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We live in an age where technology allows us to be reached instantly in any number of ways. Emails, chats, texts, calls; there is no limit to our means of communication. However, the busy life of a freelancer can lead to confusion and disorganization when messages are coming in from clients through multiple mediums. Oftentimes, messages can get lost or forgotten, simply due to the freelancer not remembering which service had been used to communicate with the client. This begs the question: “what is the best way to maximize productivity?”

Thankfully, the perfect solution has been created to boost productivity: Clariti. Clariti is an all-in-one app that allows freelancers to maximize productivity by funneling all communication into one app, organizing messages by topic. Let’s take a look at the features of Clariti, and how the service can help freelancers to easily organize all communication from clients.

What is Clariti?

Clariti is an App that focuses on the “big picture.” The service allows you to integrate all of your other apps, such as email, dropbox, chat, etc into the Clariti app. This means you no longer need to switch between apps to track down specific communication from a client; all of your messages about a given topic or project are housed in a topic folder.

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How does Clariti boost productivity?

If you are a freelancer, you are intimately familiar with the frustration that comes with losing important project information. You know the information is somewhere, but was it sent to you in an email, a chat, or did you type it into your notes after discussing the project over the phone?

With Clariti, you can maximize productivity by eliminating these time-consuming searches for information. All you need to do to track down everything about your project is reference your topic folder containing all of the integrated information from all of your various apps and services. While it may seem like shifting between apps doesn’t take up too much time, those ten second app switches add up to a significant amount of time when you have to do it 500 times a day.

In what other ways does Clariti maximize productivity?

Outside of organizing your information about projects into one, easy-to-navigate topic folder, freelancers can also integrate calendars and to-do reminders into topic folders in order to stay on task.

As a freelancer, you are likely working on many projects simultaneously. While nabbing more projects indicates that business is going well, it also comes with headaches in trying to remember various deadlines.

Clariti combines all of your calendar reminders about each topic with all of your messages and work you’ve completed dealing with said topic. These helpful notifications can keep you on task and ensure that you are able to complete projects and meet deadlines in a timely manner, without extra stress and time wasted searching old documents for due dates.

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Final thoughts

Clariti is increasing in popularity with small businesses and freelancers alike, as these individuals discover how much the app enables them to boost productivity. If you are a freelancer and feel that you need a way to maximize productivity, consider investigating Clariti for your business’s needs.


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