Threads organize your work so you can…​

Logically relate

Logically relate information no matter the app it came from


Discover knowledge normally hidden in information silos of multiple apps


See the big picture at all times making it easy to switch topics without stress

All this without changing the way you work!

You already know threads

You have already seen threads in some form in your life. Standing in a queue at the store or having a conversation with someone via email and replies – all those are threads. clariti right arrow A queue is just a "thread of people". A 'channel' in a chat application is just a thread of messages, going back and forth. And an "email thread" is ... well, a thread of emails (aka conversation thread with lots of ‘Re:’s in the subject). What you probably have not seen is a queue of people and orangutans. They aren't common, but they do exist. We call these threads 'multi-mode’ because they have different types of objects/entities/whatever in the same thread. Why is this important? Because we use this “multi-mode” concept in Clariti threads. You see, our threads are 'smarter' - and contain chats, emails, documents, to-dos, calls. clariti right arrow

clariti why threads

Easy to understand

Here's a statement you won’t dispute: a thread has a start, middle and an end. Unlike a tree (a hierarchy) or a graph (a network), the thread is a lot easier to grasp. clariti right arrow So does your work, or tasks, or project. There, you see the similarity right away. A thread is synonymous with work - it pretty much describes the sequential nature of your tasks, doesn’t it? The 'top of the thread' and the 'bottom of the thread' are quite simply the 'oldest' and 'newest' activity in your task.clariti right arrow

Organizing info takes very little effort

The sequential nature of thread comes in handy when organizing information. Most of the "work" is really a series of activities, done one after the other. clariti right arrow If you think about it, the stuff that makes up work - chats, emails, documents, to-dos, calls, ... - mostly are related to each other, nearly sequentially. Organizing this information should not (and does not) involve a lot of overhead. So any system that can automate this would simply be supporting your natural way of working, isn’t it? That is Clariti.clariti right arrow

Very versatile

What does a sales person, a dress designer, a general contractor, and an insurance executive have in common? Absolutely nothing. Except all their 'work' easily organize themselves into threads. clariti right arrow So the “multi-mode’ thread is an “equal opportunity" idea. This does not mean the sales person's thread is identical to the general contractor's. But both use the same tools - computers, phones, word processors, ... - to complete their tasks and both gain immensely when the voluminous data they produce, in their increasingly digital workplace, is organized and presented in a form that is relevant to them alone.clariti right arrow

Big picture friendly

Have you ever stepped back to see the full queue to get an approximate count of people in it? Of course you have. You were taking a 'big picture' look. clariti right arrow Now, what would a big picture of a work task look like? 14 emails in an "email thread". 52 messages in one or more chats. 4 documents. 8 calls. 3 to-dos. Put them all together and there you have it - the big picture. Except this ain’t so easy if they are all spread over and you can't easily ‘see’ the picture without some effort to put humpty dumpty together again. That’s what Clariti does best – present the big picture in one place, all in one thread, with a start, middle and an end.clariti right arrow

Big bang for the buck

Dollar for dollar, threads are the easiest, quickest, way to make your 'work' work for you. You are already working sequentially, right? After all, you put your sweat and tears into it. clariti right arrow So why not let the system (Clariti that is) turn it to your advantage? You don’t have to give up your current email, you don’t have to give up your contacts, you can ease into chats at your own pace, & you can watch Clariti threading make your work life easy. You can finally slack at work and still be the genius!clariti right arrow

Less searching

Every mechanic has a toolbox featuring different types of tools, each with a specific focus and reason, all in one container. clariti right arrow But the best mechanics have the most organized toolbox, with every tool in its place. Less searching, more doing, more money. Threads are pretty much the same way. One glance and you know where you are and how you got there. You can easily pick up where you left off even after long lapses. No searching, no assembling information to get up to speed. It’s all right there in the thread. Just go all the way to the top and scan all the way to the end. Bingobango - you are up to speed.clariti right arrow


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