productivity tips for small business owners

7 quick tips to ensure your small business’s highest productivity.

One of the most important parts of owning a small business is ensuring that your productivity throughout every area of your business remains consistent. Any time there is a drop in productivity in one area, it has a domino effect on all other areas of your business.

Finding that perfect balance between productivity and profit can be incredibly tricky for many small businesses. How do you keep everything running smoothly while staying on top of ensuring that your business is growing at all times?

This is a question that many businesses struggle to answer. Today, we wanted to give you 7 quick tips to ensure your small business’s highest productivity.

1. Keep your Meetings on task. Simple.

It sounds simple, right? The thing about team meetings is they can get out of hand quite quickly, and then you waste more time than you can imagine. If you approach them more like a team huddle, you’ll find more success. Keep them brief, to the point, and break them up quickly. Be sure every meeting has a specific goal, and everyone comes knowing it ahead of time. If it doesn’t have a purpose, the meeting goes off the calendar

2. Keep your tasks grouped together.

What do we mean by this? Look at it this way, if you were headed into your big box supercenter for everything you need for your home, wouldn’t you ensure you had everything on the list before you left, so you don’t have to come back?

Group all the tasks that are similar for each project together. Emails check in the morning, then at lunch for follow-ups or new items, rather than continuously during your day. Keep your tasks grouped together to save time. Apps like Clariti help keep information organized by topic.

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3. Keep information flowing freely for your team.

Don’t make your entire team have to scour your company’s server to find the information you know they need. Keep it all organized and communication lines open at all times. Using apps like Clariti or others will ensure that your team has a plethora of information at their fingertips. Your team will otherwise waste a lot of time searching for information.

4. Work in the Cloud.

Stop wasting time with in-house servers. If you have all of the data your teams need in the cloud, that means they can access it any time they need as long as they have a cell connection. Save immense amounts of time not having to get back to the office to send out that important email. Clariti is a web-based SaaS tool for emails, chats, calls, cloud documents, to dos and social feeds. While the convenience of having access to all communication tools in one place is itself a big timesaver, Clariti goes further in connecting all related conversations. This connection is natural and automatic, without the user having to do anything extra.

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5. Stop micromanaging.

If you empower your team with everything they need to succeed, trust them enough to walk away. Your team will keep you running and do the jobs you hired them to do. Trust your hires, otherwise why hire them, right?!

6. Analyze your performance.

Your business is collecting immense amounts of data all the time. Be sure that you take time to analyze both the positive and negative trends in your teams and customers. How is customer retention? Is your team hitting sales or production goals?

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7. Empower your Team.

Creating a space where your employees and teams feel like they are part of the bigger picture of your small businesses gives them some skin in the game. The more they feel they’re directly involved, the harder they will work toward the same goals you have. Keep them happy, listen to their input, and provide a suitable workspace for them, and you’ll watch your productivity grow quickly.

These are a few of the best tips to grow your small business’s productivity. Try implementing some today and seeing how things improve with your small business.


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