In the current era, company communication is one of the most crucial factors to ensure the success of a business. There are so many interested parties that need to be kept apprised of important changes; from a business’s employees to its clients, to the public. To reach all these individuals and groups, businesses often make use of tools of corporate communication. But even with the use of effective tools of corporate communication, it can be hard to get the proper information to everyone who needs to know.

In this article, we will define corporate communication, discuss some of the challenges of implementing effective company communication, and outline the best practices for internal corporate communications and external communication alike.

Corporate communication: what is it?

Corporate communication is a broad term that references the ways in which a company provides information to all those who need to know about said information. Some of those included in corporate communications are:

  • Employees and investors:

This is a component of internal corporate communication, and it is vitally important for a business to succeed and maintain transparency within the company.

  • Clients:

Both current and potential clients benefit from open company communication. For a client to invest their time and money in your service, they need to feel like they are being listened to and being kept in the loop on any changes or issues as they come up in the process of your working relationship.

  • The press and the public:

Depending on the nature of your company, you may need to utilize tools of corporate communication in dealing with the media and the general public. People want to know important information about companies in their sphere, whether it’s good or bad news.

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What are the top challenges in corporate communication?

Maintaining consistent, transparent company communication is not as easy as it may sound. Some of the common challenges that businesses face in this area are:

  • Not having the proper tools of corporate communication:

If your system of communicating with all of the entities interested in your business is archaic or ineffective; it may be time for an upgrade.

  • Not knowing how much to share:

Maintaining transparency doesn’t mean telling everyone everything about the inner workings of your business. You need to balance keeping people informed while still maintaining privacy.

  • Not maintaining the proper data:

If you don’t have the data that shows the trends you are trying to convey, you won’t be able to effectively share this information.

What are the best practices in company communication?

While there are a number of ways to provide effective, internal corporate communications as well as external communications; there are some guidelines that may help:

  • Use the best available tools of corporate communication:

Your business needs to be able to quickly send and receive information, gather data, and generate readable reports and presentations for your communication strategy to be successful. Technology services such as Clariti can help you achieve this.

  • Emphasis regular meetings/communications:

Setting aside time each month where you hold meetings and briefings will keep your communication strategy on track.

  • Hire the right people:

Having someone in your company who manages your corporate communication can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

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Consider a tool like clariti for company communication

As more and more employees work from home or remote locations away from the office, technology plays an important part in business communications. Communications with clients and suppliers too are increasingly digital. Using multiple tools for communications such as chat, email, cloud documents, calls, and social media creates information silos. Many conversations are related. They may start with an email, continue with a chat and end up with a to do.

A SaaS based tool like Clariti can be of immense help since it supports all commonly used communication forms in one app. There is no time wasted switching apps. Besides, Clariti automatically connects all related items in Workspace making it very easy to see the big picture. Workspace increases productivity as they eliminate the need to search for information. Clariti is a web-based freemium software. You can start for free and upgrade to premium features only if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate communication is the process of sharing important information within a company. It can be a challenge to ensure that all employees receive the same message, and that the message is accurately conveyed. Additionally, corporate communication must take into account the different levels of understanding and knowledge within the company. For example, a message intended for senior executives will be different from a message intended for entry-level employees. Furthermore, effective corporate communication requires an understanding of the company’s business objectives. Without this context, it can be difficult to create messages that are both relevant and impactful. Finally, corporate communication must be constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of business. In order to be successful, companies must be willing to invest time and resources into their corporate communication strategies.

Corporate communication refers to the various ways in which a company communicates with its stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and the general public. The goal of corporate communication is to create and deliver messages that are clear, consistent, and memorable. To achieve this, companies use a variety of communication tools and strategies, including print and digital advertising, public relations, employee communications, and event marketing. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on using social media to connect with stakeholders and promote corporate brands. While each company has its own unique communication practices, all successful businesses rely on effective corporate communication to build relationships and maintain a positive reputation.

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