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Unlocking the full potential of team collaboration necessitates transcending the limitations of individual inboxes. In this blog, we delve into the transformative journey from inbox isolation to insightful teamwork with Clariti’s innovative solution. The focus is on a pivotal feature ‘Gmail Sharing’ that fundamentally reshapes how teams interact with their email communications.

Clariti empowers users to selectively bring emails from Gmail into its platform, breaking down the silos that typically confine these critical communications. By allowing users to share emails from Gmail into relevant conversations, the platform ensures that crucial context is preserved across all team discussions. This strategic shift from scattered email threads to centralized, context-rich discussions not only enhance collaboration but also lays the foundation for a more efficient and informed workflow.

Join us in exploring how Clariti propels teams from mere inboxes to collaborative hubs, where insights emerge from shared emails from Gmail, sparking dynamic and contextually rich conversations.

How does Clariti help you to turn your email inbox into a collaborative workspace

1. Selective Email Import:

Clariti empowers users with the ability to selectively import emails from Gmail into its platform and share emails from Gmail with others in the team. This feature allows team members to curate and bring in specific emails relevant to ongoing projects or discussions, streamlining the collaboration process.

Imagine a marketing team working on a new product launch. Team members receive numerous emails related to market research, design discussions, and client feedback in their Gmail inboxes. Using Selective Email Import in Clariti, the team lead can:

  • Connect the team’s Gmail account to Clariti.
  • Navigate to the Gmail integration section and selectively choose emails pertaining to the ongoing product launch.
  • Initiate the import process to bring those specific emails into Clariti.

Now, within Clariti, the marketing team has a centralized space where they can seamlessly collaborate on the product launch. The selected emails coexist with ongoing discussions, project timelines, and shared documents, creating a focused and organized environment for effective teamwork. Selective Email Import thus optimizes collaboration by allowing teams to concentrate on the most relevant email content within a unified platform.

2. Centralized Conversations:

Upon importing emails from Gmail into Clariti, users have the flexibility to initiate focused conversations with other teammates by sharing emails from Gmail. The platform transforms scattered email threads into centralized discussions, providing a cohesive space for team collaboration. This centralized approach enhances visibility and accessibility to critical information.

Consider a scenario where the project manager has imported emails containing updates on various aspects of the software development project, such as:

  • Feedback from beta testing.
  • Client requests for additional features.
  • Team members reporting on their respective tasks.

By initiating a centralized conversation titled “Software Development Project Updates” in Clariti, the project manager creates a space where team members can discuss and address these updates collectively. This centralized hub becomes a dynamic and collaborative environment where the project’s progress, challenges, and resolutions are consolidated. Team members benefit from enhanced visibility, ensuring that critical project-related discussions are easily accessible and contextually organized within Clariti’s centralized conversations.

3. Dynamic Conversation Starters:

Once emails from Gmail are imported, Clariti offers the option to seamlessly start a conversation based on the content by sharing those emails from Gmail with others. This dynamic feature accelerates communication, ensuring that team members can promptly engage with the pertinent information extracted from the emails brought into Clariti.

Let’s say a team member imports an email from the client, which contains:

  • Specific details about the target audience.
  • Preferences regarding marketing channels (social media, email, etc.).
  • Questions about the proposed timeline and budget.

Using Dynamic Conversation Starters, the team member initiates a conversation in Clariti titled “Customized Marketing Campaign Discussion.” In this centralized space, the team collaborates on addressing the client’s requirements. Team members can respond to specific points within the client’s email, propose ideas, and collectively ensure that the customized marketing campaign aligns with the client’s expectations.

This practical example illustrates how Conversations can be started in Clariti to facilitate contextual collaboration by seamlessly transitioning from individual Gmail content to centralized and dynamic team discussions.

4. Effortless Sharing Across Groups:

Clariti facilitates effortless sharing of imported emails from Gmail not only within individual conversations but also across various groups. Team members can distribute relevant email content to other existing groups or discussions, fostering a collaborative environment where information flows seamlessly between teams.

Imagine a company with different departments, each working on various projects. The marketing team is working on a product launch, while the customer support team is dealing with a new feature rollout. Both teams use Clariti for collaboration.

In this scenario, the marketing team shares relevant information from their “Product Launch Marketing” conversation with the customer support team. This ensures that insights and updates from one project (product launch) are efficiently communicated to another team (customer support). The shared content becomes a valuable resource for the customer support team as they prepare for the new feature rollout.

This practical example illustrates how Clariti facilitates cross-departmental collaboration by allowing teams to effortlessly share information across different groups, ensuring that insights from one project contribute to the collective knowledge and efficiency of the entire organization.

5. Promoting Contextual Collaboration:

Promoting Contextual Collaboration in Clariti involves creating an environment where team members can engage in discussions directly linked to the content of shared emails from Gmail. This feature ensures that conversations remain relevant to the context of the imported information, fostering a deeper and more effective collaboration. Let’s explore this concept through a practical example:

  • Imagine a project manager overseeing the development of a new mobile application. The project involves collaboration among developers, designers, and quality assurance teams, with communication happening through emails.
  • The project manager connects their Gmail account to Clariti and selectively share emails from Gmail containing crucial updates from the development team. These updates include information on the latest code changes, bug fixes, and upcoming milestones.
  • Within Clariti, the project manager initiates dynamic conversations based on the content of the imported development updates. For example, they start a conversation titled “Mobile App Development Updates” to discuss and collaborate on the specific details provided in the imported emails.
  • Team members join the “Mobile App Development Updates” conversation, and discussions unfold directly linked to the content of the imported emails from Gmail. Developers may provide additional insights into the code changes, designers may offer suggestions on the user interface based on the latest updates, and the quality assurance team may discuss testing strategies.
  • The discussions in Clariti are directly linked to the content of the imported development updates. This ensures that team members are collaborating within the context of the provided information, leading to more focused and actionable conversations.

