dark truth of business communication

Inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places. So, as I’m sitting up late on a Saturday night binging on the latest Netflix craze “Dark”, I hear the words jumping at me from the TV screen:

Our thinking is shaped by dualism

Entrance, exit. Black, white. Good, evil.

Everything appears as opposite pairs.

But that’s wrong.

Have you heard of the triquetra?

The trinity knot.

Nothing is complete without a third dimension.

There isn’t only up and down. There is a center too.

Sic Mundus Creatus Est.

And it’s at that precise moment, I think to myself about the basic truth of business communication – the dualism that stares us in our faces every single day at work. Chat or Email?

But that’s a false choice. There are businesses presenting this almost impossible choice to consumers – ditch your email-only universe and take the plunge into the chat-only world. But like much else in life, most choices are not black or white, but lie in the grays.

Maybe there is a third dimension? That is the basic truth of business communication! And then it dawns on me, that Clariti IS that third dimension.

Bridging the chat and email worlds

People no longer need to grapple with dualities at work and pick between the past (Email) and the future (Chat) of communication. Email has been ubiquitous for many years now and a cornerstone of business communication. But Chat is the future. Love it or hate it. You can’t ignore it. Chat is quick. Chat is instantaneous. Chat is designed for the generation growing up on a generous dose of instant gratification.

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Clariti is the incarnation of the Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting disparate points in space-time. In the business communication world, that would be Email and Chat.

Clariti is here to bridge your transition from emails to chats. In Clariti, both email and chat can coexist. We do not ask you to give up on your past to take the plunge to the future. There is another place in the universe – straight down the middle. It’s called the present.

Clariti is the present…and the future!

With Clariti, emails and chat coexist in the same universe. You enjoy the benefits of both worlds. You can continue emailing when you think you need that asynchronous communication to provide that extra level of stop-think-reply. But then, you can also chat and make decisions faster when instantaneous chat seems most prudent and the fastest way to resolve things.

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Just as Jonas moves through space-time and the dark caves in “Dark”, you can do the same with Clariti. Clariti binds both worlds by allowing you to chat from emails or email from chats…seamlessly. Yes, Clariti is the true Einstein-Rosen bridge of modern communication bridging the way you communicate within your team and outside your company. Clariti IS the present…and the future!

So, next time when you are on a break from binging on Netflix or whatever it is you typically do on a Saturday night, take a moment to check Clariti out. No strings attached. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you won’t. At least you’ll come out of this experience richer knowing there’s a whole new world out there where businesses still create products without offering consumers like yourself false choices. We didn’t create technology to have you change the way you work. We created technology to fit the way you work.

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And always remember the dark truth of business communication…

Nothing is complete without a third dimension.

There isn’t only up and down. There is a center too.

Sic Mundus Creatus Est.


Frequently Asked Questions

The basic truths of communication are that it is irreversible, unrepeatable, and emotional. Once something has been communicated, it cannot be taken back. The old adage “think before you speak” is good advice because once words are spoken, they cannot be unsaid. The second truth is that communication is unrepeatable. Even if two people say the exact same thing at the exact same time, it will never be exactly the same as it was the first time. Each time communication happens, it is a new and unique event. The third truth is that communication is emotional. It is not possible to communicate without evoking some emotional response in the listener. Even so-called “objective” news stories contain elements of emotion. In conclusion, these three truths – irreversibility, unrepeatability, and emotionality – are the foundation of communication.

Good business communication is clear, concise, courteous, accurate, and complete. It should be free of jargon and thoroughly proofread before it is sent. Good business communication is also timely, meaning that it is sent in a timely manner and responds to the needs of the recipient. Finally, good business communication is appropriate, meaning that it is sent to the right person and is relevant to their needs. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your business communications are effective and professional.

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