Lessons from a year of working remotely

It is 2021 now and somehow March 2020 doesn’t seem a long time back. Such was the year 2020. The year of restricted travel, home office spaces, remote work, video conferencing, zoom birthday parties, online events and forced separation from

importance of collaboration and teamwork
Importance of effective collaboration for team productivity

why collaboration is important in business A collaborative team is much more effective than a hierarchical team. In a hierarchical team, there is a leader or captain who guides the entire team, like in a cricket or baseball game. The

6 tips to boost your sales as a SaaS vendor

 Following the success of Salesforce over 20 years ago, numerous companies have been offering SaaS solutions for various business functions. The market also readily responded to these new initiatives as software deployment time was reduced from several weeks to just

The Best Productivity Software for Small Businesses
10 lesser-known productivity apps for startups

Here are some best Productivity Software and app for Small Businesses Productivity apps could be anything that lets you get more things done in less time. While larger organizations are looking at SaaS to cut down costs and boost productivity

internal communication tool
Using Slack because everyone else is?
Time to rethink

Ever since its launch and runaway success, Slack has been dominating the team collaborative applications market with more than 13 million daily active users. But good things don’t last forever. Of late, Slack has been at the receiving end. It

best microsoft alternative
Flock Vs Clariti — How do they stack up

Productivity applications help groups of people, mostly employees, to get more work done in less time through effective collaboration and communication. If these apps are used prudently, it can help you organize workflow, boost individual and team productivity and improve

9 ways how companies can fight Coronavirus

1. Distribute masks 2. Use hand sanitizers 3. Use thermal guns 4. Controlling room temperatures 5. Precautions at cafeteria 6. Ban unnecessary travel 7. Ban non-essential meetings 8. Provide sick leave 9. Encourage online collaboration X Share on facebook Share

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