internal communication tool

Clariti Notification Service

- Installation, Options and Usage


internal communication tool

This icon will appear in the top right corner of the Clariti screen if you have not installed CNS on your machine

internal communication tool

If you have installed CNS, then wait for atleast 3 minutes for Clariti to connect to CNS. Successful connection is indicated by this icon

If Clariti does not connect with CNS within 3 minutes,
please contact Support

When Clariti does connect to CNS, it is activated and will appear on the right side of your Windows taskbar at the bottom right corner

On some desktops, the Windows hidden icon box internal communication toolmust be selected to reveal the CNS icon. If you see this on your desktop, we recommend that you drag & drop the CNS icon on to the taskbar for easy viewing

internal communication tool internal communication tool


CNS manages all notifications from Clariti. Options are available to control CNS behavior for Regular and Important notifications. Right click on the CNS icon, and then select Options menu

Regular Notifications

  • General, unclassified event
  • Contact has accepted your invitation
  • You have received an invitation from a user
  • A new contact has been added
  • The invitation you sent via email failed
  • There is a problem with your email account
  • There is a problem with an integration/feed

Important Notifications

  • You received a direct chat message
  • You received a conference chat message
  • A new item has arrived at Home or Mailbox
  • A To-Do has just become active


internal communication tool

Default is a WHITE icon when there are no notifications

internal communication tool

When icon changes to ORANGE, or when icon flashes, there are active Clariti notifications

When the CNS icon changes color or flashes, select using left mouse button to see the list of Clariti notifications

internal communication tool

Left click any notification to go directly to the relevant message in the Clariti or delete all notifications use the trash icon