Solving the Conversation Puzzle how Clariti Integrates Email and Chat

Welcome to a journey where communication takes on a whole new dimension. In a world bursting with messages and exchanges, finding the right method to bring harmony and coherence to your conversations can be a challenge. Enter Clariti, a seamless integration of email and chat, reshaping the way we interact digitally.

Picture a unified platform where threads converge, merging the best of email’s structured formality with the spontaneous flow of chat. It’s more than a mere blend; it’s a solution to the communication puzzle. In this blog, we unravel the genius of Clariti, how it effortlessly intertwines traditional and modern modes of conversation, facilitating efficient communication that’s more than just messages – it’s a transformation.

Let’s delve into how Clariti orchestrates a symphony of communication, enriching the way we connect and collaborate.

15 ways Clariti solves the Conversation Puzzle by Integrating Email and Chat.

1. Unified Interface:

Clariti offers a unified platform, combining email and chat seamlessly. Imagine having one application that gives you access to your emails and allows you to engage in real-time conversations without toggling between multiple apps. Studies show that employees switch between applications or screens about 1,100 times a day, hampering efficiency.

Imagine a marketing team coordinating a product launch. In conventional email, details about the launch strategy, marketing collateral, and target audience might get scattered across multiple emails. With Clariti, all these aspects can be grouped into a single, organized topic, simplifying collaboration and knowledge sharing.

According to a study by McKinsey, employees spend an average of 28% of their workweek managing emails. By providing a centralized topic-based approach, Clariti significantly reduces this time, potentially improving overall productivity by a substantial margin.

2. Topic-Centric Organization

In the realm of modern communication, organizing discussions around specific topics is crucial for efficiency and comprehension. Clariti excels in this aspect by enabling a topic-centric approach, where conversations are neatly arranged and centered around particular subjects. Imagine a marketing team discussing a new campaign.

Within Clariti, this conversation would be organized under a specific topic, like “Summer Campaign 2023.” All discussions, files shared, and decisions made for this campaign would be gathered within this topic. Team members can easily track the progress of this campaign by navigating to the relevant topic.

Studies suggest that organizing discussions by topics can improve productivity. According to a survey by McKinsey, teams that effectively organize their work tend to be 30% more productive. Clariti’s topic-centric organization aligns with this principle, helping teams achieve higher efficiency and clarity in their communication.

3. Email and Chat Merge:

Clariti’s standout feature is the seamless integration of email and chat within a unified platform. It allows users to transition effortlessly between these two communication modes without having to switch between separate applications or platforms.

Imagine you’re collaborating on a project with a team. You receive an email notification about an upcoming meeting. You can discuss the meeting details in chat without leaving the email thread. This real-time discussion is seamlessly integrated into the same conversation thread, providing a holistic view of the communication.

Studies show that integrating communication channels enhances productivity. A report by Frost & Sullivan indicates that businesses that integrate their communication tools can expect to achieve a 20-25% increase in productivity. Clariti’s merging of email and chat aligns with this trend, offering users a more efficient and streamlined communication experience.

4. Effortless Collaboration:

Clariti facilitates effortless collaboration by allowing users to treat emails as if they were chats and vice versa. This means that collaboration on both formal and informal communication becomes seamless and immediate.

Suppose you receive an email regarding an urgent project update. With Clariti, you can reply to that email in a chat-like manner, instantly engaging in a back-and-forth conversation with your colleague. This immediate interaction mirrors the speed and ease of chat communication.

Studies underline the benefits of real-time collaboration. A McKinsey Global Institute report found that improved collaboration through communication technologies can increase productivity by up to 25%. Clariti’s approach, by bridging the gap between email and chat for swift collaboration, aligns with this statistic, enhancing productivity through efficient communication.

5. Powerful Search:

Clariti equips users with a robust search functionality that spans both email and chat, allowing for a comprehensive and efficient retrieval of information.

Imagine you’re working on a project and need to recall specific details shared via email and chat. With Clariti, you can use a unified search feature to input keywords or phrases related to that project. The system will swiftly retrieve relevant conversations, whether they occurred via email or chat, helping you swiftly gather the needed information.

According to a study by McKinsey, employees spend nearly 20% of their workweek searching for and gathering internal information. Efficient search tools like Clariti’s unified search can significantly reduce this time, contributing to a considerable increase in overall productivity by ensuring quick access to needed information.

