The way we communicate at work has changed as more and more people work remotely and teams are geographically spread. What started out as simple emails has now grown to instant messages, social media, cloud document sharing, and voice-over-IP communications. What makes this worse is that each communication medium is a silo and the recipient has to connect all the information in her head to make sense of it all. This is extremely stressful. Clariti brings all these communication forms to one place and connects them, so it is very easy to maintain context.

Let’s see how Clariti is unique from other products available in the market today.

1. Clariti. The best Slack alternative

A common grouse against Slack is you can get stuck in long and never-ending group chats that demand your attention 24/7. It puts pressure on you to be online & available all the time. Also, since team members mostly use channels and not specific topics, context gets lost and information gets buried. In order to avoid the stress that group chat creates, many team members resort to direct chat, which creates information silos and knowledge opacity. Besides, Slack only focuses on chats but information is shared many other ways such as emails, online documents and social media among others. There is no way to bring active conversations in all these other forms in Slack.

Clariti on the other hand supports all communication forms and uses topic threads to organize related communication in one place. With topic threads you can always see the big picture and are never lost. Unlike Slack, topic threads remove the need to search as all information is neatly structured and available for your reference any time you want.

2. Beyond Chat and email with Clariti

Clariti is an all-in-one app that goes beyond just chat and email. In Clariti, a related chat and email can be used together. For instance, once you receive an email from somebody, you can immediately start chatting from the email without having to forward it. This provides the recipient context as they can read the email which the chat references. Clariti also allows you to email from the chat, create to-do or share with other participants instantly. Besides chat and email, Clariti supports many other features including calendar, to-do, cloud storage integrations, built-in document folder, multi-format document viewers and world-class safety and security offered by AWS.

3. Use Clariti TopicFolders. Stay in context.

Clariti’s TopicFolder keeps your team’s conversations (emails, chats, documents shared etc) organized by specific topics from start to finish. TopicFolder can help you to have multiple parallel conversations with diverse participants on the same topic without losing context and information. In TopicFolder , all participants can respond both in real-time as well as offline as per their convenience. Also, since Clariti allows you to add or remove participants in TopicFolders on the go, each team member will get to read only those conversations that are relevant to them. You need not bother your teammates with long, unnecessary and tiresome conversations that are not related to their work.

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4. Leverage artificial intelligence with Clariti

Clariti goes one step further and takes threads to the next level. When you receive an email, Clariti’s AI-powered intelligence scans the subject name, participants, attachments, and other content to see if it can find any similar communications from the past. If it does, it links the incoming message to the existing communications that it found, so you can automatically continue to work from the saved topic thread. This preserves context and eliminates the need to search for information as everything is automatically organized.

5. Global business collaboration

Clariti is a cloud-based Saas tool. Users can access it from anywhere, anytime. Geography is no longer a limitation to build an effective team. Using a single unified digital work system like Clariti, you can collaborate with your team from anywhere and still consistently meet deadlines. Having access to all information at one place increases productivity, and allows for more accountability.

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6. Replace emails with Clariti

Slack started as an email killer. While it succeeded in reducing the number of emails, Slack users found themselves bombarded with notifications and stuck in lengthy group chats. Clariti on other hand, effectively reduces emails through powerful features like instant share and chat from email. Using instant share, you can instantly share email, images, social feed and other work artifacts without forwarding them. This removes unnecessary duplication and email chain. Chat from email feature lets you collaborate with multiple stakeholders without the need to forward email or copy/paste its contents in chats. Within the first two months of using Clariti, you will have 60% fewer emails in your inbox.

7. Use Clariti. Stop forwarding emails.

While email is simple to use it is extremely inefficient when used to share information that needs additional explanation. For example, when you receive an email from one of your irate customers seeking some clarification, you probably added a couple of comments on top of the forwarded email, or if it required a lengthy explanation called your colleague on the phone. This would have required another round of back-and-forth emails. With the advent of chat software, employees can chat with their colleagues to explain the problem after forwarding the email. But this too gets complicated quickly as the chat and emails are two different apps and employees cannot easily reference the email in the chat. Using Clariti, you can chat with your colleague from the email itself and get your work done without losing context.

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8. Clariti promotes team messaging

Using multiple apps for team messaging creates information silos. Clariti helps team messaging through features like TopicFolder, chat from email, group chats, direct chat, voice & video calling, support for cloud drives, and multi-format viewer among others. Clariti helps teams to communicate better and stay on the same page so they can meet their project deadlines and delivery commitments.

9. Clariti boosts business productivity

Using Clariti you can increase productivity by 50%. Many businesses still store their digital information in disparate unintegrated systems. Given the level of information being generated on a daily basis, this is highly inefficient. A modern intelligent tool like Clariti uses the concept of “TopicFolders” to store all the related information in one place based on some context. This information can be easily retrieved and acted upon when needed. With TopicFolders, organizing and finding data becomes much easier and less complicated. By simplifying the ability to store and retrieve any information when needed, TopicFolders speed up the decision-making process and your business productivity.

10. Clariti for Small business

Slack is one of the most expensive SaaS software to own. Pricing plans start from $8 per user per month. For large teams this can add up to real dollars, real fast. In addition, you will have to pay for all the integrations. Say for example, if you are using Zoom for video calling, you have to add the Zoom subscription fee to your monthly cost. If everybody in the team is not tech savvy, you will need dedicated resources to help you with all the integrations. Your employees will also have to go through training to make use of all the features. Small businesses that cannot afford these costs will find it overwhelming. Clariti on the other hand is free and easy to use without any training. You have to pay only for certain advanced features.

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Besides all these features, Clariti will help you prioritize and focus on important tasks without any distractions, so that you can achieve more professionally and personally. If you are looking for a solution to improve collaboration and communication with your team then try Clariti. It is free!


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