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Clariti announces significant updates to increase productivity

“TopicFolders” continue to be the Work Hub for small businesses worldwide

FORT LEE, New Jersey – (August 17, 2021) – CCE Technologies, Inc., a technology startup based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, announced a series of significant updates to its flagship business productivity app, Clariti ( to boost personal and team productivity.

Since securing funding late last year, Clariti has been continually investing resources in enhancing the software with a singular goal of increasing productivity especially in small businesses and startups. It was quick to separate itself from other chat-focused apps like Slack and Teams and present an alternative that doesn’t force users to give up emails and yet not hamper productivity.

With the introduction of TopicFolders earlier this year, Clariti offered an intuitive way for people to organize their work using some of the same ideas they are familiar with typical desktop folders. Most users find it convenient to have all their work-related communications in one simple web app and have increasingly adopted Clariti as the Work Hub in their businesses.

Some of the key product enhancements include the ability for users to switch seamlessly between chats and calls connected to the same topic. Clariti has improved its user experience by allowing calls to be placed from within the chat session. The same user interface also allows for screen-sharing, thereby enhancing the overall collaboration experience. This update is key because it helps the user to preserve the context of the discussion even after switching from a chat to a call for instance. This is currently available for direct one-on-one private chats/calls and will very soon be rolled out for group calls.

Clariti also has made significant improvements to the workflow of its unique OrbitChat feature where Clariti users can chat with their email contacts using just the recipient’s email address. This allows for much faster communication without forcing the recipient to create a Clariti account. The complete history of all your chat with every OrbitChat user is always available for reference and the recipient can create a Clariti account later at any point when they choose to.

“We are singularly focused on making product improvements that make people more efficient at what they do. Given that most people waste a lot of time switching between multiple apps for email, chat, calls…or trying to find information lost in these silos, Clariti, with its unique TopicFolder, serves as the perfect Work Hub for businesses. The recent improvements we announced is poised to boost personal and team productivity in businesses. It is our mission to give users an easy way to keep their work organized without any additional effort or changing the way they work,” said Vinay Wagle, V.P. Sales & Marketing at CCE Technologies, Inc.

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Clariti is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime and trusted security. It uses 256-bit SHA encryption for both data and communications.

Clariti is available as a web app (no downloads needed) with a rich set of functionalities. Some of the key features include:

  • Easy organizing using TopicFolders
  • Full-featured Email client
  • One-on-one & group Chats
  • Direct & Conference Calling with screen-sharing
  • Calendar for To-dos/Events
  • Built-in Document storage
  • Cloud Storage integration
  • Chat directly from an email – no need to forward emails
  • Create to-do from email or chat to preserve context
  • OrbitChat to connect with others who may not be Clariti users

Clariti has received rave reviews from industry analysts and been featured in several leading publications including Futurism, Entrepreneur, Computer World, VentureBeat, PCWorld, BoingBoing and Black Enterprise among others.

Clariti is available for free for all users. Premium features are available for a low monthly fee. For complete pricing information, visit To learn more about Clariti and get started for free, visit

About CCE Technologies:

CCE Technologies, Inc. (CCET) is a technology startup based in Fort Lee, NJ with a development partner in Chennai, India. With its first workplace productivity app, Clariti (, CCET aims to increase productivity, restore order, and add speed to your work.

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