6. File Sharing Integration:

Clariti seamlessly integrates file sharing within conversations, promoting enhanced collaboration and efficient workflow. Team members can share files of various formats directly within the conversation, eliminating the need for separate file-sharing platforms.

In a project discussion, team members can easily share project documents, spreadsheets, or presentations within the conversation. This immediate sharing streamlines collaboration allows for real-time feedback and keeps all relevant information in one accessible place.

According to a survey by McKinsey, effective integration of file-sharing tools within communication platforms can improve productivity by up to 25%. Clariti’s file sharing integration significantly contributes to streamlined workflows and improved team productivity by minimizing the time spent navigating between different applications.

7. Global Connectivity

Clariti provides a platform for collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries and time zones, enabling teams to work together seamlessly regardless of their location.

Imagine a marketing team working on a global campaign. Members are spread across different continents. Clariti’s global accessibility allows them to have real-time discussions, share updates, and collaborate effectively, despite the time differences.

According to a report by Owl Labs, 16% of global companies are fully remote, with team members distributed across various time zones. Clariti’s global connectivity feature caters to this modern work scenario, contributing to better team coordination and improved project outcomes.

8. Contextual Awareness:

Contextual awareness in Clariti refers to the platform’s ability to understand and display conversations and information within the appropriate context, making communication more coherent and efficient. Imagine you’re discussing a project in a Clariti conversation. In traditional email, you’d have to sift through various threads and topics to get all the relevant information. In Clariti, the chat-style interface, combined with topic organization, allows you to instantly view all discussions, files, and tasks related to that project in one cohesive space.

Research by Deloitte revealed that employees spend around 25% of their working day simply searching for information to do their job effectively. Contextual awareness, as demonstrated by Clariti, significantly reduces this time wastage, ultimately boosting productivity. Additionally, a study by McKinsey found that integrating contextual collaboration tools improves productivity by up to 30%. Clariti’s design to provide contextual awareness directly aligns with these findings.

9. Reduced Email Overload:

Clariti helps declutter your email inbox by segregating informal discussions into chats, reducing the load on your email platform and enhancing communication efficiency.

Consider a situation where a project team communicates extensively via email, including trivial queries and informal updates. With Clariti, these informal exchanges can be shifted to the chat platform, leaving the email space for more formal, structured communication. This significantly reduces the volume of emails, making it easier to manage and focus on crucial correspondence.

Research by the Radicati Group shows that the number of emails sent and received per day globally is anticipated to reach 376 billion by 2025. Implementing solutions like Clariti to manage informal communications can considerably lessen this email overload, optimizing productivity by keeping email channels clear for essential and structured discussions.

10. Holistic Communication History

Clariti offers a unified platform where users can access their entire communication history, including both emails and chats, in one place. This provides a comprehensive overview and easy access to past conversations.

Consider a project manager needing to review communication regarding a past project. In Clariti, they can access the entire history of emails and chats related to that project without switching between different applications. This ensures a holistic understanding of the project’s progress and decisions made during its execution.

A survey by McKinsey found that employees spend about 1.8 hours per day—9.3 hours per week—searching and gathering information. By centralizing communication history in a tool like Clariti, these retrieval times can be significantly reduced, leading to notable gains in productivity.

11. Efficient Task Collaboration:

Clariti facilitates efficient collaboration on tasks by allowing task assignment and tracking within the conversation. For instance, during a project discussion, a task related to redesigning the project logo can be assigned directly within the conversation thread. All subsequent updates and discussions about the task are linked to this task, ensuring seamless collaboration and task progress tracking.

12. Notification Management and Focus:

Clariti provides intelligent notification features that help users stay updated without being overwhelmed. Notifications are tailored to ensure users are informed of crucial updates and messages without unnecessary interruptions.

Studies have shown that excessive notifications and interruptions can reduce productivity by up to 40%. With Clariti’s smart notifications, unnecessary interruptions are minimized, contributing to a more focused and productive work environment.

13. Privacy and Data Security Features:

Clariti prioritizes privacy and data security. For example, in a legal team discussing a sensitive case, the conversations and documents related to this case are securely stored and accessed only by authorized team members. The robust data encryption and access control features in Clariti ensure that sensitive information remains confidential and protected.

Clariti empowers users to manage their privacy preferences and control who can access their conversations, ensuring a heightened level of privacy and data control.

In a business setting, sensitive discussions related to financials or HR matters require a higher level of privacy. With Clariti, users can set privacy controls, allowing only specific authorized individuals to access and participate in these discussions, reinforcing confidentiality.

