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Clariti announces GitHub and HubSpot Integrations

New integrations reinforce Clariti “Workspace” as the ultimate work hub for teams

HACKENSACK, New Jersey – (June 21, 2022) – CCE Technologies, Inc., a technology startup based in Hackensack, New Jersey, announced new integrations for GitHub and HubSpot for its flagship business productivity software, Clariti.

Clariti has helped small and medium businesses transition from the slow email-only communication to the modern and fast way of communicating using calls and chats. More importantly, everything on a topic is automatically organized in Workspaces that serves as the Work Hub for all information (communication and files) related to that topic.

Clariti has all essential tools for teamwork, from email, chat, calendar & cloud storage organized naturally in Workspaces.

In its latest update, Clariti extended its integrations to include HubSpot and GitHub. HubSpot is a market leading CRM solution used across businesses of all sizes. GitHub is the quintessential tool for software developers to manage code, collaborate on development and optimize the way they develop software. Clariti users can now receive notifications in the Workspace whenever a new contact or deal is created in HubSpot or when a new issue or comment is added on GitHub. This allows Clariti users to have complete context of the discussion while not having to shift between apps and working from inside Clariti and significantly increase response speeds.

“We have our ears to the ground at all times. So when we decided to extend our list of integrations, it was an easy decision to zone in on HubSpot and GitHub. A lot of our users are in the technology and advertising & media space. HubSpot is a market leading CRM solution used extensively and so is GitHub as an indispensable software development resource. Having access to notifications from these systems in Clariti allows users to always have complete context. make informed decisions and greatly improve respond speeds since you don’t need to switch between all these apps,” said Vinay Wagle, V.P. Sales & Marketing at CCE Technologies, Inc.

Clariti is available to all users for free. All Clariti users can:

  • Connect with partners using email (free robust built-in email client)
  • Interact internally with messaging and calling (free built-in Clariti Messaging with voice calling & screen-sharing)
  • Plan the workday using calendar (free built-in Clariti Calendar)
  • Store work documents securely in the cloud (free built-in Clariti cloud drive)

Users can upgrade to cost-effective paid plans to access premium features, including:

  • Unlimited team size
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Unlimited calling time
  • Unlimited communication history
  • AI-based data organization
  • Third-party integrations

Some of the key benefits of Clariti Workspaces include:

  • Reliance on email communication cut by 50%
  • Response speed improvement by over 70%
  • Reduce time spent searching for information by 40%
  • 100% continuity retained with existing email system
internal communication tool

Clariti is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime and trusted security. It uses 256-bit SHA encryption for both data and communications.

Clariti has received rave reviews from industry analysts and been featured in several leading publications including HostingAdvice, Futurism, Entrepreneur, Computer World, VentureBeat, and PCWorld among others.

About CCE Technologies:

CCE Technologies, Inc. (CCET) is a technology startup based in Hackensack, NJ with a development partner in Chennai, India. With its first workplace productivity app, Clariti (, CCET aims to increase productivity, restore order, and add speed to your work.

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