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In the ever-evolving business world, productivity reigns supreme as the key to success. As we approach 2024, companies of all sizes are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve productivity, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge. From leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimizing workflows, the quest for efficiency is never-ending.

In this pursuit, productivity tips for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals across industries have become invaluable resources. Whether it’s exploring productivity hacks for work, implementing business productivity tips, or discovering ways to improve productivity, the goal remains the same – to maximize output while minimizing effort. According to a recent study by Gallup, highly engaged teams show a remarkable 21% higher profitability, highlighting the direct correlation between productivity and business success.

Improving business productivity often involves implementing digital tools to automate manual processes, streamlining communication by consolidating channels, and regularly reviewing and optimizing processes to eliminate bottlenecks. Moreover, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and employee empowerment can significantly contribute to overall efficiency.

For professionals seeking productivity tips for work, leveraging AI-powered tools to automate information organization and retrieval, prioritizing tasks, eliminating distractions, and encouraging collaboration and open communication within the team are proven strategies. Continuously evaluating processes and seeking ways to optimize workflows can further boost productivity.

One of the most powerful productivity tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners is to embrace automation and leverage AI-powered tools like Clariti. By consolidating emails, chats, documents, and calendar events into context-based conversations, Clariti streamlines communication and eliminates the need for manual information organization, fostering a more focused and organized work environment.

Small businesses, in particular, can greatly benefit from adopting AI solutions like Clariti to streamline communication, outsourcing non-core activities, encouraging a flexible and remote-friendly work culture, and regularly training and upskilling employees.

In the current competitive landscape, productivity is the key differentiator that separates successful businesses from those that stagnate. With the right productivity tips and strategies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals can unlock their true potential and achieve remarkable success.

Stay tuned as we delve into the 18 best productivity tips for businesses in 2024, exploring innovative strategies to boost productivity, efficiency, and overall profitability. By implementing these business productivity tips for success, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals and staying ahead of the competition.

Try implementing these business productivity tips for success

1. Keep your meetings on task. Simple

It sounds simple, right? The thing about team meetings is they can get out of hand quite quickly, and then you waste more time than you can imagine. If you approach them more like a team huddle, you’ll find more success. Keep them brief, to the point, and break them up quickly. One of the best productivity tips is to have a specific goal, and everyone should know about it ahead of time. If meetings don’t have a purpose, it goes off the calendar.

2. Keep your tasks grouped together

What do we mean by this? Look at it this way, if you were headed into your big box supercenter for everything you need for your home, wouldn’t you ensure you had everything on the list before you left, so you don’t have to come back?

Another great productivity tip is to group all the tasks that are similar for each project together. Check emails in the morning, then at lunch for follow-ups or new items, rather than continuously during your day. Keep your tasks grouped together to save time. Apps like Clariti help keep information organized by topic.

3. Keep information flowing freely for your team

One more productivity tip is don’t make your entire team scour your company’s server to find the information you know they need. Keep it all always organized and communication lines open. Using apps like Clariti or others will ensure that your team has a plethora of information at their fingertips. Your team will otherwise waste a lot of time searching for information.

4. Work in the cloud

Another best business productivity tip is to stop wasting time with in-house servers. If you have all of the data your teams need in the cloud, that means they can access it any time they need as long as they have a cell connection. Save immense amounts of time not having to get back to the office to send out that important email. Clariti is a web-based SaaS tool for emails, chats, calls, cloud documents, to dos and social feeds. While the convenience of having access to all communication tools in one place itself improves business productivity, Clariti goes further in connecting all related conversations. This connection is natural and automatic, without the user having to do anything extra.

5. Stop micromanaging

One more great productivity tip for entrepreneurs is to stop constantly supervising your employees with excessive interference as it will decrease their productivity at work. This will slow down your employees as they pause to incorporate the continuous input and changes to their workflow. Micromanaging is doubting your employees’ ability to complete tasks independently.

This will make your employees dependent on you for guidance to complete the work. When you micromanage, you risk losing your employees’ unique insights, skills, and talents because they have been conditioned to do what they are told to do.

When you micromanage your employees, you also lose out on other key tasks and opportunities, as you end up spending most of your time at the lower level.

6. Analyze your performance

Both large and small businesses are getting drowned in data. The amount of data that businesses are producing is growing exponentially and it is projected to double every two years.

