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In most organizations, communication is scattered across different systems. These communication silos pose challenges when it comes to gathering information about a particular topic. While some AI tools for business support email, chat, and video conferencing, the information is still disconnected due to the absence of a topic-based threading mechanism. As you read through, you will understand what Workspaces are, and how Clariti has implemented them to help you to save time and become more organized.

Evolution of threads

Most people are familiar with email threads. This is a chain of emails on the same topic going back and forth between multiple recipients. Many times, while a topic may begin with an email it may also spawn chats, documents and to-dos that are all related. Email systems do not link all these linked conversations and artifacts.

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Clariti’s Workspace automatically connect all related emails, chats, documents, and social feeds on the same topic in an easy-to-use AI powered threads form. Since Clariti supports all commonly used communication forms, multiple document formats and cloud storage systems, there is no need to use multiple apps.

When you google for a good restaurant to take your client for a lunch, Google gives the name of the restaurant, address, google map, phone number, website, star rating, user reviews etc., all the necessary information in one place. Clariti does the same for all your communications through Workspace.

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How Clariti Workspace works

Imagine how your work process looks like without Clariti. Let us say you receive a request for a proposal via email from one of your clients. You likely use multiple applications like email, chat, and shared documents on cloud storage systems to collaborate with various stakeholders. You may also likely set up to-do reminders to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. To make sure all the communications and documents are easily available when needed, you likely create a document folder and store PDF copies of all electronic communications and other artifacts related to that topic in that folder.

This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process with many possibilities of forgetting to save all the pertinent information in the reference folder. Now, imagine the same work process in Clariti where multiple applications and different modes of communications are replaced with a single app. In the same given scenario, as soon as you receive a request for proposal email from your client, you can immediately share the email with various internal stakeholders through Clariti, there is no need to forward the email, or cut-and-paste its contents on a chat system.

You can also chat with your colleagues from the email so they can simultaneously see the contents of the email that is related to the chat. You can share documents, exchange emails and set yourself reminder to-dos from Clariti. As you continue to work on the project, Clariti automatically links all the related work in a Workspace. You can name the Workspace to something pertinent to the work at hand.

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Each topic will refer to some context that you can recall later. For each context, Clariti will have a Thread of related information together. This way, you will never miss any conversation or action item, and all this without the extra overhead of saving PDFs and organizing them in folders.

What is AI-powered Workspace?

When you receive an email, Clariti being one of the best AI tools for business scans the subject name, participants, attachments, and other content to see if it can find any similar communications from the past. If it does, it links the incoming message to the existing communications that it found so you can automatically continue to work from the saved Workspace. This preserves context and eliminates the need to search for information as everything is automatically organized.

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Advantages of Clariti Workspace

  • Logically relate information no matter the app it came from.
  • Discover knowledge normally hidden in information silos of multiple apps.
  • Always see the big picture making it easy to switch topics without stress.
  • Free up your inbox and keep it clutter-free. You can expect up to 80% reduction in the emails that you receive.
  • Searching and referencing becomes a breeze. You do not have to surf through a long chain of disconnected messages or documents to locate information.
  • Clariti Workspace are not constrained by the mode of communication, participants, messages, etc. Workspaces are equipped to handle both synchronous and asynchronous communication effectively.


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