A survey by Deloitte found that 91% of respondents believe privacy is important, and 71% are willing to share personal data if they can control and customize what is shared. Withing Clariti Conversations, each participant can decide with whom they want to communicate i.e participants can be added or removed at any stage, making it a valuable feature for businesses and individuals alike.

14. Easy User Adoption:

Clariti is designed with an intuitive interface, promoting easy user adoption and quick integration into daily workflows. Consider a scenario where a team adopts Clariti for project discussions. Even team members less familiar with such tools quickly adapt due to their intuitive design. They can start conversations, share files, and utilize features without extensive training, saving time and ensuring a smooth transition.

Studies have shown that software with intuitive design can increase user productivity by up to 50%. Additionally, a survey by Nielsen Norman Group highlighted that 86% of users judged a website’s credibility based on its design. Clariti’s focus on an intuitive interface aligns with these findings, enhancing user satisfaction and productivity.

15. Calendar and feeds:

The calendar and feeds features in Clariti play an integral role in unraveling the conversation puzzle by infusing structure and coherence into communication. The calendar integration empowers users to link discussions directly to specific events, meetings, or deadlines, essentially organizing conversations in a coherent and contextual manner. This association with events ensures that related discussions are easily accessible and can be tracked chronologically, providing a clear understanding of how a conversation evolved in the context of the associated event.

Moreover, it facilitates efficient planning, enabling users to seamlessly schedule tasks, meetings, or events within Clariti and access all related communications through the event in the calendar. Consequently, the calendar and feeds features not only reduce search time but also provide a seamless and structured approach to communication, effectively piecing together the conversation puzzle.

Case Study: Transforming Collaboration with Clariti - A Tech Firm's Experience


In the fast-paced tech industry, communication is key. Our client, a burgeoning software development firm, was grappling with communication challenges. Email threads were growing unmanageable, and relevant project discussions were often scattered across various platforms, causing confusion and hindering productivity.

The Challenge:

  • Disjointed Communication Channels: The team struggled with multiple communication channels – emails, chat apps, project management tools. They needed a solution that could centralize and streamline all communication.
  • Information Overload and Context Loss: Critical project discussions were getting lost in overflowing email inboxes or fragmented chat threads. They needed a tool that could organize discussions cohesively.
  • Task Collaboration and Tracking: Task assignment and tracking were inefficient and disconnected from communication. They required a tool that could integrate task management seamlessly.

The Clariti Solution:

  • Integration of Email and Chat: Clariti unified communication by integrating email and chat into one platform. Team members could now seamlessly switch between emails and chat while having all project-related conversations in a centralized space.
  • Topic-Based Conversations: Clariti organized discussions into topics, mirroring the project structure. All related emails, chat messages, files, and tasks were bundled within these topics, offering a cohesive view of the project’s progress.
  • Task Assignment and Tracking: Clariti allowed task assignment and tracking within the conversation. Tasks were linked directly to the relevant project discussion, making task collaboration more effective and contextually aligned.


  • Streamlined Communication: The integration of email and chat into one platform significantly streamlined communication. Team members didn’t waste time switching between platforms, boosting overall productivity.
  • Centralized Information Repository: Clariti became the central hub for all project-related communication, ensuring that critical information was never lost. Team members could quickly access all discussions and documents related to a project.
  • Improved Task Management: Task collaboration became seamless with Clariti. Assigning, updating, and tracking tasks within the context of the project discussion improved efficiency and accountability.

Comprehensive view

Clariti successfully solved the conversation puzzle for this tech firm by integrating email and chat, providing a centralized and organized platform for communication. This streamlined collaboration, enhanced productivity, and provided a comprehensive view of project discussions, ultimately benefiting the company’s projects and workflows.


Clariti’s seamless integration of email and chat emerges as a solution for modern communication hurdles. By merging these vital communication channels into one cohesive platform, Clariti simplifies discussions and promotes an organized workflow. It creates a centralized space where discussions are topic-based, enhancing clarity and efficiency. Clariti significantly enhances productivity through streamlined communication and collaboration, faster decision-making, reduced delays, and ultimately boosts productivity.

A study by McKinsey & Company found that improved communication and collaboration through effective tools can increase productivity by 20-30%. Additionally, a report by Smartsheet revealed that 40% of employees believe they waste an hour a day navigating between various communication tools. Clariti’s approach to consolidating communication directly addresses these challenges, resulting in notable productivity improvements.

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