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Establishing a single source of communication truth is crucial for keeping teams aligned and informed. It simplifies the process of staying up to date without the hassle of recalling where specific information was initially shared. However, amidst the myriad of signals and channels within an organization, important messages often get lost or overlooked. That’s where Clariti steps in.

Our comprehensive communication platform implements the concept of a single source of truth, offering a solution that addresses the challenges of internal communication head-on. With Clariti, teams can seamlessly integrate various communication channels, including email, chat, file sharing, voice calling, screen sharing and more, into one unified platform. By providing a centralized hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing, Clariti empowers teams to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and foster a culture of effective communication.

Join us as we explore how Clariti enables organizations to move beyond traditional communication barriers and elevate their internal communication practices to new heights.

6 Ways how Clariti provides a single source of truth and goes beyond

1. Centralized communication

Clariti fulfills the need for centralized and universally accessible information by providing a platform that integrates various communication channels into one cohesive space. Clariti ensures that information remains current, relevant, and universally accessible through its innovative feature called Contextual Conversations. By integrating various communication channels into one centralized platform, Clariti enables teams to stay updated in real-time, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information regardless of their location or device.

With Clariti, key information that drives decision-making and workflow is centralized, allowing all team members to access it from anywhere and at any time.

2. 'Bring Email' Feature

With Clariti’s ‘bring email’ feature, you can import all relevant emails from your existing email platform related to the marketing campaign directly onto Clariti. This includes emails containing design mockups, feedback from the client, and discussions among team members. By consolidating these emails in Clariti, you ensure that every piece of communication is accessible and organized within the project workspace.

For example, when the client sends feedback on the latest draft of the marketing collateral via email, you simply share the email to your Clariti workspace. This action brings the email conversation into Clariti, where it becomes part of the project’s communication thread.

3. Conversations based on context

Clariti cuts through the noise and ensures clarity in a world overloaded with information by organizing conversations based on context. With features like contextual conversations, users can easily follow the flow of discussions and filter out irrelevant information. Once the emails are imported into Clariti, you can initiate contextual conversations around specific topics or threads. These conversations allow team members to discuss key points, address questions, and make decisions within the context of the related emails.

Continuing with the marketing campaign example, suppose there’s a discussion thread in Clariti focused on refining the product messaging. Team members can reference the client’s feedback email directly within the conversation, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working with the latest information.

4. Reduce reliance on email

Clariti addresses the challenge of over-reliance on internal emails by centralizing information in one accessible location. Instead of scattering important communications across various email threads, Clariti aggregates them into contextual conversations, ensuring that relevant information is readily available to all team members. This approach reduces the need to constantly search through email inboxes for crucial updates, streamlining communication and improving overall efficiency.

By providing a centralized hub for collaboration and information sharing, Clariti minimizes the chaos associated with email overload, allowing teams to focus on meaningful interactions and productive work.

5. Advanced search functionalities

Clariti supports sophisticated search functionalities, making it easy to find specific information quickly. Additionally, Clariti allows for naming of conversations based on context, further enhancing organization and accessibility. By offering an intuitive interface, Clariti ensures that all employees can effectively collaborate and stay informed, ultimately improving productivity and decision-making processes.

6. No more toggling

Clariti addresses the inefficiencies caused by toggling between multiple apps and searching for information by providing a single source of truth for communication and collaboration. By consolidating conversations, files, tasks, and more in one platform, Clariti eliminates the need for employees to switch between various tools, saving both time and money.

This unified approach removes silos, streamlines efforts, and enhances visibility across projects and workflows. With Clariti, teams can easily access relevant information, contribute effectively to initiatives, and demonstrate their impact on the bottom line, ultimately driving efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Case Study: Streamlining Recruiter Communication with Clariti

Background: Sarah is a seasoned recruiter at a successful recruitment agency. With a diverse portfolio of clients and a steady stream of candidates, Sarah’s primary challenge was managing communication effectively. Emails from clients, resumes from candidates, internal team discussions, and feedback from interviews were all scattered across various platforms, leading to confusion and inefficiency.


Disorganized Communication: Sarah found herself constantly switching between email, messaging apps, and file-sharing platforms to stay updated on candidate status and client feedback.

Lack of Context: Important details about candidates, such as interview notes and client preferences, were often buried within lengthy email threads or lost in separate conversations.

Difficulty in Collaboration: Coordinating with her team members and sharing insights on candidates’ profiles in real-time was challenging due to the disparate nature of communication channels.

Solution with Clariti: Sarah decided to implement Clariti to streamline her communication workflow and establish a single source of truth for all candidate interactions.


Unified Communication Platform: With Clariti, Sarah could bring all candidate-related emails into one centralized workspace. By simply bringing client emails and candidate resumes into Clariti, she ensured that all communication was captured within the platform.

Contextual Conversations: Using Clariti’s contextual conversations feature, Sarah created dedicated discussion threads for each candidate. Here, she could collaborate with her team, share interview feedback, and track candidate progress, all while maintaining context.

Additional features

In addition to streamlining communication, Clariti’s robust features like screen sharing, voice calling, and scheduling further enhanced Sarah’s productivity. With screen sharing, Sarah could easily present candidate profiles and discuss strategies with her team in real-time, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges.

Voice calling allowed her to quickly connect with clients and candidates for important discussions, fostering clearer communication and building stronger relationships. The scheduling feature ensured seamless coordination of interviews and meetings, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring timely follow-ups. By integrating these tools alongside instant messaging and email within the Clariti platform, Sarah could effortlessly switch between communication modes while maintaining context, ultimately driving efficiency and effectiveness in her recruitment efforts.


Improved Organization: By consolidating all candidate communication within Clariti, Sarah eliminated the need to juggle multiple platforms, leading to a more organized workflow.

Enhanced Collaboration: With contextual conversations, Sarah and her team could collaborate effectively, share insights, and make informed decisions without the risk of information getting lost.

Increased Efficiency: By having a single source of truth for candidate interactions, Sarah could quickly access relevant information, provide timely updates to clients, and expedite the hiring process.

Outcome: By leveraging Clariti’s features, Sarah transformed her recruitment process. She no longer had to worry about missing important emails or losing track of candidate feedback. With Clariti’s centralized communication hub, Sarah and her team could focus on what they do best – finding the perfect candidates for their clients.


Clariti offers a transformative solution for enhancing internal communication beyond the traditional single source of truth. By consolidating emails, chats, documents, and more into a unified platform, Clariti empowers teams to streamline collaboration and stay organized amidst the complexity of modern work environments. Its innovative features like contextual conversations enable users to maintain context, reduce information overload, and improve productivity.

As organizations strive for greater efficiency and clarity in their operations, Clariti emerges as a vital ally, facilitating seamless communication and ensuring that every team member has access to the most relevant information when they need it most. With Clariti, businesses can transcend the limitations of traditional communication methods and embrace a more connected, cohesive approach to internal collaboration.

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