Importance of effective collaboration for team productivity

A collaborative team is much more effective than a hierarchical team. In a hierarchical team, there is a leader or captain who guides the entire team, like in a cricket or baseball game. The leader takes important decisions and each

6 tips to boost your sales as a SaaS vendor

 Following the success of Salesforce over 20 years ago, numerous companies have been offering SaaS solutions for various business functions. The market also readily responded to these new initiatives as software deployment time was reduced from several weeks to just

10 lesser-known productivity apps for startups

Productivity apps could be anything that lets you get more things done in less time. While larger organizations are looking at SaaS to cut down costs and boost productivity by reducing the time spent on non-core activities; smaller startups are

Using Slack because everyone else is?
Time to rethink

Ever since its launch and runaway success, Slack has been dominating the team collaborative applications market with more than 13 million daily active users. But good things don’t last forever. Of late, Slack has been at the receiving end. It

Flock Vs Clariti — How do they stack up

Productivity applications help groups of people, mostly employees, to get more work done in less time through effective collaboration and communication. If these apps are used prudently, it can help you organize workflow, boost individual and team productivity and improve

Let’s talk about threads, baby!

First things first. We’re not getting into the music business. We develop software and are pretty good at it. But even at the risk of dating ourselves, for those of you old enough to remember the hip-hop girl band from

Chat 2.0 – A New Way to Work!

Stress through information silos Genesis of Clariti – Chat as glue to bridge silos It all starts with Threads Chat 2.0 – Chats in Threads to drive processes Benefits of Chat 2.0 Sign Up for Clariti Now! Share on facebook

small businesses can leverage technology to boost team collaboration, replace emails and drive productivity
10 easy ways small businesses can leverage technology to boost team collaboration, replace emails and drive productivity

The way we communicate at work has changed as more and more people work remotely and teams are geographically spread. What started out as simple emails has now grown to instant messages, social media, cloud document sharing, and voice-over-IP communications.

5 team communication tools that will skyrocket your productivity

Business vector created by freepik Teams come in all sizes and these days from all parts of the world. Geography is no longer a limitation with messaging tools that can connect you with anyone in the world. The right communication

Set the context with Threads

The hardest thing about communicating effectively is knowing how to “set the context”. This is especially true when companies connect with customers via multiple channels – such as email, social media, chat etc.  Managing this multi-channel communication ineffectively often leads

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