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Stress through information silos

Geography is no longer a constraint for people to work together. Email, Video Conferencing, Cloud Documents, and Chat have made it very easy to share information and have conversations in real-time as if you are working next to each other. While direct one-to-one chat has been around for a while, in the last few years group chat-based tools like Slack have become very popular for teams to work together. But all these tools have complicated work as they create information silos that are hard to bridge except through your memory. You are constantly searching for information, trying to remember or guess what was said or shared, replying to messages without having all the information you need at your fingertips. This leads to persistent stress, a considerable loss of productivity and possible mistakes.

Genesis of Clariti — Chat as glue to bridge silos

Instead of using chat only as a tool for quick back-and-forth short conversations between people, what if it was used as a glue to bridge all the work silos? This is the epiphany we had at CCE and this is the genesis of our paradigm-shifting work productivity app Clariti.

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It all starts with Threads

In Clariti you can work with your emails, cloud documents, individual direct chats, and group chats as well as set To-Do reminders using a Calendar. But instead of working in silos of information, in Clariti all these work tools are connected in Threads. Each Thread is based on information that is meaningful to you and all the related work items get connected such that they collectively give you all the information you need to work on that topic. A topic-based thread can contain any and all the work items cited above including email, chat, documents, etc. that are related to that topic.

Chat 2.0 — Chats in Threads to drive processes

Once you establish a topic-based Thread in Clariti, you can use Chats in the thread to move the work forward. You can directly chat with other colleagues or add or remove other individuals as needed to a conference chat. These topics-based threads allow you to share the relevant information necessary for the discussion with the other people you are working with without having to forward emails, cut-and-paste documents or contents of other chats. Now Chats inside Threads act as a glue to connect all the silos of information and drive the process instead of serving a limited role of short conversations to exchange information and frequently time-wasting banter. We call this Chat 2.0.

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Benefits of Chat 2.0

Speed is certainly an obvious benefit of Chat relative to email or even video conferencing, which needs to be scheduled ahead of time. With Chat in Threads in Clariti you can create dynamic, as-needed processes to drive your work while maintaining accountability and audit trail without any extra work on your part. Most importantly, there is a significant gain in productivity through always working with all the relevant information on the topic available on-demand in Threads. Now there is no need to search, guess or stress yourself to find all you need to know to be effective at work!

Sign Up for Clariti Now!

Here is the best part of this story, Clariti is Free! Yes, you can sign up now and immediately reap the benefits of Chat 2.0. Clariti is web-based, so there is nothing to download or install. We have a simple on-boarding process that explains how the product works in three simple steps. You can configure your email, add contacts and cloud storage and start building Threads to increase your productivity, reduce stress and get that promotion you deserve!

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