Efficient communication and collaboration are paramount for purchasing agents seeking seamless interactions with a diverse array of suppliers and vendors. This case study delves into how Clariti’s innovative features, specifically the “Bring email” and “contextual conversations,” empower purchasing agents to establish and maintain one-to-many contacts with their suppliers.

By seamlessly integrating Gmail into the Clariti platform, purchasing agents can consolidate relevant emails and initiate contextual conversations, ensuring that the nuances of each vendor relationship are preserved. This not only streamlines communication but also fosters a more organized and efficient workflow, ultimately enhancing the procurement process.

Imagine you’re a purchasing agent working with suppliers and vendors. You want to keep track of all your conversations and negotiations efficiently. With Clariti, you can invite your suppliers and vendors to join Clariti, where you can discuss orders, pricing, and delivery schedules directly. If you need input from your colleagues or approval from your manager, you can bring them into the conversation too. This ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and helps streamline the entire procurement process. Whether you’re coordinating with external partners or collaborating internally, Clariti’s contextual conversations make it easy to manage your relationships and deliver excellent service to your clients.

Join us on this journey to explore how Clariti transforms the landscape for purchasing agents, offering a comprehensive solution to navigate the complexities of supplier interactions.

Traditional Purchase Order Management Software Versus Clariti

Through its innovative features and user-centric approach, Clariti empowers purchasing agents like Sarah to overcome the limitations of traditional Purchase Order Management Software, enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and strategic supplier engagement in procurement processes.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Purchase order management software is often rigid and limited in customization options, making it challenging for purchasing agents to adapt to evolving procurement needs. Clariti offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing purchasing agents to tailor communication channels, organize workflows, and collaborate seamlessly with suppliers.
  • Integration of Communication Channels: Purchase order management software primarily focuses on order tracking and management, lacking integrated communication tools for real-time collaboration. Clariti integrates diverse communication channels such as emails, chats, and file sharing within a unified platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and enhancing supplier interactions.
  • Personalized Supplier Engagement: Purchase order management software provides limited opportunities for personalized communication with suppliers, resulting in generic interactions and potential misunderstandings. Clariti enables personalized engagement with suppliers through dedicated conversation threads, allowing purchasing agents to address specific inquiries, negotiate terms, and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Context-Rich Collaboration: Purchase order management software often lacks contextual information, making it challenging for purchasing agents to track communication history and maintain clarity in procurement processes. Clariti offers context-rich collaboration features by consolidating email exchanges, chat discussions, and shared files within the same conversation thread.
  • Collaboration Beyond Transactions: Purchase order management software primarily focuses on transactional aspects of procurement, overlooking opportunities for broader collaboration and strategic supplier engagement. Clariti encourages collaboration beyond transactions by facilitating knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and relationship-building activities with suppliers.
  • Streamlined Documentation Management: Purchase order management software relies on separate document management systems or manual file sharing methods, leading to fragmentation and inefficiency in document handling. Clariti simplifies documentation management by centralizing files, contracts, and purchase orders within the platform, ensuring easy access and version control.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability: Purchase order management software often involves high upfront costs and limited scalability options, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Clariti offers a cost-effective and scalable solution, allowing purchasing agents to benefit from advanced collaboration features without significant investment.

Streamlining Procurement with Clariti's Collaborative Edge

Purchasing agents often grapple with multiple challenges, from scattered email communications to the complexity of managing interactions with numerous suppliers and vendors. Specifically, procurement teams faced the daunting task of sifting through a deluge of emails and internal chats and documents related to the procurements, risking vital information getting lost in the shuffle. Enter Clariti, a revolutionary collaboration platform designed to bring coherence to the procurement process.


Purchasing agents were confronted with the inefficiencies of traditional email-centric workflows. Critical supplier communications were dispersed across disparate email threads, leading to miscommunication and difficulty in maintaining a comprehensive view of interactions. The lack of a unified platform for contextual conversations made it challenging to manage relationships with multiple suppliers simultaneously.

Implementation of Clariti:

Clariti’s “Bring email” feature emerged as a game-changer, allowing purchasing agents to selectively integrate emails from Gmail into the platform. This not only facilitated a centralized repository for supplier communications but also laid the foundation for organized contextual conversations. Leveraging this feature, purchasing agents began categorizing conversations client-wise, ensuring that each interaction with a supplier was distinctly maintained.

