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Finally, a team messaging app that doesn’t kill productivity

Clariti is a Messaging 2.0 solution covering chat, email, calendar for everyone in the workplace, not just the tech-savvy folks

FORT LEE, New Jersey – (April 13, 2021) – CCE Technologies, Inc., a technology startup based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, announced a major upgrade to its messaging app, Clariti (

Today’s businesses need to work fast and with geographically dispersed teams and customers using digital communications well beyond email. Messaging 1.0 apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and clones based on chats & ‘channels’ were adopted by the digital savvy, but not uniformly across the enterprise.

Chat-in-channel style forces rank and file users still dependent on emails to juggle separate apps for communication. This saps productivity immensely. CCE Technologies recognized this gap and designed Clariti to address the needs of every worker, not just the savvy few. Clariti introduces a new genre of Messaging 2.0 apps to transition users from a largely email-only world to one with email, chat, and calls, and much more.

Right from its introduction Clariti supported multiple communication apps including email, chat, calls, documents and to dos, and automatically connected related communications in threads. Clariti took the familiar files-in-folder concept and repurposed it for ALL work.


“Anyone using folders, whether Windows, MacOS or Unix, understand the single purpose for which they were designed – to hold files. But what if the folders did much more than just hold files? Clariti has done just that. We reimagined folders to not just be a container of files but a repository for work you do. We imagined the folders to not contain just files & documents but also emails, chats, calendar events & to-dos, voice calls and much more.,” said Vinay Wagle, V.P. Sales & Marketing at CCE Technologies, Inc.

Clariti design naturally elevates the repository (folders) by making them ‘intelligent’ – by automatically capturing and storing relationships between all work, as it happens, inside the folder.

“The reason you keep all files or documents for a task or project (or whatever it is that you are working on) in an appropriately named folder, is to instantly understand how they are all related. Now imagine extending this relationship to beyond files and documents to emails, chats, calls, to-dos, … – ALL in the same folder. This new folder looks and acts like the plain old file folder on your desktop. And just like a regular folder, imagine giving this folder a name you can recognize like a task name, a project title, or a topic name. We call this the TopicFolder. The emails, files, calendar items, chats inside the TopicFolder are LIVE! Yes, you can reply to emails; share documents; chat with others on the topic. Even as you work, your work just organizes itself. You are never too far from the big picture of the topic at all times. No more searching, no manual hassles,” added Vinay.

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Clariti’s key features include:

  • Email, chat, calls, to-do, documents…all in one app
  • Related conversations on the same topic automatically connected and organized in TopicFolders
  • Chat directly from an email – no need to forward emails
  • Create to-do from email or chat to preserve context
  • Audio calls and screen sharing
  • OrbitChat to allow users to connect with others who may not be Clariti users

Clariti is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime and trusted security. It uses 256-bit SHA encryption for both data and communications.

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Clariti is available for free for all users. Premium features are available for only $6/user/month. To learn more about Clariti and get started for free, visit –

About CCE Technologies:

CCE Technologies, Inc. (CCET) is a technology startup based in Fort Lee, NJ with a development partner in Chennai, India. With its first workplace productivity app, Clariti (, CCET aims to increase productivity, restore order, and add speed to your work.

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