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Most of the organizations use multiple apps for their day-to-day operations. The number of software apps deployed by large firms across all industries worldwide has increased 68% over the past four years, reaching an average of 129 apps per company, according to an analysis by Okta Inc. This growing trend leads to information silos and increases the time involved in searching for information. McKinsey reported that employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. This is a serious problem that affects your productivity and work-life balance.

Clariti allows you to keep track of all information in one place. Clariti supports chat, email, cloud documents, calls, tweets and to dos in one app. It aims to make your life simple by automatically arranging all your communications in Workspace, creating a context for every conversation that you have. Once the Workspaces are formed, then it becomes easy to organize your work as there would be no more searching or mental strain in remembering all your conversations. It boosts your productivity by eliminating the need for swapping multiple apps and preventing information silos

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Reduce noise from unrelenting chat alerts

Business tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are chat focused. A common grouse against these tools is you can get stuck in long and never-ending group chats that demand your attention 24/7. It puts pressure on you to be online & available all the time. These group chats called channels are rigid because once a channel is created and group members added, all the group members see all that channels chats whether it pertains to them or not. As a result, users are overwhelmed reading a constant stream of messages peripherally related to their day-to-day work. This can get even more stressful as chat messages in channels can mix up many related topics making it hard to understand the context of the discussion.

When you use Clariti, you can start a group chat with multiple Clariti users on a specific topic. However, unlike channels Clariti group chats are not rigid. Group members can be added and removed on the fly. Consequently, group members only get chat alerts on issues that are important to them. This helps you avoid unwanted messages from multiple groups. So, you are not overloaded with too much of pings and notifications.

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Stop switching apps

Companies often deploy too many apps, each for a specialized purpose. A Pegasystems Inc study found that an employee on average switches between 35 job-critical applications more than 1,100 times every day. Nearly 31% of respondents said toggling between apps affected their focus and productivity. For example, there are apps for chatting, emailing, online document storage, and tracking to-dos among others. However, using multiple apps requires constant switching between them as information is processed. Besides, each app which is disconnected from others creates its own island of information. This makes it hard to find information quickly when needed without having to do multiple searches. Disconnected information also makes it hard to easily see the big picture.

Clariti is one of the best unified communication software that brings all your emails, chats, calls, shared files, social feeds, and tasks in a single app and links related conversations in Workspace. Organizations implementing a unified communication software solution like Clariti enjoy the benefits of having all their systems work together, smoothly and securely to enable effective collaboration. Clariti lets you take full advantage of all the benefits that unified communication software offer. Using Clariti, if you realize there is an issue that requires quicker response, you can switch to chat or voice call with just a click of a button; you don’t’ must switch devices, applications or jump to any other rooms or channels.

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Stop searching for information

Many organizations use multiple apps for their team communications. This creates communication silos, and a significant amount of team members time is spent searching for information rather than doing productive work. Given the level of information being generated daily, this is highly inefficient. A survey points out that almost 20% of the business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job.

A modern intelligent tool like Clariti uses the concept of “Workspace” to store all the related information in one place based on some context. This information can be easily retrieved and acted upon when needed. With Workspace, organizing and finding data becomes much easier and less complicated. By simplifying the ability to store and retrieve any information when needed, Workspace increases your productivity by putting an end to the search problem.

See context naturally

A study points out that on average, each Slack user sends more than 200 messages per week and there are power users who send 1,000 messages per day. Also, since team members mostly use broad channels and not specific topics, context gets lost, and information gets buried. With a deluge of messages and notifications, you will end up losing important information that can have serious implications on your work.

With Clariti, not only can teams chat but they can also work with all communication forms naturally unlike Slack. Clariti supports email, chat, and shared documents among others to exchange information. Not only does Clariti bring all the information in one place, but it also connects all the related information in Workspace. Since Workspace maintains context in all your conversations, there is no need to search for information and you can always see the big picture.

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Organize information effortlessly

Improper organization of data is the one of main reasons for productivity loss. According to a study, 91% of the respondents to the survey have said that their job would be much easier if they didn’t have to worry about where the information resides. Improper or incorrect labeling of documents affects productivity by 42%. Another 41% stated the information they were looking for was stored in the incorrect folder or system. Another 29% admitted the information was misplaced or lost.

So, if all the information is stored in one place and if everyone knows where it is, then the poor information problem can be solved. That is why Clariti uses a concept called Workspace, where all the related information including email, chat, cloud documents, and social feeds is stored automatically linked by context. With Clariti, there are no information silos, and there is no need to search.

By simplifying the ability to store and retrieve any information when needed, Clariti’s Workspace enhances employee recall, reduce stress and speed up the decision-making process. Clariti’s Workspace act as a centralized repository to efficiently store and manage unstructured content such as cloud documents, email, chat, and social feeds. Clariti’s Workspace delivers relevant content to users where and when they need it without any effort.

In 2020, 75% of the workforce will be millennials who have low tolerance for inefficient systems that make their information search process tedious. To retain this young and vibrant workforce, organizations must adopt latest technology solutions like Clariti. Let’s stop wasting time searching for information and get more productive using Clariti!


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