Advantages of Gmail sharing and discussion

  • Streamlined Collaboration with Shared emails from Gmail: Clariti facilitates seamless collaboration by allowing users to share emails from Gmail within the platform. This shared Gmail functionality transforms individual email exchanges into collaborative discussions, breaking down communication silos and promoting a more interconnected team environment.
  • Enhanced Context Through Gmail Sharing: The ability to selectively bring emails from Gmail into Clariti ensures that the context of each email is maintained within the relevant conversation. This contextual continuity enriches team discussions, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and fostering more informed decision-making.
  • Improved Reference with Shared emails from Gmail: Teams can easily reference shared emails from Gmail, providing a valuable point of reference for ongoing discussions. This not only streamlines information retrieval but also ensures that team members have access to critical details within the context of their collaborative efforts.
  • Efficient Communication Through Shared Gmail Discussions: Clariti’s platform encourages the initiation of discussions around shared emails from Gmail. This feature not only promotes efficient communication but also enables teams to collectively engage with email content, turning individual messages into collaborative focal points for discussion and decision-making.
  • Centralized Knowledge Repository with Shared emails from Gmail: The shared emails from Gmail become an integral part of Clariti’s centralized knowledge repository. This centralization simplifies knowledge management, creating a hub where team members can access, review, and contribute to shared emails from Gmail within the context of ongoing conversations.
  • Real-Time Collaboration around Shared emails from Gmail: Teams benefit from real-time collaboration as they engage in discussions around shared emails from Gmail. This real-time interaction fosters agility in decision-making processes, allowing teams to respond promptly to evolving situations.
  • Integrated Workflows with Gmail Sharing: Clariti seamlessly integrates Gmail sharing into existing workflows, eliminating the need for teams to switch between different platforms. This integration enhances workflow efficiency, enabling teams to focus on tasks rather than navigating multiple tools.
  • Comprehensive Collaboration with Shared Gmail Discussions: The shared Gmail discussions in Clariti create a comprehensive collaborative environment. This inclusive approach ensures that every team member has the opportunity to contribute to discussions around shared emails from Gmail, fostering a sense of collective ownership and knowledge sharing.

How to import Gmail into Clariti

Before any Gmail can be shared with teammates, first it needs to be imported into Clariti. Selective Email Import in Clariti refers to the capability of users to choose and bring specific Gmail into the Clariti platform. This feature allows individuals to curate and import only the relevant emails, streamlining the collaboration process and ensuring that discussions are focused on the most pertinent information.

How Selective Email Import works:

  • Navigating to Clariti: Users can login into Clariti and click on the “Bring Emails” link under the mail tab.
  • Connecting Gmail Account: To initiate the Selective Email Import process, users connect their Gmail account to Clariti. This is typically done through secure OAuth authentication (where the users enter their Gmail id and password), ensuring a seamless and secure connection.
  • Browsing Gmail Inbox: Once the Gmail account is connected, users can browse their Gmail inbox within the Clariti interface. They are presented with a list of their emails, and here’s where the “selective” aspect comes into play.
  • Choosing Specific Emails: Users can meticulously select the specific emails they want to import into Clariti. This could include emails related to a particular project, client communication, or any other context relevant to the team’s collaboration goals.
  • Initiating the Import: After selecting the desired emails, users initiate the import process. Clariti then fetches and organizes the chosen emails within the platform.
  • Centralized Repository in Clariti: The selected emails now reside in Clariti, becoming part of a centralized repository. This repository serves as the hub for team collaboration, bringing together not only the imported emails but also discussions, documents, and other contextual elements.


The transformative power of Clariti’s Gmail Sharing feature becomes evident in its ability to transcend the confines of individual inboxes and elevate team collaboration. By selectively bringing emails from Gmail into the Clariti platform, siloed communications are dismantled, paving the way for context-rich conversations.

This shift ensures that valuable insights and critical information are seamlessly integrated into ongoing discussions, fostering a collaborative environment that is both dynamic and informed. The relevance of each Gmail is not lost in isolation but rather strategically placed within the context of team conversations, preserving the intricacies of the discussion.

Clariti, in essence, transforms email communications from mere individual exchanges into valuable collective insights, propelling teams towards a more interconnected and efficient future. With Clariti, the journey from inbox to insight is not just a technological evolution; it’s a paradigm shift in how teams collaborate and derive meaning from their shared experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Open Clariti’s platform and select the ‘Bring Email’ feature.
  • Choose the emails from Gmail you want to discuss and securely import them into Clariti.
  • Start a conversation or refer to existing ones, ensuring secure and organized discussions seamlessly integrated with your Gmail interactions.
  • In Clariti, use the “Bring Email” feature to selectively import Gmail content.
  • Share the relevant Gmail information seamlessly within Clariti’s platform.
  • Collaborate securely with others, ensuring contextual discussions and organized communication around the shared Gmail content.
  • In Clariti, utilize the “Bring Email” feature to import the email into the platform.
  • Share the email with a designated group within Clariti, ensuring everyone has access.
  • Collaborate and discuss email securely within the group, fostering organized and contextual communication.
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