According to a study, for small businesses, much of that digital information is falling through the cracks, preventing them from seeing valuable insights and effective decision making. Bain & Company reports that only 4% of companies make good use of data analytics with the intent to drive improvements. So, for small businesses, one of the best ways to improve productivity is to have a big data plan or strategy in place if they are serious about improving their business productivity.

7. Empower your team

Yet another useful productivity tip for entrepreneurs is empowering your employees. Empowered employees are loyal and committed to improving business productivity. When employees are given the tools and resources they need to successfully manage or lead their own projects, the benefits are endless. When employees are empowered, they tend to go the extra mile, provide better customer service, have a positive attitude, and become more productive and better at work.

Improving productivity at work is a continuous process. It may seem overwhelming but following and implementing simple tips and tools discussed above can make your team more efficient.

8. Improve employee engagement

One more great productivity tip for entrepreneurs is to improve employee engagement. It makes your employees happier and more productive at work. A study shows that engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits. For organizations, effective communication is critical for its employees to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently.

Free and uninterrupted business communication in a company results in higher employee engagement, better customer service and more profits. It has been shown that companies with connected employees are 25% more productive. Another great productivity tip for entrepreneurs is to have the right processes and tools in place.

9. Reduce time spent in searching for information

Another fabulous way to improve productivity is to reduce the time spent searching for information. IDC data shows that a knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day searching, which is about 30% of their workday. For an organization that employs 50 workers, with an average annual salary of $60,000, the cost of unproductive searches amount to $3 million per year.

Since most businesses use different work apps to manage their day-to-day activities, they end up creating silos of information. Searching across these silos is tedious, time consuming and unproductive. Hence, businesses that are serious about improving their business productivity must deploy a communication tool that addresses this problem effectively.

10. Reduce emails

Employees spend more than half their day checking emails. The Washington Post suggests that the average worker spends about 4.1 hours a day checking their inbox. Though it is not possible to eliminate emails completely, using the right business communication tool can help reduce your teams’ emails by up to 75% and boost business productivity.

11. Use a unified communication system

Connected apps unify different modes of communication in your business and bring them together in one application. With connected apps, all your communication will be in one place, including email, chats, calls, social feeds, and cloud storage. Connected apps can boost your business productivity by reducing the time from constantly switching between apps.

12. Facilitate remote work

After the pandemic, remote teams are likely to account for 40% of the global workforce. 83% of workers believe that they don’t need to work in an office to be productive. More than two-thirds of employers have seen increased business productivity among their remote workers.

Companies such as Dow Chemical, Best Buy, British Telecom, and more have seen a 35% to 40% increase in productivity from their remote workers. Hence your business communication software should make remote working seamless.

13. Reduce meetings and travel

An Atlassian study recently found out that on average, one hour per day per employee is wasted with meetings. That comes down to 30 hours a month and over 300 hours in the whole year.

The business communication application that you are using should have voice calling, screen sharing, group events, group chats, and direct chats. These features will help you to boost business productivity by reducing unproductive meetings and expensive and time-consuming business travel.

14. Attract and retain the younger generation

Younger workers account for about 60-70% of the workforce and using an appropriate business collaboration tool has a huge positive impact on their morale. It helps to reduce turnover and attract young talent. 33% of millennials want collaborative workspaces and businesses with effective business collaboration tools are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover.

Companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees. All these have a direct impact on business productivity.

For businesses aiming to harness the full potential of a young and vibrant workforce, refining recruitment strategies is essential. PA recruitment agency Tyler Griffen helps companies attract and secure top young talent. By focusing on specialized roles that resonate with millennial and Gen Z professionals, organizations can effectively integrate these dynamic individuals into a collaborative work environment, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing turnover.

15. Leverage cloud storage

The communication and collaboration tool that you are using at your workplace should integrate with all the major cloud storage drives such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and pCloud. So, when your team is working remotely, they don’t have to worry about having access to all their work. Once you integrate your drives with your workplace communication tool, you will have instant access to all your files anywhere, anytime. This will boost business productivity to a great extent.

16. Access multiple email accounts from one place

We all play different roles at work and most of the time one email account is not enough to handle different types of correspondence. So, most of us end up having multiple email accounts. It gets complicated when these email accounts are spread over different email systems like your corporate email, Gmail, Hotmail and what have you.

