ways to improve customer interaction

Today’s customers want the freedom to communicate using multiple channels such as email, chat, online documents & forms when asking for support and companies are looking for efficient ways to respond to them using a synchronized approach. This includes tools that can help them keep all the customer interactions organized in one place so that support agents don’t have to switch between multiple communication apps. Businesses want to put more power in the hands of their agents by providing them all the information at their fingertips.

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How to improve customer interactions management

According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, brands with extremely strong omnichannel communications retain on average 89% of their customers, compared with 33% for brands with weak omnichannel communications.

For companies to provide an omnichannel experience for their customers they need a tool with the following characteristics.

1. Organize communication

The tool should be able to organize all communication in one place in order to give a 360-degree view of the customer. The centralized location provides insights that are needed to keep the customer journey smooth. It will be frustrating for both the customer and the representatives to keep going through the same issue several times.

2. Continuity of communication

When the customer interacts with the company for the second or third time regarding the same issue, the representative should be able to see all the previous interactions.

3. Collaborate instantly

The agent should have the option to easily see the context behind the interaction and respond instantly, through the same channel, without switching between the applications.

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4. Deliver personal experience

Any restriction to interact with the same representative each time should be removed. Once the context behind the customer interaction is maintained, any representative will be able to provide personalized service.

5. Ease of use

The tool should be easy to use like a familiar email system. It should be able to group all the customer interactions based on context automatically without complicated workflows.

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Clariti as an omnichannel tool

Clariti can help you provide an omnichannel experience for your customers through its unique Workspace of emails, chats, to-do, and more, in one single app. Your agents need not waste their valuable time switching between different apps for email, chat, or to-do. You can do everything from one app and have them connected intelligently in Workspace, ensuring there are no information silos.

Let’s investigate a scenario where a call center agent interacts with a customer in real-time in a multi-channel environment.

internal communication tool

How to organize all your customer interactions with Clariti

If you initiate a customer interaction in Clariti, the same interaction between the agent and customer is stored in Clariti in the form of a Workspace. Each Workspace has a complete list of interactions with each customer irrespective of the mode of communication used. Workspace provides a big picture view of the communication history, making it easy to provide comprehensive support without wasting time searching for information.

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While the traditional modes of communication like phone and email are still important, businesses need to quickly jump on the omnichannel bandwagon to be competitive. The demand for an omnichannel experience from customers will keep increasing and companies need to invest their time and resources in leveraging systems that can deliver seamless customer experience. Keeping with this trend, Clariti is one tool that is worth looking.


Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to customer interaction, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, always be polite and respectful. This will help to build rapport and ensure that the interaction stays positive. Second, try to be as helpful as possible. Don’t hesitate to offer advice or assistance if it will help the customer. Finally, remember that effective communication is key. If you can clearly and concisely explain your product or service, you’ll be more likely to leave the customer with a positive impression. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your customer interactions are always professional and successful.

The customer interaction cycle is the process that businesses use to manage customer interactions. It consists of five steps: attract, engage, convert, retain, and delight. The cycle begins with attracting customers to the business. This can be done through marketing and advertising. Once customers are aware of the business, they need to be engaged. This can be done through providing excellent customer service and creating a positive customer experience. Once customers are engaged, they need to be converted into paying customers. This can be done through effective sales techniques. Once customers have made a purchase, businesses need to retain them. This can be done through follow-up contact and providing additional services or products. Finally, businesses need to delight their customers. This can be done through going above and beyond their expectations. By following these steps, businesses can effectively manage customer interactions and create long-term relationships.

A great customer interaction is one in which the customer feels valued and the company achieves its objectives. In order for this to happen, both parties need to be clear about what they want to achieve. The company should have a good understanding of the customer’s needs, and the customer should be able to articulate their expectations. Furthermore, both parties should be respectful of each other’s time and effort. Finally, a great customer interaction requires effective communication. This means that both parties should be able to understand each other’s point of view and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. By following these principles, companies can ensure that they provide a great experience for their customers.

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