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New rules for modern workplace collaboration: It’s time to look for Slack, Microsoft Teams’ alternatives

When the pandemic forced companies all over the world to allow their employees to work from home, remote work had a big moment. Companies were under sudden pressure to give employees access to all the tools they’d need to work

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8 crucial productivity tips for small businesses

Many small businesses use many apps for different applications that are not connected to each other. Given the level of information being generated that is related across the apps daily, this is highly inefficient. Small businesses need an efficient system

Lessons from a year of working remotely

It is 2021 now and somehow March 2020 doesn’t seem a long time back. Such was the year 2020. The year of restricted travel, home office spaces, remote work, video conferencing, zoom birthday parties, online events and forced separation from

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Searching for a Microsoft Teams alternative!

If you’re a business looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Teams, there are many apps out there. The challenging part is finding the right software that’ll work for you and your teams. After all, collaboration and productivity are essential

Has Slack, Microsoft Teams made face-to-face meetings dinosaurs of our era?

Online collaboration has made communication incredibly easy by solving the problem of time and distance. Through online collaboration, teams can work from diverse locations and engage in asynchronous communication without the need for physical presence. While instant messaging and emails