Switching between different email accounts throughout the day is time consuming and it is easy for messages to fall through the cracks. When you use a unified communication system, you can consolidate email accounts in one place. This will save your team time from managing multiple email accounts and improve business productivity.

17. Reduce employee distractions

During one whole hour, employees get interrupted about 7 times, with each interruption taking up about 5 minutes of their working time. On average, people in the workplace get interrupted once every 8 minutes, which leads to a decrease in the average productivity of the team.

This means that during an 8-hour workday, an employee may lose up to 4 hours of valuable working time due to distractions. The collaboration tools that you are using at your workplace should help you to do more real work and boost business productivity by reducing the emails in your inbox and managing interruptions.

18. Improve team messaging

Another incredible way to improve productivity is to use the right team messaging tools. When you use a tool like Clariti, it provides context for each message. This is important because it allows team members to quickly understand the purpose of each message and determine whether or not they need to respond. Clariti’s AI-powered contextual conversations help to streamline messaging by allowing team members to direct their messages to specific individuals or groups.

This can help to reduce the amount of time that team members spend scrolling through long chat histories looking for relevant information. Clariti’s AI-powered contextual conversations can help to improve productivity by facilitating collaboration between team members. By providing a dedicated space for each project or task, contextual conversation makes it easier for team members to work together on complex tasks, which results in improved team messaging and overall productivity.


In the ever-changing landscape of 2024, businesses that embrace productivity tips will undoubtedly gain a competitive edge. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking productivity tips for your startup, a professional looking for productivity tips for work, or a small business owner aiming to boost business productivity, the strategies outlined in this blog are invaluable resources.

By implementing these 18 best productivity tips, you’ll be well-equipped to streamline operations, optimize workflows, and foster a culture of efficiency within your organization. From leveraging AI-powered tools like Clariti to automate communication and information organization, to encouraging collaboration and open communication among team members, these productivity tips cover a wide range of approaches tailored to diverse business needs.

Remember, productivity is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a continuous journey of improvement and adaptation. Regularly revisit these productivity tips, evaluate their impact, and make necessary adjustments to align with your evolving business goals and challenges.

In the rapidly evolving business world of 2024, those who prioritize productivity will not only survive but thrive. Embrace these productivity tips, and watch as your business productivity soars, enabling you to outpace your competitors and achieve remarkable success.

Don’t let the opportunities of 2024 pass you by. Implement these business productivity tips, empower your team, and unlock your true potential. The future belongs to those who prioritize productivity, efficiency, and continuous improvement.


Frequently Asked Questions

The trick to productivity is finding the right tools and processes. Eliminate distractions, prioritize tasks, and focus on one thing at a time. Take breaks to recharge, and continuously evaluate and improve your workflow. Leveraging AI-powered tools like Clariti can greatly boost your productivity.

Streamline communication by consolidating channels into context-based conversations. Automate repetitive tasks and information organization using AI. Regularly review and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.

Improving work performance involves setting clear goals, managing time effectively, staying organized, seeking feedback, taking breaks, prioritizing tasks, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, continuous skill development, and staying positive and motivated.

Automate repetitive tasks with AI-powered tools like Clariti. Batch similar tasks together for more efficient time management. Outsource non-core activities to free up time and resources. Regularly review and optimize processes for maximum productivity

Find the right tools and processes that work for you. Eliminate distractions, prioritize tasks, and focus on one thing at a time. Take breaks to recharge, and continuously evaluate and improve your workflow. Leverage AI solutions like Clariti to streamline work and boost productivity.

Implement digital tools to automate manual and repetitive tasks. Streamline communication by consolidating channels into context-based conversations. Regularly review and optimize processes to eliminate bottlenecks. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and employee empowerment.

Leverage AI-powered tools to automate information organization and retrieval. Prioritize tasks and eliminate time-wasting activities and distractions. Encourage collaboration and open communication within the team.

Adopt AI solutions like Clariti to streamline communication and automate processes. Outsource non-core activities to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Encourage a flexible and remote-friendly work culture when possible. Regularly train and upskill employees to boost performance.

Batch similar tasks together for efficient time management. Leverage AI-powered tools to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Prioritize self-care and work-life balance to avoid burnout. Foster a culture of open communication and collaboration within the team.

Access to affordable and scalable technology solutions like Clariti. Streamlined processes and optimized workflows for maximum efficiency. A skilled and motivated workforce aligned with business goals. Effective communication and collaboration tools to stay organized and focused.

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