Boosting efficiency with Clariti’s Integration

In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication and streamlined collaboration are essential for success. Clariti, a powerful communication tool, offers a game-changing integration that can unlock new levels of efficiency and drive business success.

With its unique combination of email and chat features, Clariti ensures that every conversation remains focused, organized, and accessible. However, what sets Clariti apart is its integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with over 5000+ apps through the Zapier App Store. This integration empowers businesses to leverage their existing software ecosystem and create a unified communication hub.

By linking data and workflows across different applications, Clariti enables teams to work cohesively and access information effortlessly. Whether it’s integrating project management tools, CRM systems, or file-sharing platforms, Clariti’s integration functionality amplifies productivity, streamlines processes, and enhances collaboration. Get ready to unleash the power of Clariti’s integration and propel your business towards unprecedented success.

19 ways how the Zapier App Store can benefit Clariti users

1. Streamline Communication

Zapier allows you to integrate various apps with Clariti, enabling you to centralize your communication and access all notifications in one place. For example, you can receive notifications from project management tools like Asana or Trello directly in Clariti, keeping your team updated without switching between different platforms.

2. Enhance Collaboration

Zapier enables seamless integration between Clariti and collaboration tools. This allows for real-time updates, shared project boards, and collaborative task management. For instance, when a new task is created in Trello, a feed item can be received in Clariti to notify team members and discuss further details.

3. Simplify Data Management

With Zapier, you can integrate Clariti with CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot. This integration enables the Clariti users to receive notifications whenever any changes are made to the customer records.

4. Improve Customer Support

By integrating Clariti with customer support tools like Zendesk or Help Scout, you can receive support tickets or customer inquiries directly in Clariti. This allows your team to respond promptly, collaborate on solutions, and provide efficient customer support.

5. Maximize Social Media Engagement

Zapier allows you to connect Clariti with social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. This integration enables you to receive notifications from social media directly in Clariti, ensuring you can respond in a timely manner and engage with your audience effectively.

6. Boost Email Productivity

By integrating Clariti with email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, you can receive campaign performance updates or subscriber notifications directly in Clariti. This streamlines your email marketing efforts and helps you track the success of your campaigns without the need to constantly switch between platforms.

7. Centralize Task Management

Zapier enables integration between Clariti and task management tools like Todoist or Wunderlist. When somebody creates tasks or reminders, Clariti users will receive notifications, ensuring all tasks are in one place for better organization and productivity.

8. Automate Appointment Scheduling

By connecting Clariti with calendar apps like Google Calendar or Outlook, you can automate appointment scheduling and reminders. For example, when a meeting is scheduled in your calendar, Clariti can automatically send a feed item to the user with the meeting details and agenda.

9. Improve Lead Generation

Zapier integration with lead generation tools like Typeform or Google Forms enables you to automatically capture lead information and notifications in Clariti. This helps your sales team stay informed about new leads and follow up promptly to convert them into customers.

10. Monitor Website Analytics

By integrating Clariti with website analytics tools like Google Analytics, Clariti users will receive notifications when a new goal is created. This allows you to keep a tab on your website’s performance and make data-driven decisions without the need to log in to separate analytics platforms.

11. Simplify File Sharing

Zapier integration enables seamless file sharing between Clariti and cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box. This means you can easily attach files from cloud storage in Clariti conversations, making collaboration on documents and files more efficient.

12. Streamline Project Management

When a new task is assigned to you in Jira, a notification can be automatically generated in Clariti to notify you and allow for immediate discussion or collaboration on the task.

13. Improve Sales and CRM Integration

By integrating Clariti with CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot through Zapier, you can streamline your sales and customer relationship management processes. For instance, when a lead is created in HubSpot, you can receive a notification in Clariti, allowing your sales team to promptly follow up and nurture the lead.

14. Enhance Event Management

Zapier integration with event management tools like Eventbrite or Cvent enables you to streamline event planning and execution. For example, when a new event attendee registers through Eventbrite, you can automatically receive their details in Clariti, allowing you to coordinate event logistics and communicate with attendees seamlessly.

15. Automate Social Media Posting

By integrating Clariti with social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, Clariti users will receive notifications whenever any new social media postings are made through these tools.

16. Simplify Survey and Feedback Management

Zapier integration with survey tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms allows you to collect survey responses and feedback directly in Clariti. This integration streamlines the feedback collection process and ensures that valuable insights are easily accessible to your team for analysis and action.

