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Email goes beyond Gmail and your ISP’s email. While the interfaces offered are sleek, easy to use and function well, some people want the best email client that they can rely on across multiple email providers and operating systems.

Free email software for your desktop opens up a world of possibilities that allow you to use a unique set of features that you won’t find in many online clients. Here is the list of best email clients of 2022.

The top free email software you should know about include:

If you have been wondering what the best online email client is out there?… Clariti is one of the best free email clients for windows 10. Clariti is one of the best free email apps where you can consolidate multiple email accounts in one place. Having all inboxes in one place is a great way to combat email overload and save the hassle of having to check multiple inboxes several times a day just to make sure, you don’t miss an email. Moreover, you don’t have to remember many passwords to check emails.

But more than just an email, Clariti is also a unified business collaboration and communication tool that supports other communication forms such as chats, shared documents, voice calls and to dos. In Clariti conversations, emails to dos and documents can be organized in folders called Workspaces. Workspace eliminates time wasted in searching for information and make it very easy to see the big picture with one click. Why settle for an email-only app, when you can do so much more with Clariti. Clariti is free and you can sign up with your email id.

Thunderbird is designed to make email easier, and it does an impeccable job in this department. When you fire up the client, you’ll go through a setup wizard that will help you setup your mail in just a few minutes.

Built into Thunderbird is:

  • One-click address book
  • Attachment reminder
  • Tabbed email
  • Filters and search
  • Auto responder
  • So much more

While Thunderbird may no longer be in development, maintenance updates are still developed to keep it running smoothly. Thunderbird is available for a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Mac and Windows.

It’s a free email software that is 100% worth using.

Mailbird is one of the best email clients for Windows and Mac. The client allows for multiple account management with a sleek interface that tries its best to optimize cluttered mailboxes.

The one main concern with Mailbird is that it’s different than virtually every other mail client.

If you’re going from one mail client to another, there’s a lot that won’t feel similar, which can make migration tedious. The interface is minimal and sleek, offering:

  • IMAP and POP syncing
  • Fast indexing and search
  • Support for 3 accounts on the free tier
  • Integration to Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote and more

If you want a clean, minimalistic email client with a ton of great features, Mailbird is a great option.

eM Client is an email software on steroids, but there are far more advanced features available on the pro tier than the free tier. The free tier does have a lot of fun, exciting features that you can use to enhance your workflow and boost productivity:

  • Full email client
  • Built-in calendar
  • Task management system

You’ll only be able to connect two of your mailboxes to the platform, so if you need more, one of the other clients or a pro account will offer you more power. The free version supports virtually all mail technologies, including (but not limited to) Exchange, IMAP, Office365, POP3 and SMTP.

Mailspring is one of the best email clients for Windows, Linux and Mac. Free and pro versions exist, and the free version is definitely worth trying. You’ll be able to unify unlimited email accounts in one box, unsend emails and sync with all of your current email accounts, including:

  • Gmail
  • Office 365
  • iCloud
  • FastMail
  • Yahoo

Layouts and themes are supported. There is even link tracking, read receipts, touch and gesture support, and advanced shortcuts you can use. The product is localized in nine languages, and you’ll be able to use a Gmail-style advanced search feature, too.


Email is a way for businesses to communicate with clients and their own teams. The list of free email software above offers something for everyone, from robust interfaces to advanced features. Download one and give it a try to see if you like it.


Frequently Asked Questions

While there are many excellent paid mail clients available, there are also a number of free options that can provide a high level of functionality. Some of the best free mail clients include Clariti, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Gmail. All of these clients offer a variety of features that can be helpful for both personal and business use. Clariti is one of the best free email apps where you can consolidate multiple email accounts in one place. Having all inboxes in one place is a great way to combat email overload and save the hassle of having to check multiple inboxes several times a day just to make sure, you don’t miss an email.

Thunderbird is a particularly good choice for those who want a lot of control over their email experience. It offers a wide range of customization options and is very user-friendly. Gmail, on the other hand, is an excellent option for those who want a sleek and streamlined interface. It also integrates well with other Google products, such as Calendar and Drive. Ultimately, the best free mail client is the one that best meets the specific needs of the user.

There are a few things you need to do in order to set up email clients on your computer. First, you need to make sure that the email client software is installed on your computer or if it is a cloud-based tool like Clariti, it can be accessed through a browser using internet. Next, you need to configure the email client with your email account settings. This includes the incoming and outgoing mail servers, as well as your username and password. Once the email client is configured, you should be able to send and receive emails. If you have any trouble, you can always contact your email provider for help.

A desktop mail client is a software program or a cloud-based tool like Clariti that you can install on your computer or accessed through a browser using internet to manage your email. Once you set up the program, you can add multiple email accounts, and the program will download new messages from each account automatically. This means that you can check all of your email in one place, without having to log into each individual account. In addition, many desktop mail clients offer features like spam filtering, message search, and support for multiple languages. As a result, they can be a convenient and time-saving way to manage your email.

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