

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Unified communication holds the key for successful hybrid work

Unified communication holds the key for successful hybrid work When the pandemic struck the world suddenly, many companies were forced into remote working. During this period, many businesses accidentally discovered the benefits of flexible working. Now, even as many companies

hybrid work environment challenges
Are you ready for the next great disruption in hybrid work Model

Even though flexible timings, better job opportunities and more family time have made hybrid work a post-pandemic favorite, it has its share of shortcomings. Digital exhaustion from Slack Channels and Zoom fatigues are taking a toll on remote teams. Poor

Hybrid communication strategy
Hybrid work requires the right mix of communication

Gone are those days when your colleagues would drop in at your desk and ask “Hi, do you have a minute?” Ever since the pandemic struck, most of us are working virtually and face-to-face interactions were quickly replaced by instant

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How the hybrid model will reshape the workplace in 2022

Hybrid workplaces are fast being adopted in the corporate world due to the flexibility it brings to the employees. More than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their knowledge workers in 2022. In a

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How to secure remote access for the hybrid workplace

As the hybrid model combines the best of both physical workplace and remote workforce, it is slowly becoming the dominant workplace model. A recent survey indicates that 44% of employees and 63% of organizations favor a hybrid work schedule. For

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What are the major problems with hybrid workplaces

As companies begin to resume their operations, some employees will stay fully remote, some will return fully to the office, and others will embrace a hybrid approach. Hybrid work era is a reality and there is no question of going

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What is a hybrid workplace and how to implement it successfully

Depending upon the needs of the company, a hybrid workplace might have employees swapping in and out every couple of weeks, or employees may come to the office only to attend face-to-face meetings. A recent survey by Wakefield Research shows

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