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If you are a small business still using email and chat for remote collaboration, it is time to rethink. The main drawback of using these two is that you will end up locking valuable content and conversations in different channels, creating information silos.

Email is also not meant for complex collaboration. It is a slow asynchronous communication that was designed for a different age. Emails are not the right medium to share knowledge as what you share through emails gets lost due to the absence of context.

What about chat? If you have been using Slack or any other chat app, you know the answer. Though chat succeeded in reducing the number of internal emails, the problem shifted to distractions from endless notifications from group messages. There is pressure on every user to catch up with others and respond in real-time. Chat is the most misused channel of all. There have been many instances where sensitive data was shared inadvertently with the wrong group of people.

For small businesses Clariti may be a simpler, cost-effective solution. Clariti uses a revolutionary idea of Workspace that automatically connects all your related conversations no matter which medium was used. This eliminates the need to search for information, which is otherwise be stored in separate silos. You can start a Workspace by composing an email, starting a chat, or from a shared document.

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Once you start a Workspace, all your related interactions including chats, shared files, social feeds, and emails regarding that topic will be connected in a Workspace. Later, when you want to refer to a conversation that you have had on a particular topic, you don’t have to search for the information in different places like your email inbox, chat app, or your social feeds separately. All you have to do is remember the context and look inside the relevant Workspace for all your communication history. So, Workspace is an inbuilt mechanism to organize all your communication as it happens, without any effort on your part.

To solve remote collaboration and communication challenges, you don’t have to employ multiple apps. When you choose a solution like Clariti, email, chat, shared documents, socials feeds and even phone calls can be done from one app. Clariti should be your go-to tool for remote collaboration to tightly integrate employees’ digital work without having to switch multiple apps.


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