Improvements Observed:

  • Streamlining Supplier Interactions: The “Bring email” feature allows purchasing agents to seamlessly integrate selective emails from Gmail into Clariti. This capability transforms the platform into a centralized hub for all procurement-related communication. By bringing emails into Clariti, agents create a unified space where every interaction with suppliers is aggregated, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple email threads.
  • Organizing Information by giving it a name: Once emails are brought into Clariti, purchasing agents can name the conversations based on suppliers or vendors. This strategic organization ensures that each conversation is easily identifiable and tied to the respective supplier. Agents can name the conversations based on names or project codes, providing a structured framework for managing one-to-many contacts.
  • Creating Dedicated Conversation Threads: Clariti’s “contextual conversations” feature empowers purchasing agents to maintain dedicated threads for each supplier. These threads serve as dynamic spaces where discussions, document sharing, and collaboration occur in context. Unlike traditional email threads, contextual conversations in Clariti remain persistent and easily accessible, providing a continuous narrative of interactions.
  • Efficient Collaboration Across Teams: In the procurement landscape, collaboration extends beyond individual purchasing agents. Clariti’s contextual conversations facilitate collaboration across the entire procurement team. Team members can join supplier-specific threads, ensuring that everyone involved in the procurement process has access to the relevant information. This shared understanding enhances collaboration and decision-making processes.
  • Benefits of One-to-Many Contacts: The combination of “Bring email” and “contextual conversations” allows purchasing agents to effortlessly manage one-to-many contacts with suppliers. Each contextual conversation becomes a comprehensive record of the procurement relationship, fostering clarity, reducing miscommunication, and ultimately enhancing the efficiency of procurement operations.

Case Study: How Clariti Transformed a Purchasing Agent, Sarah’s Workflow

Procurement processes play a critical role in business operations, yet traditional purchase order management software often falls short in providing personalized and context-rich experiences for purchasing agents. This case study delves into how Clariti, a versatile collaboration platform, revolutionized the workflow of a purchasing agent, enabling efficient communication and streamlined procurement processes.


As a purchasing agent, Sarah encountered numerous challenges while using traditional purchase order management software to manage procurement tasks. The rigid structure and limited communication capabilities of these platforms hindered Sarah’s ability to collaborate effectively with suppliers and internal stakeholders, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the procurement process.

Seeking a more flexible and intuitive solution, Sarah transitioned to Clariti—a unified collaboration platform that integrates various communication channels, including emails, chats, and file sharing. With Clariti’s seamless interface and advanced features, Sarah could streamline communication with suppliers, coordinate procurement activities, and manage purchase orders more efficiently.

Benefits of Using Clariti:

  • Personalized Supplier Communication: Clariti empowered Sarah to establish personalized communication channels with suppliers, enabling her to address inquiries, negotiate terms, and provide updates in real-time. By maintaining dedicated conversation threads for each supplier, Sarah could build stronger relationships and ensure alignment with procurement requirements.
  • Context-Rich Collaboration: Unlike traditional purchase order management software, Clariti allowed Sarah to maintain context-rich conversations with suppliers by incorporating email exchanges, chat discussions, and shared files within the same conversation thread. This holistic approach enabled Sarah to track communication history, clarify specifications, and resolve issues promptly, leading to smoother procurement processes.
  • Streamlined Procurement Workflows: With Clariti’s intuitive interface and collaborative features, Sarah could streamline procurement workflows and expedite purchase order approvals. By centralizing communication and documentation within Clariti, Sarah minimized delays, reduced manual errors, and improved overall procurement efficiency.
  • Time and Effort Savings: By transitioning to Clariti, Sarah experienced significant time and effort savings in managing procurement tasks. The platform’s user-friendly interface and integrated communication tools simplified supplier interactions, allowing Sarah to focus more on strategic procurement initiatives and cost-saving opportunities.


Clariti emerged as a game-changer for Sarah, enabling her to overcome the limitations of traditional purchase order management software and streamline procurement processes effectively. With its personalized communication capabilities, context-rich collaboration features, and intuitive interface, Clariti empowered Sarah to enhance supplier relationships, optimize procurement workflows, and drive operational excellence in procurement operations.

By seamlessly integrating selective emails from Gmail into Clariti, purchasing agents transform the platform into a centralized hub. This not only eradicates the need for navigating multiple email threads but also establishes a structured framework for organizing interactions.

The “Contextual Conversations” feature takes collaboration to new heights by creating dedicated threads for each supplier. These threads serve as dynamic spaces where discussions, document sharing, and collaboration occur seamlessly in context. The persistent nature of these conversations ensures that the entire procurement team is on the same page, fostering efficient collaboration.

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