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According to Statista, in 2019 a typical office worker received about 120 emails and sent 40 emails a day. Employees spend 16% of their average workweek on emails. Email forwarding is a common means to share information with coworkers.

While email is simple to use it is extremely inefficient when used to share information that needs additional explanation. For example, have you forwarded an email to a colleague from an irate customer with a single line like “When will I receive this xxx that I ordered two weeks ago?” Obviously, your colleague can hardly do anything with skimpy piece of text. You probably added a couple of comments on top of the forwarded email, or if it required a lengthy explanation called your colleague on the phone.

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Now imagine your colleague researched the problem and had more questions for you before replying to the customer. This would have required another round of back-and-forth email and chat. While this may be done quicker on the phone, with employees spread around the globe, not everyone is on the same time zone as everyone else in the same team.

With the advent of chat software, employees can chat with their colleagues to explain the problem after forwarding the email. But this too gets complicated quickly as the email and chat are two different apps and employees cannot easily reference the email in the chat.


So, are you still forwarding emails and doing the email chat tango with your colleagues? There is a better way.

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What if you could chat with your colleague from the email itself? An easier way to do email instant messaging. Here is how it could go.

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See how simple this is! No need to do the Email Chat tango any more.

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See how many hours you could save every day, and the reduced stress from being able to work with your colleagues seamlessly.

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