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In our increasingly digital world, mastering virtual collaboration has become imperative for organizations striving to excel in remote work settings. Online meetings, also known as virtual meetings or web conferences, serve as the cornerstone of remote collaboration, enabling teams to communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

To make online meetings more effective, it’s essential to adhere to four key best practices: setting clear objectives, establishing an agenda, encouraging participation, and leveraging collaboration tools effectively. Studies show that 65% of employees believe that better virtual collaboration tools can enhance their work quality.

Selecting the best free online meeting tool is crucial for seamless communication and collaboration. Clariti emerges as a standout solution, offering robust features without the need for costly subscriptions. With Clariti, users can harness the power of integrated messaging and screen sharing to enhance virtual collaboration effortlessly.

In this blog, we will delve into the essential requirements and top tips for conducting successful online meetings. From setting objectives to maximizing participation, we’ll explore strategies to optimize virtual collaboration. Additionally, we’ll examine how Clariti supports online meetings, providing users with the necessary tools to foster seamless communication and collaboration regardless of location.

Join us as we uncover the keys to mastering virtual collaboration and achieving success in the current digital era.

Best key virtual meeting requirements and tips for better online meetings

1. Should be seamless

When you share a link with your colleagues or your other team members, they should be able to join the meeting just by clicking a button. A long and cumbersome process like registration and login will delay the start of the meeting and waste everybody’s time. According to some reports, only 46% of online meetings start on time. When the participants can join the meeting easily, teams can stay focused on the task at hand. The remote participants should be given the option of joining the meeting from any device.

2. Voice calls are still important

Whilst video calling has been in the limelight lately, many studies point out that even voice calling plays an important role in online meetings. About 85% of employees use mobile phones to collaborate with their teammates. Voice calls help the mobile workforce join the meeting from anywhere and even the call quality is better compared to counterparts who use apps that rely on the internet.

3. Provide context

When you expect your meeting participants to attend the online meeting from anywhere using multiple devices, you must circulate links to shared files and documents before the start of the meetings. This helps meeting participants be better prepared to contribute more or play an active role during the online meeting. When the participants are forced to search for the related files or documents, meetings lack context and direction.

4. Use single tool

Online meetings are not all about audio/video calling. There will be many occasions where the participants need to circulate files and share applications, documents, and desktops. With remote team members spread worldwide, companies often end up subscribing to multiple apps creating disparate systems and communication silos. The greater the number of systems and tools the harder it is to manage them.

If you really want to make it easy for your participants to join from anywhere, choose a tool with all the functionalities needed to attend the meeting. Asking the participants to use multiple applications to join the meeting will only create confusion and resentment.

5. Call recording

Nowadays, many invitees are called for online meetings. It is not possible for all the employees, who are present in various time zones, to join the meeting simultaneously due to their busy schedules. But if one of the team members wants to catch up with the meeting or has any clarification or doubt, they can still listen to the recorded version. Once the session is recorded, it is available for all the stakeholders.

How Clariti supports online meeting

Using Clariti, a free online meeting tool, your remote team members can join an online meeting from anywhere by simply clicking a button without downloading any software. Clariti supports both one-to-one and group meetings. Clariti doesn’t have any elaborate joining formalities for the meeting invitees. It has a simple interface without any meetings ids and passcodes, and it helps all your team members and external stakeholders to join the meeting on time without delays.

When using this free online meeting platform, there is no need to integrate with other apps for chat, calendar, screen share or voice calls. All of them are already a part of Clariti. Simplicity is the hallmark of Clariti though it has dozens of features. This free online meeting software doesn’t involve a steep learning curve and it makes it easy for anyone to just log in and start using it without any hassles.

Clariti users can make and receive unlimited calls to each other without requiring a phone. Clariti provides ‘Missed Call’ indicator for direct calls and automatic call reminders for group calls.

a. One-on-one calls

Online meetings are not meant for group calls only. There may be situations where you may want to get into a call with your colleague to sort out some issues. When you use Clariti for one-to-one direct calls, you don’t have to create meeting ids, passwords etc. Your colleague from the remote situation will be able to call anybody by just clicking a button in Clariti. Employees from remote locations can seamlessly connect with their colleagues without technical issues. Clariti’s audio is of high quality so that participants can hear everything.

b. Screen sharing

For all the team members working from multiple locations across the globe, Clariti provides the ability to share their desktops to enable them to collaborate much more effectively during online meetings. Also, Clariti supports multiple presenters. If one speaker wants to take over from another speaker, Clariti allows its users to change presenters and give control of the screen. Other participants can maximize or minimize their screen.

c. Direct and group messaging

Meetings are not all about conversations. There may be a time when you may want to text your team members during the call through direct or group messaging. Clariti allows its users to interact on the sidelines without interrupting the meeting proceedings. Clariti’s messaging is an additional feature that complements online meetings.

d. Better security

Clariti has stringent data privacy, encryption and tight policy control options, ensuring your employees can collaborate easily, safely and securely from anywhere in the world 24/7.


Mastering virtual collaboration through online meeting tools is essential for modern organizations striving for seamless communication and teamwork, regardless of geographical barriers. The availability of free online meeting software has democratized access to robust collaboration platforms, enabling teams to connect and collaborate without the burden of hefty subscriptions.

By leveraging online meeting platforms like Clariti, teams can enhance their communication capabilities, streamline workflows, and foster a culture of collaboration. With integrated features such as screen sharing, messaging, and file sharing, Clariti empowers users to conduct productive virtual meetings from anywhere, driving efficiency and innovation.

As organizations continue to embrace remote work and distributed teams, the importance of effective virtual collaboration cannot be overstated. By adhering to best practices and leveraging the right online meeting tools, teams can overcome the challenges of remote work and achieve their goals with ease. Whether it’s setting clear objectives, establishing agendas, encouraging participation, or maximizing the use of collaboration features, mastering virtual collaboration is key to success in the prevailing dynamic work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, it is important to set a clear agenda and stick to it. Second, it is helpful to use video conferencing whenever possible. Finally, it is important to encourage participation from all members of the team.

First, it is important to establish clear objectives for the meeting. Second, it is important to create an agenda in advance and circulate it to all participants. Third, it is important to choose a suitable platform for the meeting. Finally, it is important to send out a summary of the meeting afterwards.

An online meeting is commonly referred to as a virtual meeting or web conference, allowing participants to connect remotely via video, audio, and chat for discussions, presentations, or collaborations.

Clariti offers one of the best free online meeting solutions, seamlessly integrating screen sharing within conversations. With Clariti, users can initiate virtual meetings effortlessly without the need for separate tools or complicated authentication processes. Its intuitive interface and robust features make it a top choice for enhancing team collaboration at no cost.

To conduct an online meeting, schedule a time, choose a reliable platform like Clariti, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, share the meeting link with participants or call them directly, and ensure a stable internet connection for smooth communication and collaboration.

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