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In the growing popularization of remote jobs, having good communication software is of the most significant importance. Most of us have been pushed to get used to Zoom calls and the ability to chat with other colleagues within an organization. Businesses still need to run smoothly and quickly navigate how communication will work for the company. Finding the right app that fits the needs of your business is of absolute importance.

When choosing an app that works best, it’s essential to pay attention to a couple of crucial features that will allow using the app much more intuitive and easy to organize. Here are five qualities that make for excellent web-based communication software.

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1. Email access

An application that allows you to email colleagues is an excellent feature for making it easier to communicate about work projects and meetings. With the Clariti app, users can send emails to private and public email addresses, link to-dos, and instantly share links for other documents. Users will also have the ability to edit their emails within the app and use Cloud storage to keep all essential emails.

2. The ability to chat and make calls

Along with having accessible email access, web-based communication platforms also need to have users’ ability to chat with each other and make calls. Some information doesn’t need to be discussed through an email. With Clariti’s quick chat and call-making abilities, users can quickly connect, making team collaboration easier.

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3. Build To-Do lists

It’s also essential to make to-do lists to help keep users working in your business more organized. Having the ability to build a to-do list and share specific to-dos with other colleagues also helps make communication more accessible. This also makes it easier for users to manage their time and keep track of their assigned projects. Clariti lets you create action items as the work happens. Unfortunately, without detailed notes, you may not remember the full context of why the to-do was created in the first place. In Clariti, we fully understand that and you will be able to create to-dos that are linked to your emails, chats, and feeds to preserve the context for later reference.

4. Calendars

Similar to the to-do lists, having a calendar to keep users organized and better at time management within their communication app is an essential feature to have. Users can have their private calendars and have access to plan events and meetings with other colleagues within the business and share calendars and events. In companies where users are often working together on various projects, having a calendar with all the right features accessible in the app can support time management and team collaboration. In Clariti when you click on any action item under the calendar, you will always have the “reference” behind why that particular to-do or event was created.

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5. Built-in document folders

A Built-in documents folder is a feature that is often forgotten about but can heavily change a user’s experience with utilizing a web-based communications platform. With Clariti, users have access to an unlimited amount of storage that will preserve the documents forever. This makes it even easier for users to share important documents while working on projects.

In conclusion

Applications need specific features to help make communication quicker and assist with business productivity. The Clariti app has a range of impressive features that make remote work and communication easy to do on one platform. Team collaboration shouldn’t be harder just because fewer businesses are working with each other face to face. The Clariti app helps support organization, direct communication, time management, and team collaboration.

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