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As Coronavirus continues to spread like wildfire, companies around the world have taken to remote working. Several companies, including Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom, and Clariti among others are offering their premium products for free or with significant discounts to enhance the standard of work from home strategies for companies.

While companies that have already embraced remote collaboration platforms will find it easier to manage through this crisis, others will have to adapt and embrace such technologies going forward. In this context, we at Clariti, believe that modern work must be possible from anywhere – with or without a pandemic.

We are proud to present 7 powerful Clariti features that will help you utilize your time effectively and be productive.

1. Workspace:

Clariti is one of the most cost-effective business communication platforms for businesses to organize all their communications in one place. Clariti supports all communication forms including chats, emails, cloud-based documents, voice calls and social feeds. Clariti uses Workspace to automatically connect all your related conversations no matter which medium was used. For example, you can combine chats, emails, calls, documents, and even to-do alerts in Workspace. Workspace eliminates the need to search for information, which is otherwise stored in separate silos.

Once you start a Workspace, all your related interactions including chats, shared files, social feeds, and emails regarding that topic will be connected and stored in that Workspace. Later, when you want to refer to a conversation that you have had on a particular topic, you don’t have to search for the information in different places like your email inbox, chat app, or your social feeds separately. All you have to do is look inside the relevant Workspace for all your communication history. So, Workspaces are an inbuilt mechanism to organize all your communication as it happens, without any effort on your part.

2. Chat from email:

When an email is received it is common to discuss its contents with coworkers before replying. This creates an email avalanche with the original information getting diluted or lost. In Clariti, we don’t discourage people from using emails, but we have made it unnecessary when communicating with other Clariti users. When you receive an email in Clariti, you can start chatting from the same email with other Clariti participants. All the subsequent conversations, including the original email will be stored in a Workspace that you can name. This functionality helps you maintain the context of the original email that spawned the subsequent discussion forever.

3. Flexible group conversations:

In Clariti, you can add or remove participants from group chats on the go. This provides freedom for each and every participant on what he wants to share and with whom he wants to share. This not only makes the conversations more fluid; it provides privacy as needed.

4. Topical to-dos:

When conversations happen and action items are created, you should be able to make a note of it to act upon later. Unfortunately, without detailed notes you may not remember the full context of why the to-do was created in the first place. In Clariti, we fully understand that and you will be able to create to-dos that are linked to your emails, chats and feeds to preserve context for later reference.

5. Integrated feeds:

social media is increasingly becoming an important tool in digital marketing and for getting instant feedback from customers. Unfortunately, social media feeds are independent of your other communications creating silos. In Clariti, you will be able to download your social media feeds and instantly share, begin a chat or create a reminder regarding any feed. This seamlessly integrates social media in your work.

6. Cloud integrations:

Clariti being a SaaS product provides integrations with all the major cloud storage drives including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and pCloud. So, when you are working from home you don’t have to worry about carrying all your data from work. Once you integrate your drives with Clariti, you will have instant access to all your files anywhere, anytime.

7. All-in-one file viewer:

This is one of the most powerful features of Clariti. You will be able to view any attachments (.jpeg, .png, .bmp, .txt and .pdf) in the browser itself including some of the engineering files. Clariti users don’t need a license to any of the CAD systems to view multi-CAD data. This makes collaboration between modern engineers a breeze.

Are you contemplating how to improve work-from-home productivity?

Clariti has many other powerful features that you can access by simply signing up for free.

Even after the current crisis dissipates, working from home is likely to become the norm. You can leverage Clariti to provide you with all the tools you need to be productive, no matter your work location.


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