17. Enhance CRM

By connecting Clariti with customer support tools like Intercom or Freshdesk through Zapier, you can centralize customer interactions and support tickets. This integration ensures that all customer communication and support requests are organized within Clariti, making it easier to track customer interactions and provide personalized support.

18. Improve Financial Management

Zapier integration enables you to connect Clariti with financial management tools like QuickBooks or Xero. This integration allows you to receive financial notifications or updates in Clariti, keeping your team informed about important financial transactions and ensuring smooth financial operations.

19. Automate HR and Employee Onboarding

By integrating Clariti with HR tools like BambooHR or Workable, you can automate HR processes such as employee onboarding or leave management. For example, when a new employee is added in BambooHR, Clariti users will receive notification and notify relevant team members.

Case Study: Streamlining Workflows and Improving Collaboration with Clariti's Integration Capabilities

Company: Sunbeam Solutions


Sunbeam Solutions is a fast-growing software development company that specializes in building customized web and mobile applications for clients worldwide. The company has a distributed team with developers, designers, and project managers working across different time zones.


Sunbeam Solutions faced challenges in streamlining their communication and collaboration processes. The team was using multiple communication tools, project management platforms, and email clients, resulting in fragmented conversations, missed deadlines, and information overload. They needed a solution to centralize their communication, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration across the entire team.


Sunbeam Solutions implemented Clariti as their unified communication and collaboration platform. With Clariti’s ability to integrate with 5000+ apps through the Zapier App Store, they were able to consolidate their communication tools and streamline their workflows.

Integration Benefits
  • Streamlined Task Management

By integrating Clariti with their project management tool, Sunbeam Solutions streamlined work management processes.

  • Centralized Communication

Clariti’s integration enabled the team to have focused and organized discussions. Conversations were threaded, allowing team members to easily find and reference important information.

  • Efficient Document Collaboration

By integrating document management apps with Clariti, Sunbeam Solutions eliminated the need for separate file-sharing platforms. Team members could attach and collaborate on documents directly within Clariti, ensuring everyone had access to the latest versions.

  • Simplified Email Management

Integrating their email platform with Clariti reduced the cluttered inbox problem. Team members could manage their emails within Clariti, categorize them by project or client, and embed important emails directly in chat conversations for greater context.

  • Seamless Integration with CRM

Clariti’s integration with their CRM system allowed Sunbeam Solutions to consolidate customer interactions and communication. This enabled sales and support teams to have a complete view of customer conversations and deliver personalized services.

  • Increased Productivity

By streamlining their workflows and consolidating their communication tools, Sunbeam Solutions experienced a significant increase in productivity. Team members could focus on their tasks without the distractions of switching between different platforms.

  • Improved Collaboration

Clariti’s integration capabilities improved collaboration among team members. They could easily share files, discuss projects, and track progress within a centralized platform, fostering better teamwork and efficient decision-making.

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction

With a unified communication platform, Sunbeam Solutions could respond to client queries and requests more promptly. The seamless integration with their CRM system enabled them to deliver personalized and timely services, resulting in improved client satisfaction.

  • Clariti Delivers results

The integration capabilities of Clariti with 5000+ apps through the Zapier App Store have proven to be instrumental in streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and improving productivity for Sunbeam Solutions. By consolidating their communication tools and centralizing their conversations, Clariti empowered the team to work more efficiently and deliver exceptional results for their clients.


The power of Clariti’s integration for business success cannot be overstated. By seamlessly connecting with over 5000 apps through the Zapier App Store, Clariti empowers organizations to streamline communication, automate workflows, and enhance productivity. The integration eliminates the need for manual data transfers and ensures that information from various tools and platforms is consolidated within Clariti, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

With Clariti’s integrated approach, businesses can bid farewell to disjointed conversations and scattered information. Instead, they can embrace focused and organized communication that keeps teams on track and drives results. By embedding emails within chat messages, sharing conversations with complete context, and cutting down on unnecessary emails, Clariti empowers teams to work smarter and achieve more.

Moreover, the integration with Zapier App Store opens up a world of possibilities for Clariti users. They can leverage the power of automation, connect with diverse business tools, and customize workflows to suit their unique requirements. This flexibility and adaptability enable businesses to optimize their operations, improve customer interactions, and drive overall business success.

In essence, Clariti’s integration capabilities empower organizations to harness the full potential of their communication and collaboration efforts, leading to increased productivity, streamlined processes, and ultimately, business growth. With Clariti, businesses can truly unleash the power of integration for their long-term success.

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