Instant messenger apps
Top 20 instant messaging apps for your startups & small businesses

Instant messaging is one of the most popular and fast-growing communication channels in the workplace. It is seen as best replacement for emails as it allows messages to appear instantly, avoiding any formalities that are associated with group calls or

virtual meeting etiquette
Why virtual meetings are the best bet for companies in 2022

Over the last two years, the entire world was pushed into the virtual world by the pandemic. This meant that companies worldwide had to look for alternatives to replace their physical locations and face-to-face meetings. This brought about a huge

save money using unified communications
How to save money using unified communications

Unified communication is a combination of different types of communication technology like web conferencing, voice calls, video and instant messaging provided as a single, hosted solution. A major reason for companies utilizing unified communication is it brings various opportunities for

improve internal communication in the workplace
How to improve internal communication in the workplace using Clariti

Internal communication connects people in a company regardless of location. Employees rely on internal communication tools for communicating with their team members effectively using instant messages, share work files, and have a virtual conference with their colleagues without the need

benefits of unified communications
12 best valuable business benefits of unified communications

Companies are dealing with the ‘new normal’ where workers want to split time between office and home as many of them do not want to give up the flexibility they experienced during the pandemic lockdown. Besides, millennials, who now account

unified communication app and software
Top unified communication tools & software to choose in 2022

Since the pandemic forced almost one-third of the world workforce to work remotely, the demand for cloud-based unified communication tools has been exploding. According to a Metrigy survey, the percentage of organizations using unified communication tools increased by 79% between

unified communications and collaboration solutions
Guide to choosing the best unified communication platform and Solutions

A unified communication platform acts as a one-stop-shop, bringing your business communication channels together in one place. Using unified communication solutions make it easier for your employees to do their job. They’ll save time on tasks throughout the day. It

unified communications for small business
Unified communication holds the key for successful hybrid work

Unified communication holds the key for successful hybrid work When the pandemic struck the world suddenly, many companies were forced into remote working. During this period, many businesses accidentally discovered the benefits of flexible working. Now, even as many companies

Email is not the only way to communicate with others
Email is not the only way to communicate with others

Email is easy and it helps us to share information with our colleagues and also leaves a digital trail for future reference. Though email will continue to dominate the world, some of us have become “email addicts” – using email

hybrid work environment challenges
Are you ready for the next great disruption in hybrid work Model

Even though flexible timings, better job opportunities and more family time have made hybrid work a post-pandemic favorite, it has its share of shortcomings. Digital exhaustion from Slack Channels and Zoom fatigues are taking a toll on remote teams. Poor

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